Have you tried every diet in the book? Are you sick of getting hooked on a certain super food only to be told that it’s not good for you? If you are struggling to lose weight, frustrated because popular diets haven’t worked for you or you’ve hit a plateau, it might be time to get your genes tested. We now have the ability to determine what type of foods, exercise and habits that suit our genetic make-up. In this episode Doc J breaks down her own Pathway Fit genetic testing results from Pathway Genomics to give you the scoop on whether genetic testing is worth checking out.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• What genes are tested in order to assess the type of diet, nutrition and exercise that’s right for your genetic makeup
• The pros and cons of genetic testing
• How to put your genetic testing results to use effectively
• Why genetic testing is one of the best preventative medicine tools

Resources From This Episode:
Pathway Genomics
23 and Me
• Convert 23 and Me results using Genetic Genie to take to a genetic counselor or doc trained in genetic counseling – especially for methylation defects & detox profiles

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