Autoimmune disease is on the rise and it’s based on how well you manage your stress and your food choices. The strength of your protective mucosal tissue has been found to make up 99% of your immune system. Unfortunately, stress, eating processed foods, vitamin deficiencies, chronic infections and environmental stressors damage mucosal tissues. There are 155 autoimmune conditions and most recent research has estimated that 1 in 6 have an autoimmune disease and many are not aware of it. In this episode Doc J breaks down how autoimmune conditions develop, what she sees in practice and what we can do to prevent autoimmune conditions from developing.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How synthetic vitamins reduce your immunity
• Why stress management & blood sugar predict how well you age
• How to boost your innate immunity
• How vaccines can induce autoimmune conditions

Resources From This Episode:

• Work on your Stress Management – breathe – 5 count inhale and 7 count exhale 10 times when feeling overwhelmed, go on walks, get out in nature, take time for yourself 5 mins at least every day, laugh!
• Work on your Blood Sugar – have your fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c tested – if fasting blood sugar is over 100 you’ve got to work on stress and low carb breakfasts to keep things in check; ditch processed bagged and boxed snacks from your life and eat closest to nature; if your hemoglobin A1c is over 5.6 get serious about working on increasing your veggies to 6-8 cups a day, & monitor your blood sugar and A1c till they are in the 80’s fasting and 5.0 respectively
• Swap out your supplements for restorative whole food supplements – Standard Process
• Here’s the list of restorative supplements to check out – Calcium lactate – boosts innate immunity, Cataplex C and F Echinacea Premium all help fight chronic infections and improve glutathione (your body’s natural janitor) with magnesium, B5, zinc, B2/3, milk thistle, turmeric, phosphatidyl choline to protect the brain

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Struggling to manage stress as you get older? How well you manage stress and blood sugar are the two main predictors of how well you age. Want to learn how to keep your stress response in check as you get older? Click Below Now!

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