What if every illness has a root cause connected to stress? In 2013, researcher Michael Van Elzakker presented his hypothesis on the “vagus nerve infection theory” and from what Dr. Krause has seen this theory proves to be true in her office over and over again. The vagus nerve is the key nerve in charge of regulating how much time you spend in the fight or flight – sympathetic state and the rest, digest & chill – parasympathetic state. Since this nerve is key in slowing down the heart rate, keeping it healthy is crucial for living a long healthy life. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast Dr. Jannine Krause talks about what she’s seen in her office that supports the vagus nerve infection theory & what you can do to take care of your nerve right now.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the vagus nerve becomes infected
  • Why chronic neck tension keeps the nerve inflamed
  • Why it’s key to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system
  • What you can do right now to de-inflame your vagus nerve

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