What is the secret to thriving under stress and living a long healthy life? Dr. Krause’s father thinks he has the answer and loves to share his tips with his friends and family. He wouldn’t let Dr. Krause interview him directly on her podcast so she summarized his tips and theories instead. In this podcast Dr. Jannine Krause discusses her Dad’s tips for surviving traumatic childhoods and experiencing life to the fullest in his 80’s.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why being inquisitive, a reader and a life long learner keeps your mind sharp
• Why having a hobby that gets you moving outdoors is key for longevity
• How to remain mobile and keep pain at a minimum as you age
• How humor, play and the drive to be the best at what you do all counter childhood traumas

Resources from the Show:
Highlights from Doc J Krause’s Podcast
Robert Walldan’s Tips for Surviving Childhood Trauma and Thriving into his 80’s

• Keep moving after work – outdoors ex: gardening, restoring cars/furniture etc
• Choose a hobby that has you moving ex: racing and restoring cars/furniture
• Drink Beer – not hard alcohol – in moderation – Miller Lite is his fave
• Be inquisitive, Read daily, & Keep learning – set a goal and be better than the best person at that goal to survive childhood trauma and keep your mind sharp
• Find a mentor in anything that interests you to have direction and focus in life to survive traumatic childhoods
• Play – goof off when you can – crawl around with dogs/kids, be a kid at heart – walk on your hands
• Keep your balance in check – play balance games – ex: don’t sit to get dressed, balance to put pants/shoes/socks on
• Tell jokes/laugh – everyday
• Don’t stuff yourself with food – when you feel like you’re getting full stop

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