Looking for a supplement that is researched backed and tested to enhance your healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle?  Is it possible to get all the effects of the most effective supplements that counter the things that accelerate aging in the cells and organs?  Curious if there’s a way to slow down the aging process without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive anti-aging treatments and therapies?  Chris Mirabile, owner and founder of Novos Labs was asking the same questions in search for a product that was affordable and effective to inspire more people to take maximize their aging potential. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Chris Mirabile on what he and his research team are up to so you can take control of your aging journey. 

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The inside look into how Novos Labs creates and tests their products to ensure they work
  • How Novos Boost enhances the effects of Novos Core
  • How Novos Core is countering the 12 causes of aging in one dose
  • Countering the aging of organs in one gummy
  • Why spermadine may not be absorbed across the gut & why injectable forms are preferred

Resources From The Show:

  • Take the Novos Labs Longevity Quiz – HERE
  • Novos Live App – App store
  • novoslabs.com
  • @novoslabs on all social
  • tiktok – novoslabs_
  • slowmyage.com – Chris’s blog
  • @slowmyage
  • Tiktok @slowmyage

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Podcast Transcript

3:36 – The Vision for Novos

7:20 – The Novos Life app

11:49 – Novos Core / Root causes of aging

15:33 – How research is conducted at Novos

19:42 – What are clients saying about Novos?

23:48 – Difference between Novos Boost and Novos Core?

26:35 – What is Novos Vital?

29:46 – Organs that are focused on with Novos Vital

31:17 – What are the ingredients?

35:35 – Concerns over use of nanotechnology

37:13 – Process of creating the formula

43:42 – Novos in Erewhon stores

JANNINE: [Intro] Welcome to the Health Fix Podcast, where health junkies get their weekly

fix of tips, tools, and techniques to have limitless energy, sharp minds, and fit

physiques for life. Hey health junkies, on this episode of the Health Fix Podcast,

I’m interviewing Chris Mirabile. He’s the founder and CEO of Novos Labs. He’s

been on before, but today we’re going to be talking more about his company, how

they’re doing testing to ensure that their product is going to give you what

you’re looking for. Now, Nova Slabs is all about slowing down the signs of aging and Chris

has a fabulous story that we talked all about in our previous podcast as how he had reversed

his biological age. Now, today we’re going to be talking about their newest product coming

out that’s helping to reverse the signs of aging in organs. And it’s a gummy totally

appealing to all of us kids on the inside. So this is a great one. We geek out. We talk

all things supplements and R and D. So research and development. And so I had a great time.

I hope you guys will too. Let’s reintroduce you to Chris Mirable.

Hey, health junkies. I have Chris Mirabile back on. And boy, am I excited about this one because

it’s been a year since I had him on his company’s grown. He’s got some more testimonials and some

really cool stuff we’re going to talk about. And I’ve had some patients using his Novos Labs

products as well. So we’ve got some testimonials. We have stories and we’ve got all kinds of fun

today. So Chris welcome back to the health fix podcast. 

CHRIS: Thank you.

Thank you. It’s great to be here. 

JANNINE: Well, gosh, you know, right out the gates when we were,

we were just chatting before we hit record, you said you’ve got some folks on the rejuvenation

Olympics board. So, so for those folks who are like, what the heck is that this is, these are,

these are biohackers. These are folks trying to slow down the process of aging, working on

their overall health. And, and you were saying you’ve got number two, number five, number seven

an eight and probably a whole bunch more. And so these are subscribers of yours. So these folks

are taking which products, what are they up to? Give us a scoop. 

CHRIS: Yeah. Well, so you’re correct

that the people on the rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard tend to be biohackers. But the interesting

thing is our customers who are on it are actually not biohackers. 

JANNINE: Really? 

CHRIS: These are just regular– Oh, yeah.

