Have you ever wondered what it is about your metabolism that is keeping you over weight? Tried every diet? Cut out gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades and no change? There is more to the calories in calories out concept as Doc J’s interview with Hack Your Fitness Author, Jay Kim revealed. In this episode Doc J follows up her interview with Jay Kim, by getting real about her own struggles with being overweight and what it really takes to re-set your metabolism.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How you grossly over estimate the amount of food you eat
• Why it’s not just age that slows down your metabolism
• How your genes mess with your metabolism
• Why you need to assess your relationship with food

Resources From This Episode:
• Jay Kim – hackyour.fitness.com
7 Things You Need To Do To Get The Body You Desire
Routine Planner and Guide
• Get Real About Your Relationship with Food – Elicia Miller, Martha Beck – 4 Day Reset
• Track your food – lose it app, my fitness pal, fit bit tracker
• Track your workouts – PC Mag’s Best Fitness apps 2017

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