Did you know that the shape of your oral cavity & throat region can dictate how well you sleep, how much pain you have & your quality of life? And did you know that hormone levels can change your pain tolerance?  How you breathe has a direct effect on your nervous system & can lead to multiple common chronic issues such as TMJ pain, migraines, sleep apnea & systemic pain. Dr. Dave Shirazi is a board certified dentist who specializes in sleep & pain medicine. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Dave Shirazi on interventions and treatments for sleep apnea, TMJ, snoring, migraines & chronic pain.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How acupuncture helps with TMJ & sleep disorders
  • How oral appliances combined with acupuncture stop the cycle of pain in TMJ
  • Centrally sensitized pain & connection to referred & chronic pain
  • Alternatives to CPAP machines
  • How myofunctional therapy trains your tongue & airway to improve breathing

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