Depression or anxiety having you wondering what’s going on and what to do?  Tried medications or even supplements and haven’t seen any mood improvements?  Dr. Anna Marie Frank is an author, speaker, podcaster and a traditional naturopath who’s the owner and founder of Happy Whole You and online and in person clinic in Bakersfield, California.  After trying multiple medications Dr. Anna Marie Frank started to wonder if it was something she was doing that was keeping her down and it led her to a career in empowering others to evaluate the connection between thoughts, words, and physical health. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Anna Marie on how rewiring your thoughts can rewire your biology.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Dr. Anna Marie’s journey with depression
  • What it’s like to see a naturopathic doctor
  • Methylation issue connections with anxiety & depression
  • The power of photo-embryo therapies
  • Why you need adequate raw materials to make neuro-chemicals effectively
  • A look into Dr. Anna Marie’s Whole You supplement line
  • Use of L-leucine vs magnesium stearate to protect the gut in supplements

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Podcast Transcript

1:38 – What led Dr. Anna into Naturopathy?

7:47 – Neuroplasticity

14:52 – Naturopathy Vs traditional medicine

15:19 – What do you think of when you hear electrolytes?

18:16 – What is Methylation?

18:49 – What to do if you are feeling anxious

24:!8 -phytoembryo therapies

29:00 – The difference between big corp nutraceuticals and small line nutraceuticals

34:14 – Ingredients in “Bright You” supplement

36:23 – “Happy You” supplement

37:10 – “Calm You” supplement

40:22 – Whole health approach

45:09 – Where to find Dr. Anna

[Intro] Welcome to the Health Fix Podcast, where health junkies get their weekly

fix of tips, tools, and techniques to have limitless energy, sharp minds, and fit

physiques for life.

Hey health junkies! On this episode of the Health Fix Podcast, I’m interviewing

Dr. Anna Marie Frank. She is a doctor of traditional

naturopathy with a PhD in holistic medicine. She’s also an author, a speaker,

and the owner of Happy Whole You in Bakersfield, California.

Now she and I have a fabulous conversation

all about mood, anxiety, depression,

and how these things don’t necessarily need medication.

But we may be missing out on the raw materials

to make our neurochemicals.

Now what are those raw materials?

Well, vitamins, minerals, nutrients,

but also the other main ingredient, your thoughts.

So let’s introduce you to Dr. Anna Marie Frank.

JANNINE: Hey, Health Junkies.

Welcome to another episode of the Health Fix Podcast.

I have Dr. Anna Marie Frank on

and we are going to be talking about your thoughts

and how those and what you say can really impact your health.

So Dr. Anna Marie, welcome to the Health Fix Podcast.

DR. ANNA: Oh, thanks for having me. I’m excited.

JANNINE: Hey, you know, just even in our little conversation

before you hit record, I know that without a doubt,

we’ve got a good podcast for folks

’cause we have a lot of things to talk about.

But first and foremost, I’m always curious,

what brought you to natural medicine?

What brought you to wanting

to be a traditional naturopath?

What’s the scoop?

DR. ANNA: Ooh, well, as you know, it’s never just one thing.

I mean, it’s been a journey for me.

So growing up, I was an athlete, I got good grades,

I had all the things, married parents,

Roof over my head, checked the box, checked the box.

And in high school, I started to, what now I realized was getting feeling, experiencing

depression for no apparent reason.

Nobody would know this about me.

And then after graduating from college, I went on to university and did my undergrad.

And through that time, I continuously went on a downward spiral, not feeling well, feeling


But then guess what?

I graduated and I got a real job.

I thought, okay, now I’m going to make money.

Everything’s going to be fine.

My life’s going to get better and it didn’t.

And I ended up going to a psychiatrist

and he gave me three Mind-Altering medications

with only spending like maybe 15 minutes with me or so.

And as a good student that I was,

I went and I started taking that medication

because I was taught, you don’t feel good,

you go to a doctor and they’re going to tell you

what you need and what to do.

And I continued on a downward spiral.

And thankfully I had this little light inside of me

that was like wake up, like you are the only person

that can make yourself happy and that can make yourself whole.

And so then I started on a journey to really look at

what was I putting in my body?

How was I thinking?

And I started to change my relationship.

So I started this holistic approach

of shifting things in my life.

And along that journey,

I realized there’s this thing called, you know, naturopathy.

There’s this thing called energy medicine.

There’s this thing called Chinese medicine, Native American practices, Northern European


I’m like, what is all of this?

This is crazy.

All I was really taught was like anatomy, physiology and, you know, go to the doctor.

And so, so I started to dive and I started to really work on rewiring my brain and rewiring

my mindset.

And then went through my master’s degree, right after that, I ended up getting married,

getting pregnant.