In fact, they’ve been interviewed by the press. So for example, Julie Gibson Clark was covered in

business insider and Fortune magazine. Amy Hardison is a grandmother of I think eight or 10

grandchildren and 60s and she never even heard of biohacking before and she was never even into

taking supplements. Her grandson convinced her to try Novos so she did and now she’s ranking on

the sport. So these are ordinary people just taking her product, living relatively healthy lives,

eating relatively healthy diets, being physically active and so on, but then taking our products

and then their scores aren’t improving that much more and they’re being ranked on this

leaderboard. As you mentioned, globally speaking, there are thousands of people who have submitted

and there are these bio-hackers trying everything under the sun. We’ve got customers ranked number

two, number five, number seven, number eight. We have more people on this board than any other

company and practically all of the other companies are actually medical clinics. So these are longevity

clinics that you spend thousands of dollars and you have all of these different therapies that

you follow and maybe even prescription drugs and so on. Our customers are spending far, far less

money, typically around $79 a month. And they’re doing it from home and living their lifestyles

as they ordinarily would. 

JANNINE: That is an incredible, well, two thing,

the credible statement altogether is that they’re not all biohackers. So folks, this is achievable

for everybody, but also attainable. Because like you said, these fancy clinics, and this is one

of the things I’ve run up against with a lot of my patients is like, yeah, these things are kind

of cool. I’ve seen some really good results from the ozone treatments and the EBOOM, you know,

and the age, you know, but not all the things, right? But unless you’ve got, you know, a substantial

amount of money that you can throw at this, it’s not achievable for most people. So I’m guessing

that’s probably one of the things we didn’t talk about before that was kind of behind

your company and thinking in your head, like, how can I make health and longevity, you know,

attainable for folks? 

CHRIS: Yeah, 100%. And not only the money, the time as well, right? The amount of

time it takes like you’re not going to get a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in your bedroom, most

of us at least. So you’re going to have to drive somewhere and wait online and do it and then

drive back home like that takes an hour out of your day. Not everyone has that hour.

And so yes, to your point, when I first had the vision for Novos, part of the reason I had it

in the first place was I was attending biotech events with the leading scientists in the field

trying to understand the field and learn as much as I could. And admittedly at the beginning,

most of it was over my head. It took a while to start understanding the lingo and the terms

in the science and so on. But as I was understanding this, it became immediately apparent that everything

that they were focused on, for the most part, practically everything, was highly experimental

and things that we’re looking at years to decades from actually making their way to the market.

And whatever those things are, they’re going to be highly invasive, whether it be like DNA

modification or cellular reprogramming or pharmaceutical drugs. They’re going to require

doctor oversight, and they’re going to be prohibitively expensive. And so my question was,

what can we do today for myself, my family, my loved ones in the community at large to be able

to have a positive impact on the aging process. And obviously the first thing, one of the first

things that comes to mind is just natural substances, natural molecules, things that are approved for

over the counter consumption. The question was, whether those ingredients that can actually have

an impact and is that impact great enough. So that was the next step in my journey to validate

the thesis behind Novos. But what has also become apparent in the process is that

there’s also a lot of things in between these futuristic, expensive longevity therapies.

And then the today, what’s available today, that are still expensive longevity therapies

that still is inaccessible for the majority of Americans. And so how can we make this something

that whether you are rich or not, you can still integrate it into your life. And that’s why we’re

a public benefit corporation doing more than just the formulas. We offer a lot of free information

and tools, which we can also talk about. We have some new tools that are coming out for free

to be able to help people improve their longevity.

JANNINE: Oh, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about that because, you know, that is the one thing that I

will hear from the longevity type of clinics. They’ll say, you know, we’ve got docs that can coach

folks. We’ve got this. We’ve got that. And while I’m like, okay, you know, the mindset’s huge,

you know, all these things, I think it is important to have something where you don’t have to make

the time to find an appointment, make the time to go in. So give us, give us the scoop of what

what you guys are offering, what’s going on?

CHRIS: Yeah, so this is the first time

I’m actually talking about this,

but we are in the process of rolling out a mobile app

completely free, all of the features on it

are completely free as well.

And the initial feature,

there’s many features we’re gonna roll out

over the months and years ahead.

But the initial feature that we launched with

is a longevity lifestyle assessment.

So you fill out a survey, it takes less than 10 minutes.

