In this week’s episode of The Health Fix, I’m joined by Dr J Dunn, a Chiropractic Physician who’s certified in Functional Medicine, an author and an internationally known lecturer on Genetics and Nutrition. After years of not finding answers to her struggle with chronic fatigue and depression, she discovered a way to easily identify the root cause of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction through genetics.

For the last 6 years, she has been mapping genes related to brain chemistry to help her patients and teach other Healthcare Professionals to help theirs. Dr. Dunn and her team have identified the genetic patterns that contribute to conditions associated with mental and emotional health. The MyHappyGenes 3-Dimensional Dynamic Algorithm™ is able to target and analyze over 400 specific genes and in this episode of The Health Fix we are going to talk all about her testing and why it may be beneficial to find targeted solutions for those with chronic fatigue and depression.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

✅ How mood is affected by genetics
✅ Why genetic testing can quickly identify the cause of your mental health condition
✅ How to utilize genetic testing to treat your mental health condition
✅ What are the most common gene mutations when it comes to mental health conditions

Resources from the Show:

Dr. J Dunn’s Happy Genes – HealthFix50 for $50 off your test kit order!

Dr. J Dunn’s Wholistic Methylation

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