Are you or someone you know suffering from food allergies? Frustrated because you don’t know what to eat and what might cause a reaction? Food allergies and sensitivities are on the rise and it’s due to the plethora of chemicals, pesticides, molds, hormones and more in your food. You can avoid a lot of the irritating agents and there are substitutions for the most common food allergies. In this podcast Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down the process of ensuring you always have enough to eat when you have food allergies.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you need to read ingredient labels closely
• Why everyone should learn how to cook and meal prep
• How to substitute the most common food allergens in your diet
• What to do right now to restore your confidence in finding food

Resources from the Show:
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Kids With Food Allergies Website Recipes
• Kids With Food Allergies Menu Planning
Healthiest Non-Dairy Drinks Article – Food Babe
Three Trees Milk
MALK – almond milk
• Ani Phyo’s Raw Vegan Spanish Scramble – here’s a video using sunflower seeds to make “eggs”
Paleonola – Cinnamon Blueberry
Thrive Market – a great online shop for many hypoallergenic foods
Flax Egg – Minimalist Baker
Chia Egg – Minimalist Baker
• Vegan Cheese and Milk Recipes – Minimalist Baker – here’s a garlic herb fave of mine
Kite Hill – spreadable almond based cheese
Miyokos – butter and cheese (even fresh mozzarella)
Lava – Yogurt without gums/carrageenan
Andean Dream – corn free rice and quinoa pasta
Gluten Free Palate – website for chocolate crunch cereal and more
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
Namaste Gluten – Free Perfect Flour Blend
Olivia’s Super Free Bread
Cassava Tortilla Recipe
Cassava Tortilla Chips – Siete Brand
• Oh She Glows – Luxurious Sunflower Butter
• For the environmental allergies:
Dealing with dust mites -dust covers on your mattresses and pillows – Gaiam Article
Trees and such – take clothes off when come inside from playing/change to fresh clothes, don’t wear shoes in house, wipe dog/cats’s feet/fur down when coming in from outside, get hard wood floors, wash all rugs, comforters, throw blankets weekly, vacuum 2x a week
• Nettles and Quercetin supplement, such as D-Hist by Orthomolecular Products, as a natural antihistamines

Four Things to Do When You Find Out You Have Food Allergies:

First you need to know how to sub out the items you are allergic to in your favorite recipes or meals.

Second – a trusty website with recipes – Kids with Food Allergies and Autoimmune Wellness – recipes and meal planning are going to be key for you and your family

Third – brands that you can trust by learning how they make foods and their ingredients lists – check out Thrive Market

Fourth – a food journal to assess your progress – what works and what doesn’t – there’s sometimes some cross reactivity due to where an item is manufactured – this is why it’s key to read labels to ensure your item says – not processed in a facility or on equipment that processes – wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, tree nuts etc.

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