And then when you complete that,

you have a score out of a hundredth,

which can fluctuate based on how you change

your responses to that survey over time.

But then most importantly,

it’s going to give you recommendations

for the highest priority, the mid-level priority,

and then the things that you’re doing quite well,

it will also highlight that as well.

So high priority things,

it’s going to make you aware of,

and these are things that are not always obvious.

Some of them are obvious,

like you’re not eating enough vegetables,

where you’re not physically active enough.

But other things are less obvious,

like your dental hygiene and the effect

that that can have on your brain health and your heart health,

like you increase your risk of Alzheimer’s and heart disease

if you don’t brush twice a day in floss.

And so a lot of people aren’t aware

of this type of information.

So there’s a lot of nuggets like that in there

that you might not be fully aware of.

For me, I had, as you would imagine being

in the longevity space, I have a pretty good score,

but there were certain things that I kind of knew

in the back of my mind,

but I never really confronted.

Like for example, I sit too much

because I’m working all day long, I’m sitting too much.

And this was nagging at me and seeing the score,

like this is holding me back that eventually I was like,

you know what, forget it, I’m gonna stand more.

So the island in my kitchen, I can stand there,

I don’t have to buy a standing desk, I can just stand there.

And so for 50% of my day now, I’m working standing up

and the other half like an interview like this,

I’m sitting down.

And so it actually has made a difference in my life

and for many of our beta testers and early users as well.

So it’s called Novo’s Life

and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

It’s in the beta form right now,

so you can download it right now,

but we’re not officially releasing it

for probably another one to two months after

we’ve built in a couple of new features,

which I can’t talk about just yet,

but at that point that’s when we’ll do a press release

and get more of the information out.

JANNINE: Okay. Awesome. Oh, that’s exciting. That’s exciting. I got to test that out.

I mean, just what you give in terms of the evaluation of things that might not

be as like light bulbs for us, you know, the whole, the standing,

sitting thing. Oh, man, I, I hear you on that. That is,

I’m standing currently because I just realized I have to stand more and

just in general and move more too. You know, I, I realized, you know,

going from a busy in practice, practice where I was seeing people

for acupuncture moving all day long, barely sat down

to sitting down so much more.

I mean, it does make a huge difference.

And I was like, oh my goodness.

So I’m sure that the folks who are watching this,

but also your clients are seeing these changes in themselves

with becoming more sedentary as they get older.

CHRIS: Yeah.

Well, I know this as somebody who’s very physically active

is something that I haven’t really heard people

highlight before, and this isn’t N equals one,

but I use my legs a lot,

bicycling, running, weightlifting.

And they’re oftentimes kind of sore

from all of the activity.

I find that when I stand more for work,

the soreness is gone.

The next day, my legs do not feel sore,

which is kind of counterintuitive.

You would think standing more would then lead to them,

but probably something with like blood flow

and lymphatic drainage and being able to repair

those muscles by standing rather than sitting

and putting pressure on the blood vessels and so on.

That’s my hypothesis.

Maybe that is part of the repair process,

but nonetheless, yes, my legs don’t feel a sore

after these intense workouts.

JANNINE: It makes sense in terms of the,

that you’re not cutting off the pumping areas

through like the knees and the hips, right?

You know, it’s like a one straight shot up.

So it makes sense to me, it makes sense to me.

So let’s, let’s go into, you’ve got your,

your Novos core product that has been out for a while now.

And so you’ve got some reviews there.

And then you’ve got the Novos vital

that is kind of coming out.

Let’s talk about core for a little bit

and the reviews you’ve had,

kind of what you’ve seen in terms of the benefits.

And of course, let’s recap for folks

about how it’s going after the 12 causes of aging too.

So I’ll let you take it from here.

CHRIS: Sure, so Nova’s core is the first formula,

the only formula to directly address

the 12 biological root causes of aging

or the 12 mechanisms of aging.

We filed a core patent on this approach.

It was a very novel when we conceived of the idea.

It uses all natural ingredients, there’s 12 of them.

There’s, we require about 15 pills.

