Struggling with a chronic condition and not getting answers or enough information out of your doctor in your short visits? Learn how to go to a doctor’s visit prepared with the right questions to maximize your appointment time. Join Doc J as she interviews Dr. Joshua Fink, MD, a double board certified internist and pulmonology disease specialist plus the founder of, an interactive website dedicated to helping people collect quality research to present to their doctors to get their questions on their conditions and treatments answered. Mymediclique is a comprehensive health care resource you need to check out. Dr. Fink discusses his free website and how the forums as well as research have helped many all over the world get the answers then need to get the most out of their doctor’s visits.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How to use the free resource,, to get your health questions answered efficiently in your doctor’s visit
• How to save internet research time & get quality information fast
• Why maintaining your gut microbiome is crucial to your overall health
• Why genetic testing is the best form of preventative medicine

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Resources From This Episode:
Dr. Josh Fink, MD
Pathway Genomics

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