Actually, I did it the other way.

I got pregnant, then I got married.

And then after having my son, I had postpartum really bad.

I had a really traumatic birth experience.

And so just, I’ve had a lot of run-ins that didn’t sit right with me and I started to

ask questions.

I started to research and I started to study and I started to realize there’s another way.

And so that’s when I started about 11 years ago, started studying all of these different


I don’t want to say alternative ways because these used to be the way.


DR. ANNA: Right?


And so, yeah.

And so now that’s, so then I wanted to start helping other people rewire their mindset,

their biology, by their thoughts and, you know, fill themselves up with good things

that can help heal them and allow the body to do what it knows to do.

So that’s kind of how I got to wear I’m at.

JANNINE: You know, it’s, it’s, it’s not an uncommon story, right?

We have a lot of people out there who are taking meds and not like feeling any better

or off the meds because they felt awful.

And now they’re in this like limbo of, you know, maybe trying multiple herbs, multiple

stuff on it’s trying to figure out, you know, why, why are these?

These aren’t working for me either.

And as even as a naturopath, you know,

I kind of went down the route of like,

“Oh man, do our herbs not work?

Does the medicine not work?”

Because even in school, I did not connect

that I’m in control of what goes on.

And in my brain about my thought,

isn’t that crazy you don’t connect that?

I don’t want it. 

DR. ANNA: Yes.

Yeah, our brain is the strongest pharmacy on planet Earth.

And you can shift the biochemical makeup

of how you’re feeling in 150 milliseconds

by changing a thought alone.

Every word that you speak,

every thought that you have

cares a vibrational frequency that influences biology.

And so this is physics really.

And if you, like for example,

if you think of the word love,

or if you say the word love,

like when you say that and you think the word love,

like you can check in with your body and it feels different,

then if you were to say the word hate, it feels different.

It’s like saying, I choose two versus I have two.

If you, when we shift our vocabulary,

the way we think about our life,

the way we speak about our life,

you literally can start to help the body heal.

And then yes, herbs, supplements, movements, sunshine,

earthing, all of these things are added elements,

but it first starts with your mindset

because I did not start getting well

until I started to shift the way I was thinking about my life.

And everything started to change

’cause when we change what’s going on within us,

everything around us starts to change.

JANNINE: That is incredible advice

and just like a statement in general,

not even advice that, you know, when I think of it,

I’m going, oh my gosh, you know,

let’s go back to the love example you can’t.

like it changes just how we talk about love.

You talk about this, you talk about someone you love,

you talk about your pet, whatever it is,

something you love, you are going to light up, right?

– Yes.

– You talk about haters, like,

oh, I really don’t wanna do X, Y, or Z today.

You’re gonna, like, you’re like, mmm.

– You feel heavy.

– And it’s crazy ’cause like throughout the course of the day,

we really don’t realize how many words we use

that are not uplifting at all.

– Yes, yes, 100, 100%.

like we don’t realize that and we have about 70,000 thoughts in a day and 95% of them are the same.

So we are so programmed and when I learned this, this is when it was like, okay, if we can rewire

a computer, we can rewire our minds because we have this thing called neuroplasticity. So the

thoughts that we have are firing and wiring neural pathways that we’ll cement in. So if you’re

constantly the glass is half empty. You are cementing in, seeing life through the lens of negativity.

Versus if you enough time start to look at what’s available to you, what’s possible. I always use

the example of like when you get a new car, like you get a new car and you’re like, oh I got this

new car, like this is such a great car. Like, wait a minute, I see my car like everywhere. There’s

my car, there’s my car. Everybody has a car like mine. The thing is, is you were never looking for

it before. So it didn’t register. So it’s the same with our thoughts. If you’re registering

and focusing on what’s available today, what’s positive today, what’s going good today, you

know, my body is healing, my body is getting better, my body is healed. If you focus in

that arena in your mindset, your brain will naturally go to look for what can confirm

what you’re thinking. That is what our brain does. It’ll go to confirm and give you affirmation

for everything you’re thinking. So you have to be mindful that it’s going to do the same for the

negatives and it’s going to do the same for the positives. So we are naturally biologically wired

to look for the negatives and it’s really not the negatives, it’s to keep you alive. That is

inherent in our biology. Run from a saber tooth tire, you need to survive all that. But I got news

for us. We have this thing called houses. We have this thing called electricity. We have

this thing called running water. We’re very fortunate in America that we have all these

things that we don’t have to focus our energy on just staying alive. We can focus on thriving.

And that’s where our mindset needs to be is what can I choose to do to thrive today?

just survive because we’ve passed the survival. We’re there.

Let’s go to thrive. 

JANNINE: We’ve mastered that. And then, you know, we, I mean, it’s funny seeing

patients and even in myself to you, like you, you, that whole phenomenon of looking for danger

and like creating danger even.

