The best way to fight stress and restore your youth is to channel your inner kiddo and play! When was the last time you threw a ball at the beach or pool? When’s the last time you jumped waves at the beach? In previous posts I’ve talked about how spontaneous fun can drop stress levels instantly and channeling your inner kiddo is no different. We are stuck in a world that views good old fashioned play as kid’s stuff but that’s so old school. Did you know that within child’s play there likes a secret health benefit of long lasting mobility. The more mobile you are the better you age. In this episode Doc J talks about the benefits of breaking social “rules” to channel your inner kiddo to reduce stress, increase your mobility and slow down the aging process.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How playing a game of ball toss reduces stress levels
• Why you need the benefits of child play right now (mobility, dexterity, balance, fitness, fun)
• The best games to restore your youth (bear crawl, jump rope, ball toss, wave jump, free dance, hula hoop, hop scotch)
• How to work child’s play into your daily routine

Resources From This Episode:
Waverunnerball 6.0
Hula Hoops
Bosu Balls
Jump Rope Workouts
Hop Scotch Workout
Swings – use them to do an ab workout!

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Child’s play is just one of the things you need to add to your daily routine to restore your youth! Want to know more ways to restore your youth? Click Below Now!

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