Stress is often overlooked as doctors pick apart and investigate the symptoms that a patient has not the cause. How often do we really assess what we are eating and the lives that we are living in relation to creating our own stress? We can all relate to the symptoms of being stuck in stressed fight or flight mode all the time & we’ve heard how they can make you an anxious, depressed, fat, moody, gassy, acid reflux havin’, pain riddled, fatigued insomniac but what we don’t talk about is how as stress mounts it kills your cells slowly. In this episode Doc J dissects how the phytonutrients in everyday herbs & spices can help your cells to manage stress better.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why our love of nutrient void foods is killing us
• What spices you need in your life to manage stress
• How Echinacea and cannabis work together to fight stress
• How to get in key herbs daily to help your cells manage stress

Resources From This Episode:

1) Gut dysbiosis and skin dysbiosis set you up for stress induced autoimmune disease – gotta work on the tissue issues – best way is to affect circulation to get blood in and out of affected areas so can get nutrients and detox.
Echinacea, fiber – at least 35 grams a day, oregano, anise essential oil, green tea, rosemary, curcumin/tumeric, grapefruit seed extract
Diet is key
2) Kill off any persistent illnesses – Viruses? Parasites? Bacteria? Fungi/Molds? Worms? – Myrrh, Viranon, Tumeric, Echinacea, Artemisin
3) Protect & Revitalize your cells – phytonutrients/gotu kola/ginko for increased circulation and for energizing – omegas, hawthorne/ginko/resveratrol/whey
4) Detoxify – garlic, milk thistle, artichoke; NRF2 activators to reduce inflammation – turmeric, rosemary, green tea, grape seed, garlic, ginko, resveratrol
5) Enhance sleep – chamomile, passion flower, jujube, California poppy, chaste tree, st john’s wort, licorice, rehmannia, schisandra, rhodiola, ashwagandha
6) Improve circulation – green tea, curcumin, garlic, gotu kola, bilberry, ginko, ginger
7) Optimize digestion – betters, ginger, globe artichoke, milk thistle, beet root, licorice, golden seal
8) Optimize immune system function – Siberian ginseng, astragalus, Echinacea, artemesia
9) Enhance and support the tissues – especially the gut lining barrier: bitters, ginger, licorice, chamomile, curcumin, collagen, l-glutamine

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