It’s like, what? My thoughts, you know, as I get older too, I notice it more and maybe because

it’s also I’m more aware now than I used to be. I’ll, you know,

I’ll be driving down the street and all of a sudden I’ll be thinking of like all the like crazy scenarios that could happen

while driving down the road. And I’m like, why is my brain doing this?

Have you found that to be true for you and for other folks too?

DR. ANNA: Oh my gosh. Yes. And what I do is so when we go to those thoughts,

this is where I teach my clients that we giggle at ourselves. We laugh, we go, oh,

there’s that mindset again. I don’t do that anymore. But hello, I witnessed you there.

I mean, because it does happen.

And this, everything I’m saying,

the way I was before I started to work on this,

I was so negative.

I would blame my boss.

I would blame my parents.

I would blame every other person.

If I spoke coffee on myself in the morning,

I was the person that would show to her,

“Oh my gosh, I spoke coffee on myself.”

And blah, blah, blah, poor me, poor me.

Like, I literally showed up in my life as a victim,

well, I mean, my circumstances, everything around me

for why I wasn’t happy.

I never once, like during that time, took my finger

and pointed out myself and said,

guess what, you’re choosing this?

Because the truth of the matter is,

our life is exactly how we have designed it.

We have chosen, every single choice we’ve made up

to this very moment has allowed us to be the person

that we are.

And the beautiful thing about choice is we can choose


And that’s what I eventually did,

I started to choose differently. I hated feeling depressed. I hate it not wanting to get out of bed.

I hated looking in the mirror and feeling like I’m nobody and I’m nothing and I’m worthless and those were my choices.

And so once I started to rewrite that narrative, I mean, I’m on a podcast. I have my own podcast. I have my own company.

I mean, it’s like, if we can work on thriving in life, it allows us to all show up in a more true authentic way

to do what we were sent here to do.

And that’s what I think we’re missing

is when we focus on just surviving and not thriving,

we’re not tapping into the gifts that we were given

to show up in this world and do.

Like for example, when you’re with your patients,

I guarantee you, one of the best things

that they probably say is that you give them hope.


DR. ANNA: You give them hope because you helped them see something

and it shifted their brain and it shifted their perspective

to what is possible.

Versus the mindset of,

I’m sick, things aren’t available to me, I’m not well.

And that’s what going to a holistic person, a natural path,

somebody who’s looking out for the entire you

and looking out for your future for you to get well

and for you to heal and for you to thrive.

And I think that, you know, people are not used to that.

They’re really not.

JANNINE: No, no, I think a visit with a naturopath is very eye-opening

for a lot of people that are like,

“Whoa, like you actually asked me about this.”

Or, you know, I’ve even had patients who have come back

to me and said, “No one has ever asked me about that.”

DR. ANNA:  Yeah, they get so surprised.

Like there’s a laundry list of questions

and there’s a lot of listening that happens

when you go to a natural path and like, yeah, they’re in awe.

They’re like, my doctor has never even asked me this.


DR. ANNA: And that’s like, yeah, your traditional doctor is not trained to ask you this

because they’re not trained to support your entire being and to support your

foundations of health.

They’re there to save your life and they’re there to put band-aids over things

that don’t feel good.

They’re just managing symptoms.

And that’s the difference, you know?

And so I think that people just aren’t aware of that.

And sometimes there is a time where you just need

to manage some things so you can function in your life,

but that should be paired with restoring

your foundations of health.

I always say we have like these little potholes

in our health and we’re just there to help smooth them over.

And so it doesn’t feel like such a bumpy ride

when things get, you know, challenging.

you’re better able to deal with life.

You’re better able to deal with what is going on

when you have a stronger foundation of health.

JANNINE: Absolutely, absolutely.

And you know, one of the things that I like to explain

to my patients and I’m guessing you’re doing as well

is like, this isn’t something that that foundation

in the brain doesn’t develop like in one second.

You know, it’s something that we teach you over time

while you work with us.

DR. ANNA: Oh yeah, and it all comes back to education, right?

Like you are educating your patients on what is going on,

on how we’re going to help you heal,

on how we’re going to help fix this,

versus just saying, oh, just take this,

come back and see me in three weeks.


DR. ANNA: Like education is number one in our company.

When people know better, they can do better.

But a lot of people just, they just don’t know.

Like people think to get electrolytes,

you have to go get Gatorade or Powerade

because that is what advertising has told them.

They don’t realize that you can have an apple,

have some Celtic salt, have a little bit of watermelon.

You know, there’s all these different ways

to get electrolytes and yet we think

it’s just Gatorade and Powerade.

It’s very interesting.

JANNINE: It is, it is.

