Being strong for life requires making fitness part of your daily routine. Too many people join a gym or start a fitness program expecting the amazing results they were sold on from their efforts only to be let down and quit a few months later. Being strong isn’t about following what fad is trending in your local gym or online. Being fit is about starting with the basics of movement to ensure you are using all the muscles required for a movement instead of throwing yourself into an exercise just to do it. Having the mobility to perform the exercises you want to is key. Performing exercise movements properly engaging the proper muscles with full mobility prevents injury and yields maximum results. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down how the desire to be fit for life begins with focusing on connecting your mind to your muscles, slowing down and enjoying feeling them work.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why diving into exercise without having a movement assessment sets you up for injury
• Why slowing down to think about movement will get you to your fitness goals faster
• Why you need someone to assess your movement prior to starting any exercise routine
• How focusing on feeling your muscles engage boosts endorphin release

Resources from the Show:
FMS – Functional Movement System – Find a trained pro near you
o FMS or SFMA certified folks
Arrosti Technique – Physical Therapists in WA, TX, IL, OH & VA that focus on movement to reduce pain
Frank Medrano Calisthenics
“23 Gym Memberships Stats That Will Astound You” – 2014 Credit Donkey Gym Report
IHRSA – International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association – gym stats
Doctor Jannine Krause’s List of “Must Master Movements to Maintain Fitness for Life”
1) Squats – I have a whole podcast on it – but most struggle with squats due to weak glutes – why squats – get up and down, being able to squat in public bathrooms (ladies), mobility – the countries with the lowest rates of back pain spend more time squatting vs. sitting
2) Pushups
3) Dips – work on those triceps
4) Balance – marching to high knees
5) Planks – bird dog style, side planks, regular planks
6) Shoulder Roll Backs – improve posture, engage posterior shoulder and “lat” muscles
Calf Raises
Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks
Lunges and Step Ups
Pull ups

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