So we instead put it into these little sachets

that you can tear open and pour into water

or yogurt or smoothie and so on.

We’ve done a lot of research on the formula,

some of which is still underway,

but some of the studies that we’ve done

and the results that we’ve seen are really incredible.

So for example, in vitro studies of human cells,

we’ve seen from irradiation,

we could reduce oxidative damage by as much as 77%,

which is off the charts for the lab that ran the study.

They had done $7 million worth of equivalent studies

with natural and pharmaceutical drugs

prior to our formula.

And they never saw a significant result until ours.

Another scientific study done at the University of Bologna

looking at the effects of chemotherapeutics on DNA and keratinocytes, these are skin cells,

and it finds it is finding that we can prevent a significant number of single and double strand

breaks to the DNA, which is like mutilating, essentially the DNA, and that happens from

chemotherapeutics. So it’s just showing that these toxic insults can be protected by our formulation.

Cellular senescence, these are the zombie cells that accumulate as we age. We were able to show

that we could reduce their footprint by approximately 50 percent at the same order of magnitude as

the prescription longevity drug rapamycin. Another study done at the Salk Institute,

the prestigious lab in California. We were able to demonstrate that we can

reduce a process, a process called oxytocis paryptosis, which is related to Alzheimer’s

progression. And there’s actually a prescription drug that’s in the R&D phase right now that

we were compared to. And our formula performed 50% between the single strongest ingredients

in our formula for oxytocis perptosis and that drug. So in other words, more than 50% as effectively

as that prescription R&D drug simply from our natural ingredients from this in vitro study.

We have other studies underway that are in vivo, in mice, in humans. So all I can say is that the

The results so far look very promising, but I don’t want to jinx things and also get ahead

of things.

So I won’t say anything else, but some really exciting progress on those studies as well.


That’s neat.

I mean, that’s a lot, a lot of research and positive.

CHRIS: We do more research on our formula than I believe any over-the-counter supplement, definitely

more than any longevity supplement.

We’re really proving this out because we truly believe in it.

want to make sure that, you know, what we’re, I’m taking it myself. I’ve been taking it for four

years now, like what I’m putting into my body is actually helping me. So for my own sake, for

everyone else’s sake, we really want to truly believe in this. And each study is just building

more and more evidence that what we’re doing is really unique and special.

JANNINE: That’s neat. That’s neat. Now a lot of people are going to ask me because we’re getting more

savvy about research and funding on research and things of that nature. Are you guys self-funding?

Are they all independent studies completely?

Give us a scoop on that so folks can kind of be a little more aware

of how these studies come about for you guys and how it works.

CHRIS: Yeah, we typically make a,

depending on whether we’re working with a CRO,

like a contract research organization

or an academic lab, it differs.

But like for academic labs, for example,

we typically make a donation to the school itself

Um, and then, uh, part of those resources are then used to fund a study, um, so there is some degree of separation and ultimately, uh, we have no say in those studies, right? Like we, we give them, um, the funds, uh, uh, to be able to afford to run that study, uh, part of those funds end up being used for other studies of theirs as well, not simply hours.

And we provide them with the ingredients to be able to run the study, but then everything else is kind of, it’s done on their end.

And then we can both see the results, the data, before we end up publishing it.

But that’s really the only other time that we are involved, so to speak, is just evaluating the data to make sure that we agree with the interpretation of that data set.

but ultimately they have the final say

on what that study is going to say

and ends up getting published.

JANNINE: Gotcha, gotcha.

Thanks for being transparent on that.

I think right now it is a hot topic

when we’re looking at research and data on specific products.

I think consumers are getting more savvy in this department

and wanting to know, okay,

is this pharmaceutical backed?

Is this independently backed?

And of course, as far as I can tell,

and of course you can clarify me on this one,

you are the owner, founder, you have of course some help out there, but you are not backed by a

pharmacy in pharmaceutical company. 