And the same thing goes to with the mental health space

as well because a lot of times in my practice

I’ll have someone say, “Doc, I’m just so depressed.

I’m not feeling good or the other side is I’m so anxious.

I need something to help.

DR. ANNA: I hear that all the time. 

JANNINE: Yeah. Yeah.

And probably your first thought is like, okay, let’s let’s work on the brain stuff.

Let’s let’s get there.

And a lot of times the first look I get is dear in the headlights when I’m like,

so let’s talk about your thoughts.

DR. ANNA: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, no, I got to give me a pill. Okay.

Like that’s how you are.

JANNINE: I just, I don’t want to talk about my thoughts.

I don’t want to, I don’t want to think about that.

So how do you address that with folks in terms of moving into that space?

Because I’m sure there’s probably some folks listening to this podcast right now that’s like,

yeah, Dr.

Krause, I’ve heard your different, you know, podcasts on different folks talking about

how this, this way we think and the words we say really do affect things, but really

that really the case.

Give us a scoop on how you work with folks kind of turning, turning

them over to the bright side. DR. ANNA: Yeah, so I mean, really, I give them a lot of different tools

that they can tap into. First, like, so when I do a session, I’ll do some biofeedback with them.

I’ll look at their eyes, I’ll look at their tongue, I’ll look at their fingernail,

I’ll see what physical observations the body’s given off. A lot of times, like, for example,

somebody who is anxious, a lot of times, I mean, this is coming from their nervous system, number one.

And then usually if we go to meridians,

there’s this thing called the triple warmer in the body.

And there’s points on the body that you can actually hold

and do some breathing exercises,

literally within one to two minutes,

your anxiousness can go from like a 10 to a two.

By holding these points,

by doing this deep breathing exercise.

The other thing is too, is I look at,

okay, is the person sleeping?

Because if you know, it’s a whole cascade effect.

And then yeah, if we look at nutraceuticals,

it’s, you know, I formulated my own line

and the three flagship products I started with

were all for brain health.

One of them specifically for anxiousness is Calm You.

So it’s a blend of herbs and vitamins

that are bioavailable to the body.

‘Cause as you know, there’s about 40 to 44% of people

that have a methylation issue.

And a methylation issue is when you can eat food,

take vitamins, do all the things,

but your body can’t convert it to make it a raw material

for you to utilize.

And so when that’s not happening in the body,

I’m seeing a lot more people,

and this is really subjective for me,

but a lot of people that are struggling with depression

or anxiety, a higher propensity of them

are testing for the methylation issue.

And so it comes back to the gut,

it comes back to the liver

and cleaning all that up.

But at the end of the day, if you are feeling anxious,

it is there’s deep breathing,

there’s holding different points on the body,

there’s putting your feet in the grass and getting sunlight.

And doing those four basic things every day

are going to be really powerful.

Now that’s for them.

And then when I work with people,

we’re working on how they’re thinking about their life,

how they’re speaking about their life.

And I’m asking them questions,

I’m repeating things back to them that they’ve said to me,

and it helps shift the perspective

to help shift those neural pathways

in how their brain is functioning

and how they’re looking for the anxious things.

And that does take time.

The Calm You is great because it helps to kind of

calm the nervous system and start to shift things over time.

I call it like the brain retrainment,

but it’s not something that they’re gonna be on

always and forever.

And that’s the other thing with supplementation

was, you know, I use them as tools to get back to the homeostasis to the foundation.

And it’s not something we’re on always and forever.

And what a client needs in the first 30 days is may shift in the next 30 days and then in

the next 30 days.

So in traditional natural path, they always say we’re going to give it 60 to 90 days,

three full cycles of your life or those months.

And then from there, I haven’t had a single person that doesn’t have improvement that

I’ve seen in the last six years.

Not a single person, which is insane.

Like, it’s insane to me.

Every day I pinch myself, I’m like, “Oh my gosh.

I had a gal come in a month ago.

She just came in for her follow up.”

And she didn’t do any of the services that we have here in terms of we have red light,

we have sauna therapy, biocharger.

There’s different things we have here.

And all she did, she came in, she woke up with headaches every day.

She’d been trying to get pregnant for a year and three months.

She had acid reflux.

What else did she have?

Oh, her joints ached a lot.

She’s in her early 20s, by the way.


DR. ANNA: She’s not overweight.

This should not be happening.

And so all we did did some biofeedback,

showed her some different moves in energy medicine that she could do like holding triple warmer

point and some other things. Put her on some plant stem cells, some phytoamryotherapies. These

are literally just drops under your tongue. I think she was like twice a day for those.

Put her on a food base multi which was our Whole You and then put her on our cholm you as well.

