Are you curious about testosterone replacement therapy or are you on testosterone and can’t seem to get the right dosage? Are you interested in bio identical hormone replacement therapy but worried about cancer risk? Have you tried bio identical hormones but they just didn’t seem to work. In this 2nd half of a 2 part podcast on hormone testing and bio identical hormone replacement therapy Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. David Zava, the owner and head of research at ZRT Lab about how assessing metabolic function along with hormone levels gets the best results with hormone replacement therapy.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How to ensure you’re on an effective dose of hormone replacement therapy
  • Why serum testing doesn’t give accurate hormone replacement therapy monitoring dosages
  • Why dried urine testing is useful in complicated hormone balance cases
  • Why thyroid, metabolic and heavy metal testing is useful in addition to hormone testing

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