CHRIS: No, we’re venture capital funded and friends and family

funded. We’ve only done one round of seed financing that we’ve stretched a very long way and we’ve

grown very, very well, fortunately. But yeah, there’s there’s no

pharmaceutical involvement in our company whatsoever. And the

other thing I would say, you know, just about, you know, because

I have the same questions about studies that are being run and

so on. I’d say the vast majority of of scientists are just

intellectually honest and good people putting out like facts and

not meddling with the results whatsoever,

you’re always going to find exceptions out there

as you will with any field.

But the vast majority of the people

are honest, hardworking people.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the company,

maybe a pharma company ran 12 studies

and they only published one of them

that had the favorable result.

Like, I can’t speak to that type of stuff.

But the scientists themselves and the data

that they report most often, not in all cases,

most often is very honest and in the road. 

JANNINE: Absolutely. I mean, we’re geeks to the core of

scientists, right? And we want to know like what we’re so it doesn’t we want to know the

intricacies. And so it’s it’s one of those things that yes, with this day and age, it kind of given

a bad rap to to scientists as well. And you know, that is something to always think about. Good,

great point, great point. [Advertisement] Hey, health junkies, if you’re wanting to turn back the clock on your

biological age, maybe boost your energy and just counter the signs of aging.

I highly recommend Novos Labs products.

I’m using them and my patients are raving about them.

Now if you’re looking for a couple bucks off your first order, enter JK5 and get $5

off now.

Head over to Novose Labs, N-O-V-O-S Labs, L-A-B-S dot com and enter JK5.

as a little gift for listening into the health fix podcast.

JANNINE: Now, if we move on to your,

what you’ve been hearing from your clients,

I would love to hear some stories, couple stories,

that you can think of like off the top of your head

of what folks have come back and said,

maybe some very interesting things are wild,

things are like, really?

Oh, okay, well, what have you heard?

CHRIS: Good question.

Well, so I can share like some of the most common,


CHRIS: Most common benefits, things that people

are experiencing from the formula.

Actually, one very recent testimonial,

I was having a phone call with a medical doctor

at a medical clinic that is interested

in carrying our product.

We spent hours talking to this person.

He’s very skeptical.

He has been approached by dozens and dozens

of different supplement companies and products and so on.

And the vast majority of the time, he says, no, no, no.

He’s skeptical of us, our approach and so on.

We show them the science.

We sent him some product and we got on the call

with him just last week.

And he was one of the biggest fans

of Novos’ product I’ve ever seen.

He was saying like, this stuff is incredible.

I’ve gotten tons of NAD injections

because we offer it as a service.

I also take different NR and NMM products.

I take Novos Boost and this is the first one

that is really having an effect.

Now, I was a little skeptical of that myself

because if he’s getting NAD injections

and he’s seeing these types of,

he’s seeing greater results from us,

my question was then, are you also taking Novos Core?

And he said, yes.

And he said, that is what I think it is.

It’s either the combination of the Novos Boost

within Novos Core or there’s the Novos Core on its own,

but I don’t believe it’s just the novos boost

on its own that’s doing this.

But he was saying that he’s more energized,

he’s more focused, he gets more done.

He said that if anything,

the only problem is that he has so much energy

that he’s like doing a little bit too much

and he’s like a little bit all over the place

with all of the things that he’s excited to work on.

But we agree that that is a good problem to have.

So that was really great to see,

especially coming from a medical doctor

who started out as a skeptic to see

that we were able to change his opinion

simply by using our product.

That was really a nice thing to experience.

Other customers, I mentioned earlier

the rejuvenation Olympics

and one of our customers, Julie Gibson Clark.

She’s been interviewed by Fortune Magazine a few times.

If you search Fortune Magazine’s website for Julie Gibson Clark, you’ll see there’s a video

on her.

There’s a couple of interviews.

She’s also been spoken about on the Ben Greenfield podcast because of how impressive her results


And they’re going to have an interview coming up sometime soon.

So I’m sure she’ll talk more there.

She was also on the television channel News Nation, a live interview of her.

And she talks about her lifestyle and so on, but then talks about her taking Novos and

how that impacted her life and how like her complexion, which was already pretty good.

It suddenly got significantly better after taking novos.

So these are firsthand accounts and I can’t say that there’s absolutely no involvement

with Julie, no financial involvement whatsoever.

