Tired all the time? Struggling to lose weight even though you are eating clean, avoiding carbs or trying out a ketosis diet? Or are you battling constant hunger, not feeling full or wanting to binge on certain foods? It’s possible that your body isn’t taking in the nutrients that you are consuming so in turn all the signals that you are starving are switched on. If this sounds like you, it’s possible that you’re cells are lacking the ability to take in nutrients to create energy for your body. In fact you may have a vitamin deficiency. In this third episode in a series of five Doc J discusses certain B vitamin and amino acid deficiencies she commonly sees in her patients with fatigue and inability to lose weight that may be triggering their bodies to think they are in starvation mode.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• The 7 reasons why you’re overfed and under nourished
• Why you crave and binge on certain foods
• How to test your current metabolic status to dial in you vitamin needs
• How supplementing with certain B vitamins, probiotics and digestive aids can kick start your metabolism

Resources From This Episode:
NutrEval – Genova
SpectraCell – Micronutrient Analysis
Pathway Fit – Pathway Genomics
MTHFR Mutation Information

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