Do you want to eat healthy but life keeps getting in your way? Are you stressed out, tired, depressed, anxious, gaining weight or dealing with digestive issues? By creating healthy eating habits and routines with meal planning you can reduce your stress levels, boost your energy and mood, calm your nervous system, manage weight better and reduce digestive issues. You can dial in your healthy eating habits by spending a 90 minutes planning and preparing food once a week. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down what she does each week for 90 minutes to make sure she always has healthy food on hand.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you should plan your on a weekly basis
• How a little recipe gathering makes a big difference
• How to make food for the week in under 2 hours
• What tools are crucial for meal planning success
• How to rotate meal plans for efficiency

Resources from the Show:
• Dr. Jannine Krause’s Meal Planning Tips
o Make a grocery list – shop yourself or online to pick up or have food delivered; Kroger Click List
• Spend 20 minutes gathering recipes
• Keep your meal plans so you can rotate them
• 5 breakfasts, lunches and dinners = 15 meals per person for Monday – Friday Meals
• 1 lb ground/breasts turkey, chicken, fish or beef = 4 – 4 oz servings
• 10 lunches and dinners – 2 lbs of meat = 8 meals and if you make 2 more chicken breasts you have 10 meals
• Snacks – cut up veggies, home made dips or piece of fruit or cup of fruit with ¼ cup raw or sprouted nuts/seeds
o Set aside 90 minutes for meal prep weekly
o Get a crock pot, make sheet pan meals, make breakfast casseroles or dinner casseroles, make soups or stews
o Sometimes I eat breakfast foods for lunch or dinner too
o Example of Last Sunday’s Meal Prep:
o I made a Maple Dijon Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner – I subbed out 2 tbsp of avocado oil for non-stick spray, brussel sprouts for kale, quinoa instead of pasta and used coconut aminos vs soy sauce.
o Crock Pot Italian Wedding Soup with Kale vs Spinach – I subbed out the pre-made meat balls for ground turkey that I sauteed prior to putting it in the crock pot.
o Creative breakfast casserole – no bread or dairy
o Extra 2 lb butternut squash roasted for 8 extra servings for lunches and dinners throughout the week
o 6 portions of quinoa and 6 portions of rice – 1 cup cooked each for lunches or dinners throughout the week

• Sheet Pan Meals –
How To Build Sheet Pan Meals
Meal Plan on Fleek
Sheet Pan Breakfasts
• Breakfast Casserole – Check out this egg one!
Berry Oatmeal Bake – Food Network Recipe
Egg Cups aka scrambled egg muffins

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