I mean, we’ve gifted her a few free boxes, of course, after she, you know, was on the

television channel because we were so happy with her. We wanted to give her something,

but she ended up donating those or gifting those to friends and connections and so on.

So she didn’t even keep it for herself. So there’s really no connections with her.

She’s a genuine real customer of ours. 

JANNINE: Well, I found that when people really like something,

they will tell everyone, everyone. There’s just no doubt that that’s going to happen.

and I have a couple of my own patients that are singing your praises as well and saying

like, yeah, the core. So I think at this point, it might be good to tell folks the difference

between Novos Boost and Novos Core. So folks kind of know what’s in them, what’s the difference,

that kind of thing. 

CHRIS: Sure. So Novos Boost is a, we look at it as a booster to Novos Core.

It can be taken on its own, but it’s a very simple formula. It is just one ingredient,

NMN, nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is a precursor to NAD, a molecule involved in the Krebs

cycle. So it’s involved in the production of energy ATP, for example, the energy currency of

our cells. It’s involved in the production of sirtuins, which can help to repair DNA.

So it’s not nearly as powerful as the Novoscore formula, but it is a powerful, like as a single

ingredient, it’s quite powerful. And it’s something that’s also very popular because of

Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard, who has done research on it, among other researchers as well,

but he’s really sung the praises of this ingredient. So I think that people who are aware of his

research might have a somewhat of a bias, thinking that this is probably the best ingredient in

longevity space, but I can tell you as someone in the space, evaluating every ingredient out there,

and just looking for what is the best. It is not the best ingredients out there. It is a very

powerful one, but ingredients that we have in Nova’s core either on their own for some of them or

combined definitely in the synergistic way that we have combined the ingredients is more powerful.

And that’s the 12 ingredients. It impacts all 12 hallmarks of aging rather than just a few of

them that the NMN impacts. And so if if someone were to decide on just one formula, one product,

we encourage them to get Novos core. If they can afford to have both, then core and boost is a nice

addition to it. 

JANNINE: Makes sense. Makes sense. Yeah, I found the same. The NAD was hot for a while.

NMN blew up because of Dr. Sinclair’s work. And of course, I’m no different than any of my

patients. I’m going to jump on and say, “Okay, well, what do I get?” Because I like to be the

the Ana one to tell people what happens. And, and I agree with you that there, it’s much

like what happens in herbal medicine. We almost need that synergistic effect. There’s no like

one magic bullet to just plug in and that solves, you know, all the, all the issues. And of

course, you know, also want to be very clear that taking Novos core on its own, but eating

McDonald’s all day isn’t also going to be magical. There’s a synergistic effect. And of course,

That’s why you have your app coming out as well.

Now you had mentioned Novos Vital and talking about rejuvenating the organs, which I think

this day and age is something that we really need to be looking at because I find the digestive

system will liver taking really big beatings, the cardiovascular system.

So give us a scoop on the Novos Vital and what’s in it, what’s your thought process

with it and also that tasty flavoring you were talking about, but I– 

CHRIS: Sure, sure. So I think we

were talking about this before filming, but I don’t think the audience is aware of Novos Vital yet.

So Novos Vital is a brand new product that is just now being released. We haven’t even publicly

released it yet. So our subscribers, we are sharing this with them first, our loyal subscribers. So

you know, a few hundred of them have been able to order the product so far. And we’re slowly releasing

it to more and more of our subscribers. We’ve already sold out twice, and we haven’t even officially

released it yet. So that’s why we’re doing this gradual release. But in a few weeks, we will

release it to the general public as we have more stock coming in. This is a edible product. So it’s

in these four sweet chews, almost like a gummy, not exactly the same texture, but similar concept.

And they have like a mango tropical flavor to them. They are very low sugar, I believe just one

gram of sugar. And they in terms of sweetener, they use a very novel ingredients called trehalos,

which is technically a form of a sugar, but it doesn’t behave like a typical sugar. It has a lot

of health benefits to it. It has cognitive health benefits. It can help induce autophagy,

a process of the body kind of cleaning up these old cells that are not performing their function.

