Did you know that you’re an energetic being?  Your cells are negative charged and you carry your own voltage?  The electricity within you can be moved and changed allowing you the potential to free yourself from chronic pain or illness.  Now if you’re a skeptic of quantum or energetic healing like I used to be, this podcast is for especially for you.  I used to think the concept of being guided to free yourself of pain or illness was a bit too woo woo for this midwest gal.  I was so wrong!  So I had to bring Dr. Robert Ciprian back on The Health Fix Podcast to demonstrate how he guides people in person and virtually to free themselves from physical or emotional pain as well as illness.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to tap into your awareness to identify and resolve pain
  • Why it’s key to feel those stuck feelings in your body along with the color, temperature, taste or smell in those areas
  • How chronic stress causes your pelvis to become out of alignment
  • The connection of emotions to body regions
  • How to sense the big picture of what’s off in your body & use it to prevent troublesome areas from becoming a big deal

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