Do you snore or live with someone who snores? Many of the common medical complaints could be due to snoring or living with someone who snores. Poor sleep quality due to snoring can cause chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, ADD, ADHD, weight gain and more. Snoring alters your oral mucosa and can lead to cavities, periodontal and cardiovascular disease. In this podcast Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling about the negative consequences of snoring and her new book – “Solve Your Sleep for Better Health – Get to the Core of Your Snore”.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you shouldn’t use mouth wash daily
• How nose breathing stops snoring and reduces nasal congestion
• How oral appliances can be used instead of CPAP machines
• What steps to take to start tackling snoring in your home

Resources from the Show:
Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling’s website
o American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine – search tool to find a sleep medicine dentist near you
• Dental appliances to evaluate:

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