Well, there’s just a lot of benefits to it, and it doesn’t spike your blood glucose like

sucrose does or fructose does. Trahalos is found in nature, it’s found in bacteria,

it’s found in mushrooms, it’s found in some plants, in some invertebrate animals, so it’s

totally a natural ingredient, but it behaves, as I said, very differently than typical sugars.

It has this nice sweet taste. The way we look at it is this is something that you should take

with a meal or just after a meal because of some of the other ingredients that we’ll

we’ll talk about, but it’s a healthy alternative

for that sweet urge, right?

So rather than reaching for something that is not going

to be good for you, this is the polar opposite.

This is actually a sweet that is actually very good for you.

Now, Novos Core, as we discussed earlier,

is a formula that’s based on the 12 biological mechanisms

of aging.

The microscopic biological reasons why our body starts

break down and we get older and then the result ends up being higher incidences of disease and

ultimately death. With this formula, we took a macro approach. So in this case, we were looking

at the organs that start to decline with age. And so specifically the organs that we focus on are

cognition, so the brain, the eyes, vision, cardiovascular system that includes the heart and the blood

vessels, the gut, and then the kidneys and the liver. So all of those organs are going to be

addressed with the single formula. If you think of most of the formulas out there, it’s typically

only focused on one, maybe two organs, right? It’s like here’s your gut supplement, here’s your

liver supplement, maybe liver kidneys, but you’re not going to get heart combined in that supplement,

right? So we’re all about making all of this as simple and achievable for people as possible,

and rather than saying, here are the five different pills you need to buy or the seven

different pills you need to buy, like why not just make it into a daily ritual, something you

enjoy doing, you look forward to doing, and then combine those ingredients into one formula to

have a synergistic property to it. 

JANNINE: It’s incredibly smart because, you know, let’s face it, who doesn’t,

you know, I don’t think many people love taking handfuls of supplements every day. And it’s

expensive. And if you can get it all in one, why not? And then if it’s a gummy, now, you know, now

you’ve got people going, is it tomorrow yet? Can I take more? I was thinking of that and going,

like, I have patients who literally are like, I just took another gummy from my immune system,

because I figured, well, I could use it and I needed a sweet treat. And you’re like,

we’re all kids inside. We’re all kids inside. So tell us what are you, what do you got in there

that is helping for the different organs because it is fascinating to me, you know, about what’s

being used and where you guys might in which direction. 

CHRIS: Sure. And one thing just to emphasize

about the approach that Nova takes is that we put generous portions of the ingredients into our

formula. So we look at the efficacious dose and then we strike typically right in the center of

of that efficacious dose. So a lot of products out there, whether pills, they put lower doses

that they can fit in the pill or gummies. They make them very sweet and tasty, but they don’t

put enough of an effective dose in it, or you need to take like tons of gummies beyond the

serving size that’s recommended. For us, it’s four gummies a day, and that’s going to get you

right in the sweet spot for each of these ingredients. So the first is trehalos that I mentioned.

The second one is apple cider vinegar, specifically for the acetic acid in it.

So the acetic acid, believe it or not, that’s part of that’s involved in the

methylation process. So turning different genes on and off. And so providing the

acetic acid could potentially help on the methylation side. But then also there are a

number of different benefits associated with apple cider vinegar, including like reducing

oxidative stress, it shows potential neuroprotective properties and so on.

For the heart and blood vessels, we’ve included Nattokinase. So, Nattokinase coming from the

fermented soybean Japanese food called natto. Nattokinase is one of the only ingredients

out there that has been able to show that it can have favorable effects on blood vessels. It’s

like an enzyme that is able to kind of help to keep those clear and can overall just benefit

the heart health but then also have favorable effects on brain health as well.

We’ve also got Lutein and zeaxathin. Both of those are found for your eyes and cognition as well.

They can enhance memory function. One of the things I personally found quite interesting

about lutein and zeaxathin is that they can actually help with nighttime vision as well.