And she came back. Oh by the way I recommended Celtic salt for her to start using that versus

table salt, her headaches are gone, her joint pain is gone, she still just has a little bit

of discomfort in her lower back, which she is on her feet all the day. And by the way,

she is in the medical field. So her mind is very blown right now. And her acid reflux is completely

gone. Right. You know, and so she’s had in 30 days, 30 days, and her hormone, her cycle,

because she was having our period for 10 days.

And now she just started again.

So we know her cycle has already shifted

because of how her period came back.

So we’re going to give it 90 days,

but it’s like all of this with just shifting also

some of her thoughts, the way she was thinking,

giving her some supplementation, giving her things to do at home.

I mean, incredible, incredible.

So it’s things like that, that it’s just, it’s so important to go back to your foundations because then the being anxious is the body’s way of telling you something’s not right.

Acid reflux is the way of the body saying something’s not right.

Not sleeping, not having a sex drive.

All of these things is your body saying something’s not right.

And you have to get back to the foundation to figure out how do we help the body get back to a stable state?

you know, not just, oh, my, my libido’s low.

Oh, here’s testosterone.

Like, what are we doing here?


Yeah, we’ve skipped over kind of what contributes to libido.

You know, what are all the other side factors?

And, and yes, you know, that’s kind of one of the things that I really want folks to hear today is that

we have these symptoms for a reason.

It’s a sign, right?

It’s a sign that something’s out of balance,

It’s not that it needs something else bandaid-wise to go.

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All right, let’s get back to the podcast.

JANNINE: In that department, now a lot of folks are gonna say,

“Well, Dr. Krause, Dr. Anna Marie,

“well, you use supplements,

Isn’t that kind of like a bandaid in this case?

Give us the background in terms of,

you would mention something else,

I can’t think of the name of it right now

that I’m not familiar with, it was a drop.

DR ANNA: Oh, phytoembryo therapies?

JANNINE: Yes, tell us what that is.

Tell us how just even down,

I mean, people understand obviously the multivitamin,

but help us understand the commu

and the phytoembryo therapies.

DR ANNA: Okay, when I did my master herbalist certification,

it was a 10 month program I went through.

I was learning about phytoembryo therapy

and gemal therapies.

And I’m like, I just showed up to like learn about

Hawthorne and like herbs, ashwagandha, right?

And I was like, what is this?

And I started to realize this is a special practice

and where I get my phytoembryo therapies

and gemal therapies,

It’s actually a company in Belgium.

And it’s a very specific time

when they extract the plant stem cell

of young plants, of young shoots.

Like, and so what you have,

is you have all the genetic makeup

for this to go in the body

and work in a more 360 fashion

to help the body heal in different ways.

I mean, you think about human stem cells.

These are plants themselves.

And we’re not very different from plants.

We all know this, right?

Like, and so I’m like, okay, I like this sounds interesting.

I’m going to start using them.

These are complete game changer, complete game changer and how one,

they’re super easy to take.

I have kids that use them as well.

And I mean, honestly, I didn’t, I didn’t think that they would get the

results that they get and I’ve been using them for over four years now and so

there’s there’s different remedies for different ailments that are going on in

the body so you kind of have to understand how the plants work and what the plant

can do and how the plant can support the body and so through all these little

remedies I will pair those with a mature herb like there for example

there’s lemon balm in calm you I mean it’s not the only ingredient but there’s

lemon balm and Calm You. So that’s going to work in a more, I always say mature herbs and vitamins

and minerals work in a more living ear fashion. Think of those as like the raw materials, right?

Those are the raw materials to go in. And the plant stem cells, these are the blueprints.

This is like the blueprint of what we’re about to build, what needs to happen. And then you go

in, you say, well, I need all the raw materials. So when people say, oh, well, vitamins and our

herbs are those band-aids, absolutely not. Those are raw materials. Your body needs to have that.

And you know, these raw materials, these are stored in the liver. You know, think of your

liver as not only your storage unit, but your distribution center. And so we need to have enough

of our, you know, of our minerals and our macrometronutrients, our minerals, amino acids, our vitamins.

And when we don’t have enough of that, things go wrong.

So supplements are not a band-aid.

These are actually going in and healing the wound

that has occurred.

And once that’s healed, you don’t need

to be taking them all the time.

Because that’s the other thing is

if you’re working with a practitioner that

knows how to test you for what you are needing,

I mean, I have clients come in and they’re like,

oh, I still have this much left.

I’m like, you know what?

Put that in the back of the cupboard.

you don’t, your body, you don’t need that anymore.

You’re good, but there’s maybe a time again

that you need it.

And people would need to realize

that when you’re under a lot of stress,

when you are aging, when you are more active,

your body is going through those raw materials

much, much quicker.

And unfortunately, I live in Bakersville, California.

This is like, there is so much farming that goes on here.

