Do you have chronic sinus issues, dizziness, brain fog, ear ringing? Or do you have to clear your throat often or have a stuffy nose often? Do you rely on the nasal spray Flonase to function? This day in age it seems like everyone is suffering from some type of allergy. There’s a connection between sinus issues and your digestive health. The more your digestive system is struggling to manage the foods that you eat the more it activates your immune system. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down why leaky gut is on the rise and it’s producing a society relying on Flonase and allergy medications.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why gut issues cause chronic sinus congestion
• How leaky gut causes systemic allergies
• How Flonase weakens your immune system
• Why Flonase might have worsened your gut issues

Resources from the Show:
Microbiome Labs – webinars, blog posts

1) Strengthen mucosal lining by increasing sIgA
– Fish oil – ProOmega by Nordic Naturals – 3 a day
– Glutathione boost with vitamin C
– Glutamine Pure Encapsulations – 3-6 grams a day in 8 oz of water
– Glycine – 3 grams 2 hours before bed in 8 oz of water (add glutamine to this for a healthy night cap)
– Vitamin C – take 1,000 mg three times a day – watch your bowels if loose then back down by 1,000 mg
Zinc Carnosine – Integrative Therapeutics
– colostrum in the form of IgGs – MegaIgG2000 or MegaMucosa Powder – Microbiome Labs

2) Increase mucin production with threonine, serine, protein, cysteine – building blocks of healthy mucosal barrier
– MegaMucosa Powder OR
– 1 tsp daily Marshmallow Root Powder in a smoothie or make a tea – Mountain Rose Herbals OR
– Licorice Root – DGL Fructose Free by Integrative Therapeutics – chew one 20 minutes before each meal, or capsules Licorice Root V Douglas Labs – take one with each meal.

3) Policing probiotics – MegaSpore by Microbiome Labs – enter code JWKRAUSE – *** Note – I do make a small commission on all products sold via my code.

4) Food allergy testing Alcat – avoid high sensitivity foods for 3-6 months and 6-12 months if severe.

5) Cut out inflammatory foods – sugar, nightshades, gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, corn, coconut oil, hydrogenated oils;, pressure cook/sprout; stop soda, alcohol, coffee; grass fed/finished beef, pasture raised eggs/chicken/turkey, ditch lunch meat/processed meats

6) Use expeller pressed olive oil , sunflower, safflower, (all previous = medium heat) or avocado oil (high heat)

7) Stress Response by Gaia Herbs – Take 2 with breakfast and one with lunch to help your body adapt to life’s stressors as stress is a big culprit in keeping your gut leaky.

8) Use a neti pot or neil med rinse with oregano oil one drop a in solution daily vs Flonase or back off Flonase after one month of all of the above interventions and then try the nasal rinse.

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