You are an electrical creature made up of ions that are constantly in flux based on what you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Research has shown that the ions within your body and cells respond to magnetic and sound therapy. And in particular studies have shown that specific sound frequencies can have different effects on the body from mood enhancement to detox and healing of chronic illness. This week’s podcast guest Freddie Kimmel found the Amp Coil device when he was struggling with cancer, bowel obstructions, lyme and mold and nothing was working. From working with in his father’s engineering firm to performing in Broadway tour productions to biohacker, transformational coach and host of the Beautifully Broken Podcast, Freddie Kimmel is on a mission to help people restore balance in their bodies with the Amp Coil. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Freddie Kimmel on how the frequencies of sound combined with magnetics in the Amp Coil have helped him and others restore balance and heal chronic conditions.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How sound therapy increases oxygen & nutrients to the tissues
  • How different frequencies can resolve various health complaints
  • How to use the Amp Coil device to detox, harmonize health & improve chronic health conditions like bowel obstructions
  • Why magnetic and sound therapies in the Amp Coil prime the body to heal itself
  • How the AMP coil benefits your energy field
  • How the voice is used to diagnose concussions, viral infections and more health issues
  • Why your body has the ability to heal itself when it’s nudged with frequencies that help it balance itself
  • How Amp Coil improves HRV
  • Why the Amp coil is meant to give the patient the power back to heal themselves
  • How practitioners are pairing Amp Coil and acupuncture treatments – acupuncture meridians are a DC current that respond to sound and magnetics.

Resources From the Show: 

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