Have you tried foot soaks with real magnesium? Did you know that as you replenish your levels of magnesium your body may detox, uncover signs of other deficiencies and more?  The good news is by adding more magnesium to your body, it begins to function better.  In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause talks with Kristen Bowen, the founder and owner of Living the Good Life Naturally company about what she & her two patients who decided to join in, experienced during their 30 day magnesium challenge.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why transdermal magnesium increases magnesium uptake into the cells faster than oral or synthetic epsom salt magnesium
  • Why menopause & autoimmune conditions need more magnesium
  • How potassium and omega three level deficiencies show up when magnesium increases in the body
  • What happens when you do 30 days straight of magnesium foot soaks

Resources from the Show:

  • Kristen Bowen’s Website: livingthegoodlifenaturally.com
  • Key notes from the show:
  • RBC magnesium testing for baseline levels – plus why you should check pre and post magnesium levels when you introduce transdermal magnesium to your life – to test: walkinlab.com
  • 6.3 magnesium saturation – ideal level to maintain with lifestyle
  • 4700-5400 mg Potassium is ideal – track your intake of potassium, potassium decreases with stress
  • Omega Fatty Acids are balanced with magnesium
  • Taurine & boron deficiency – cause low magnesium levels
  • Menopause increases how fast you go through magnesium
  • Autoimmune conditions have a higher magnesium need
  • Stiffness in AM, elevated CRP, smoker, alcohol and sugar eater – classic signs of low magnesium
  • Vitamin D decreases when magnesium levels decrease
  • Netherlands has the cleanest magnesium source
  • Synthetic magnesium doesn’t change RBC Mag levels
  • FDA is doesn’t have to tell you if magnesium is synthetic or diluted – minimum level is 31% magnesium

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