Struggling with fatigue, chronic illness or can’t seem to calm the nervous system?

It’s possible you have an inflamed vagus nerve keeping you stuck in fight or flight mode & preventing you from resolving chronic infections from viruses such as mono, HHV6 and more.

You can stimulate your parasympathetic – calm, rest & digest – nervous system to help you relax using essential oils.

Jodi Cohen is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. She has used essential oils to address her anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmune condition, and has taught many – including doctors like me – how to use essential oils in their practices. Jodi has oils for just about everything you can imagine and today we’re going to talk all about her Vibrant Blue Oils and how you can use them to restore your health.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

✅ How essential oils promote lymphatic drainage & boost immunity
✅ How the neck is the bottleneck in the body causing vagus nerve toxicity
✅ How combining Vibrant Blue lymph & parasympathetic blends with binders help with chronic illness
✅ How essential oils work best when applied to specific points on the body
✅ Why essential oil molecule size determines how fast an oil acts
✅ Why putting essential oils on acupuncture or reflex point is key for getting the best results with essential oils
✅ How to combine oils, minerals & binders to get optimal health restoration results

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