I think we supply like 90% of the world’s carrots

and almonds and so much.

So I work with a lot of farmers and they will tell you food is not what it used to be.


DR. ANNA: You know, I have a farmer fourth generation farmer, third generation farmer, and they’re

going to tell you that, yeah, it’s a lot different than what my great grandpa did.

And they’re using the same soil, by the way.

So there is, there is such a need for supplementation.

And I’m really grateful for, I forget the company, but is it nature’s way for sunshine


There was somebody instrumental in the 70s to make it available so we could have the vitamins

and nutrients that are really readily available.

And I’ve been hearing things about what could be going on in Canada.

harder for people to get supplementation and some of these supplements. And one of the scary

things that I’ve realized is that companies like Nestle Science are coming in and buying

up a lot of these companies that have these nutraceuticals. And so, one of the reasons

I created my own small line is because I can essentially control that. We can source the

raw materials all over the world. We can bring it in, we test it, make sure it’s authentic,

encapsulate it, or we have a liquid line, and before that even goes out, before that

is even sent out to be sold, we test it again to make sure what’s in it is truly in it,

which is really, really important. And I always say supplementation, it can be the wild wild

west out there because there are companies that will have their stuff packaged and not

and FDA approved facilities and packaged overseas.

And, you know, so you really want to buy your product

from your practitioner because you know

that it’s being stored properly.

You know that it is what the label says it is

’cause there’s a lot of counterfeit things out there as well.

So, and I didn’t know all this.

I did not know all this.

When I first opened six years ago,

I would write a list of what people should get

and go to the health food store

or just order it online.

And then once I started to realize I was sending people, for example, say they were feeling

anxious and I wanted to help them supplement wise, I would send them to the store, someone

who was anxious, by the way.

If you could have like four or five ingredients that I wrote on their slip.

Someone who was anxious does not want to do that.

So I started to think, I’m like, why isn’t anyone like put all this together, like in

one product?

And then it was like, and then people that were struggling with low mood, with feeling

depressed, you know, I didn’t really quite understand that you need vitamin B six, you

need tryptophan, you need all these raw materials to even begin to make serotonin in the gut.

And if you don’t have those raw materials, I got news for you and SSRI isn’t going to

increase serotonin.

It’s going to ration the serotonin that you have.

That’s why women think, and I’m speaking from experience because when I had post-partum

depression, my offer, the offer after I had just been pregnant for nine months, given birth,

gone through a traumatic experience and my body is depleted, I was offered an antidepressant.

That was the solution. I mean, that’s a whole nother podcast, but I didn’t realize at the time,

there was raw materials my body needed. And then I was going to go ahead and start breastfeeding,

like hello we’re tapped out here right so um so getting these these ingredients in one formula

was important to me because it simplified the process I know it gave people the foundational

stuff that they needed and they didn’t have to choose between okay I can afford three of these

not all four of them and it just took the guesswork out of it and so that’s essentially how I started

to formulate and do my own thing. And, you know, it’s, it’s great because it can be controlled.

And I know I have a very high quality product for people to have.

JANNINE: Absolutely important. As time goes on with all the supplements and definitely the pharmaceutical

companies have caught on to the billion dollar industry of supplements. And they know, they know

know what’s up. So we do want to be careful of what we’re doing in that department. So

yeah, making your own and make here that sounds terrible. Formulating your own supplements

for sure is a wise way to go. I’ve not done it myself as of yet, but I definitely like

you think of it. And you know what, I was looking a lot of your formulas and I was like,

that I would totally do that. I would totally do that. So now I’m kind of like, I just have

whoever’s ones that I promote and we’ll go with it.

DR. ANNA: Yeah.

JANNINE: So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about your formulas a little bit more because, you know,

let’s face it as we’ve already mentioned to folks, like as we’re moving through

changing the mindset, rewiring the brain, working on our thoughts.

This stuff doesn’t happen overnight.

We do need something to kind of help us to move through that.

So you’ve created, I saw online this PDF that had like, if this is your symptom,

you know, go here, go here and then kind of went through the diagram until you

figured out what was best for you. Tell us about your support for the mind and how you’re

working in that department and yeah, give us a scoop.

DR. ANNA: Yeah, so the three flagship products I looked at, the first one I formulated is actually

called BrightU. So BrightU is neuroprotective. It helps with focus and it’s not very stimulating.

And the reason I formulated Bright You first is because honestly, on my countertop, all

the ingredients in the Bright You, I was taking all of them.

And I was like, “Oh my gosh.”

And actually, I’m going to read you, those of you out there, could that actually look

at this stuff?

You’ll appreciate this.

So, it has all my products have a little bit of different forms of magnesium in them.

So magnesium, glycanate, malate, citrate,

depending on the formula I’m working on.

