Ep 356: You can strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system to fight anxiety – with Steven Wright

Finding that you have more anxiety as you get older?  Worried that it’s interfering with your everyday life?  Not keen on taking pharmaceutical medications and looking for something herbal that is faster acting?  Wish…
April 15, 2023

Ep 176: Why Your Poor Posture is Causing Your Fatigue

Your posture says a lot about you and your stress levels. The more your shoulders are hunched over and your neck is going forward the more your body thinks it needs to prepare for…
April 2, 2020

Ep 151: The Effect of Stress on the Parasympathetic Side of the Autonomic System – Dr. Diana Driscoll

Struggling with chronic fatigue, constipation, dry eyes and mouth? Learn how an imbalance in the vagus nerve results as an effect of stress.
October 10, 2019