If you could turn back the clock on your joint or skin health would you? Stem cells are a hot topic for those who are searching for the fountain of youth.  Dr. Joy Kong is a world renowned stem cell doctor, creator of the skincare line CharaOmni and president of Uplyft Longevity Center in Los Angeles, California. She’s been fascinated by the benefits of stem cells for cell rejuvenation, mental health conditions, joint pain and more. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Joy Kong shares what she’s learned about stem cells, how she’s using them in her clinic, promoting the industry as well as it’s education and regulation.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The benefit of stem cells for autism
  • How IV stem cells treat chronic joint pain
  • Why Dr. Kong created her stem cell anti-aging cream CharaOmni 
  • The safety of stem cell therapy & how to evaluate clinics for reputable clinics 
  • Why most “natural” or organic skin care lines struggle with stability & efficacy of their products
  • How Dr. Kong sources her stem cells from only US cord blood
  • Why embryonic stem cells are illegal and not safe for use in the US (but they are used in Russia & the Ukraine)

Resources From the Show:

  • Dr. Joy’s Skincare line – CharaOmni –
  • CharaOmni does not have any synthetic ingredients in it at all
  • Uplyft Longevity Center –
  • American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy –
  • If you’re interested in stem cell therapy you can always find a referral from the Uplyft Longevity Center or see Dr. Joy in person in Los Angeles, California.

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[Audio Transcript]
Hello, I’m Dr. Janine Krause and I’m here today to weigh in on coconut milk. Why? Well it’s one of my favorite milks out there and it’s yes one of those alternative that’s been in the news lately in terms of being controversial. Is it healthy? Is it not? Well, it ultimately boils down to if you consume regular cows milk or goat’s milk does it make you sick? Do you get a stuffy nose? Does it negatively affect you? If it does, then you probably do want to try an alternative milk. At my house the alternative milks are what we use because we both, my husband and I do have trouble with dairy . My favorite being the coconut milk. Why? Because it has so many great nutrients in it and it’s full of electrolytes. It has magnesium. It has phosphate. It has potassium. It also has vitamins B, C and E, plus it’s loaded with something called boric acid. Which gets converted to something called monolaurin. monolaurin is an immune boosting substance. Why? It’s a fat, and what it does is it can go after viruses. Especially the ones that are fatty coded such as the Herpes virus, HIV, and the Measles virus. So I’m looking at this thinking okay with got all this Zika virus thing going on right now. Well, the Zika is also of fatty virus, and so monolaurin in coconut milk might be a way to prevent you from having any issues and so something to think about in terms of that virus, if you’re going to be traveling or if you’re just worried about it in general, you should up your amounts of coconut milk, and so overall in terms of the types of coconut milk my favorite is of course the natural kind you get from a tree. So what happens, I don’t tend to use that as often. So I use a little bit of frozen coconut. I can also use a little bit of dried coconut and you can put some water with it and squeeze it out. Now who has time for that? I do sometimes but not all the time. So I do resort to using a canned coconut milk. Natural value is the brand that I use, and it’s a BPA free lining can. Now of course like with everything fresh is best but sometimes you’ve got to go with the second best alternative, and so I’m Dr. Janine Krause and I’m weighing in on coconut milk and I definitely think you should give it a try If you haven’t and consider it if you definitely do have some issues with dairy products. thanks for watching!

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