But so this one has a little magnesium in it,

but it also has 500 milligrams of curcumin,

which is the extract of turmeric.

If you go to the store, you’re gonna buy one bottle

and usually 500 milligrams is a serving in that one capsule.

And then what people don’t realize is one capsule,

depending on the cap size,

a lot of times they can hold 750 milligrams.

So you’re having 500 milligrams,

but you have 250 milligrams of a bunch of filler in there as well.

Yeah, we forget about these things.

Or we don’t even, this wouldn’t even come across

those people’s minds, didn’t come across mine

until I started formulating this.

So I learned a lot through this process.

Second ingredient is green tea extract in its 300 milligrams,

which is a full serving.

Next ingredient is ashwagandha, which is 250 milligrams.

Next ingredient is red ginseng,

And that is 100 milligrams and then rest versatile 100 milligrams.

All of those are standalone ingredients that you would purchase in a bottle by yourself.

And they’re all in this one formula and you get all that within three capsules.

And then when you go to the other ingredients, we use el lucine, which is an amino acid to

help because you have to be able to like put all the raw materials together and mix it

in a way that it will go into the capsule and not get clogged and not get all messed


Sometimes products have magnesium-steerate in them.

For some people, that is disrupted to the gut.

If you have someone with gut issues, which is a lot of people these days, you want to

shift from the trying not even to have that added in there.

That’s the thing is when we did the second round of formulation, the only thing I changed

was that additive that you need to have to mix it

to encapsulate it.

So we switched over to Elleucine for all three

of our products.

So that’s the Bright You.

Then we have Happy You, which is–

this is my antidepressant, is what I call–

but this has–

by the way, the B vitamins that are in here are all methylated,

meaning they’re already available to the body.

So we have the B6, the B9, the B12 in here.

We have magnesium, L3, innate magnesium, glycanate.

We have five HTP, 100 milligrams,

holy basil, 100 milligrams,

and eltriptyfin, 100 milligrams.

So this one is essentially giving you all the raw materials

so you can help with mood stabilization.

And then when we have mood stabilization,

it helps with braving.

So that is also an added bonus with that one.

And then we have the Calm You.

And by the way, these are all formulated

that you can take one of them.

You could take all three of them

or you could take two of them.

So they’re formulated where,

but you follow the flow chart to see which ones you need.

And each bottle comes with a two month supply in it.

So we can save on plastics

and our footprint was shipping and all that.

But again, and these aren’t,

the only one I would say that you could be on

always and forever just because of what it does is the Bright

You because of the neural protection and you know, none

of us want inflammation around our brain. That’s for sure.

And then the calm you has the B six in it magnesium, Malay

magnesium, all three and a GABA in it, 250 milligrams of

GABA by the way, holy basil 105 milligrams lemon balm

extract, 50 grams milligrams and then l phating 33 milligrams.

So these work all synergistically for the brain to not calm you

does not make you tired.

It calms the nervous system,

so you have better focus and you’re better able to show up

and deal with the things that you’re dealing with in life.

Because that’s the other thing is some people are taking,

if they’re taking lemon ball and they’re taking so much

that it’s not gonna melt and they’re taking it to sleep.

This is like micro dosing

to remind the nervous system, everything’s fine.

Everything’s fine.

So those are my three flagship products that we formulated

we did come out with a liquid language. Mostly our whole U is food-based, methylated, added

vitamins if we put them in there amino acids, fatty acids in there as well, prebiotic.

It’s just a one shot. It’s kind of like your blanket. You’re getting a little bit of everything

every day, it’s bioavailable, you’re absorbing it.

And it’s better than taking like 25 pills.

You just take a shot of it.

JANNINE: Hey, you know, this day and age, I do find that for a lot of people,

liquids do tend to be somewhat easier than the capsules.

And of course, a lot of people are going towards gummies because while we’re

all kids on the inside.

But nevertheless, you know, it’s, it’s good to be able to have something

That’s non-toxic that can help you support the foundation while you’re working on the mindset,

things of that nature, which I love that you’re doing that. I love that you’re working on the

brain side of things because I think it is somewhat still overlooked even though more and more folks

are talking about it. And I think as we get older, we’re going to notice as the population ages that

the brain is so much more important to focus on. DR. ANNA: Yeah, absolutely. And I have to share like,

I, there was a point where I was eating super healthy. I was exercising all the time and I was

still depressed. So it, you can’t, that’s why my company, Happy Hole U, I know we all want to be

happy, but in order to be happy, you must be whole. And that is completely up to you. And it’s that

whole approach, right? That that not taking the reductionist approach, the reductionist approach

is, oh, we’ll work on the one thing. My argument is that it is not one thing because if you isolate

just exercise, if you isolate just nutrition, you’re still going to feel the potholes. So you have to

work on, yep, a little movement every day. Yep, I’m going to eat some fruits and vegetables today.

Yes, I’m going to look for the positive work on my mindset. Yes, I’m going to have positive

of conversations and work on my relationships. Yes, I’m going to have good financial health

and look at my finances. That’s other piece we look at is like, how are your finances?

People don’t want to talk about that. They don’t in holistic health. Like when has your doctor

or someone talk to you about your relationship with money and your finances? Like that is a big

stress it for people. So we just we just try to work like seriously, we work with the whole you.

JANNINE: Every aspect. Yeah, I mean, I’ll be honest, I haven’t dove into talking about finances.

With folks that is that is one frontier I haven’t gone into, but it makes sense.

DR. ANNA: But you know what, you if you just tied because you’ve already touched on finances with your

clients, I guarantee you because when they’re going out to eat, when they’re getting Starbucks,

when they’re getting McDonald’s, when they’re eating out all the time. We’re looking at from

the health perspective, but then what’s very interesting, if you go and have them track how

much money they’re spending on that, if you have them track how many minutes, like I’ve done things

with clients where they’re like, I just can’t, I just go through the drive-through like three

times a day. And I’m like, okay, you can do that. I’m not going to tell you you can’t, but there’s

two things I want from you. The moment you are going to drive to where you’re driving, you look at the

time. The moment you pay, you write down how much you paid when you’re in that drive-through

and you look at the time again and you tell me how much time and how much money. So they

start to shift, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize I was spending 45 minutes

every week in a drive-through or an hour every week in a drive-through. That’s four hours

a month sitting in a drive-through not to mention I’m spending two and a half, three

times the amount of money if I were to just, you know, buy all the fun coffee stuff and

make it at my house. You save the time and you save the money. Right? So again, it’s

that education piece because it’s like, well, we didn’t think it was possible because we

just never were presented with it in that way, right? Like my, I’ll give you an example

of one of my friends. This is so funny. So we went out, we went on a trip together,

girl’s trip and I got out my electric toothbrush and she’s like, oh, wow.

And I just like, I have a story about electric toothbrush and like what?

Because I want to actually play with one of my other friends and she had electric toothbrush

and I was like, oh, I’m so jealous.

And she’s like, why?

And she’s like, well, you know, to bring your electric toothbrush, you just like, you have

to pack it and like all that.

She’s like, whoever said you can’t bring an electric toothbrush on a trip.

Right? Like this is a very educated, smart woman.

And it wasn’t until our friend had said,

and then she saw me with my electric toothbrush,

that she’s like, of course I could bring

an electric toothbrush on my trip, right?

So it’s like, of course you can make your coffee at home.

Of course you can food prep and meal prep.

Like of course you can do it.

It just takes the doing it for like thinking about it first

and then doing it.

And once we do something once,

we’re better able to do it again.

But it’s very helpful when people are looking out for you and helping you shift your perspective

and pointing out the things that we do every day.

They’re unconscious.

We’re just doing them.

We’re not even realizing that, “Oh yeah, I get home.

I sit down.

I grab a bag of chips and I’m watching TV and before I know it, I eat the whole chip bag.”

It’s just an automatic thing.

I know, we’re funny beings, but you’ve got to go back to the brain.

I swear every time go back to the brain

and you’re gonna solve so many things

and find so many things.

JANNINE: It’s so true.

It’s such a and just slowing down enough,

slowing down enough to observe yourself

and really seeing that.

I’m sure you work with folks on that too.

Just slow down, watch what you do, be very curious.

It’s fascinating.

DR. ANNA: Absolutely.

JANNINE: Oh man.

Wow, we talked about a ton of cool stuff today

and I was really excited to get to talk to you today,

Dr. Anna Marie, because there was so much

that I find in common about our thought process with mindset

and really looking at the whole person,

which is so important.

So give us a scoop on where folks can find you.

Let’s talk about your podcast,

all the things that folks can get in touch with you as well.

DR. ANNA: Yes.

Well, if you feel like you wanna connect,

we are, my company is @happywholeyou on Instagram.

Or if you want to follow me at dr.anamoree on Instagram.

And then of course,

And then obviously you listen to podcasts

’cause you listen to this one.

And it’s the Happy Whole You podcast

and you can follow, like, you know,

comment, do all the things wherever you get your podcast.

JANNINE: Awesome, awesome.

We’ll make sure that we put all those details

in the podcast notes at

Dr. Anna Marie, thank you again so much

for coming on, really appreciate it.

DR. ANNA: Yeah, and I can’t wait to have you

on a Happy Whole You podcast.

It’s gonna be great.

JANNINE: Coming soon!

Stay tuned guys.

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