And so, you know, these are pigments that are found in our retinas and as we age the amount of

them decline and what’s really interesting is that by supplementing, it’s been found that you can

resaturate the retinas with these pigments and these pigments, they’re protective. They can help

to protect against ultraviolet light and blue light, but then also ultimately help you to be able

to see better. So there was a study that looked at the ability to see at night after supplementing

with these ingredients. I believe it was specifically lutein, though. I’d have to check and they showed

better performance in nighttime vision, which was quite interesting, along with a number of other

benefits that have come with it just for overall vision and macular degeneration and so on.

So those are some of the ingredients that we have trying to recall. Oh, we also have

Rudin. So Rudin is an ingredient that actually has a benefit for muscles to help strengthen

muscles. It helps muscles to recover more rapidly. And then finally there’s Inulin. So Inulin is

something that’s quite good as a prebiotic to help your microbiome. So it’s something that

will encourage the healthy bacteria in your gut to grow. And most of us are not getting

adequate amounts of fiber and prebiotics in our diets. So this is a good way for people to be able

to increase that? 

JANNINE: Oh, man, such good stuff. And all things that yes, people do take individually,

especially, you know, the apple cider vinegar is really popular. And even just the antioxidants,

luteins, these things, those kind of things. So that’s really cool that it’s all in one.

And I think one of my questions would be, are you guys using nanotechnology to get it into the

gummy like consistency that you’re using? What what’s the technology is to get all these guys in there?

CHRIS: It took it took more than a year of R&D to be able to get everything in and to get it to taste

right and everything. We’re not using nanotechnology just in general. We’ve been cautious about nanotechnology

our head of R&D part of his academic pursuits he he he studied nanotech and he has some concerns

just about where those nanoparticles end up accumulating. So he’s found that, for example,

the nanoparticles oftentimes end up finding their way into the liver, and then they get

lodged in the liver, and then it’s very difficult if even possible to get them out of the liver

because of how small they are. So, you know, when it comes to actual nanosized particles,

that’s something that we’re not at least at this time comfortable with putting in into our formula.

JANNINE: Great, great thought process there. You know, something that we don’t tend to think about,

you know, we think about delivery of nano, but we don’t think about like, where is it getting

lodged? Is it getting stuck in places we don’t want it to? Fascinating stuff, something that I

think a lot of folks do want to think about a little bit because I think we’ve definitely entered a

phase of everything’s nano. You know, that’s one of the hot terms. So in terms of tech, then,

Can you give us a little scoop without sharing all of the proprietary process? How are you doing

it? What kind of technology are you guys using instead? 

CHRIS: It’s not as much a novel technology as

it is more if you think of a chef trying to perfect a recipe. The order in which you mix the

ingredients, the temperatures, the curing process, the amount of time that you let it cure for

the ratios of the ingredients, trying to create the product with minimal, you know, added ingredients.

So our formula is pretty much just these actives. There’s a little bit of wax

on the exterior of the gummy, just to prevent them from all sticking together, for example,

but like, you know, organic wax that, you know, you would get from eating, like, honey or something,

right? So like, all natural ingredients and trying to minimize any additional ingredients,

there’s no coloring in the formula or anything like that. So when you set those standards and

expectations, it becomes that much more difficult to be able to get the texture you’re looking for

and the flavor, as opposed to these big CPG companies that are adding artificial ingredients in with

all of these different properties that they can then make something taste and feel exactly as they

want it to, but not really considering the health implications of those ingredients.

JANNINE: I mean, it’s very important to highlight that and folks, I’m glad that Chris mentioned that because

the more natural products don’t look as pretty shiny, you know, but you know, trying to figure

out flavoring, I understand that, you know, there’s a lot that goes into it. And yeah,

I could imagine it would be a year to try to get everything just right with and probably some

some food science involved in getting the right technology.

It’s fascinating to me, you know, the agami

and the like kind of different things that go into the liquids

and all the different products.

It’s more than just like some powder in a capsule

or some powder in a little sache.

And I want to highlight that to folks

that really companies that care,

there’s a lot that goes in and a year is probably

kind of frustrating to go through.

CHRIS: Yeah. Well, you know, what I can also say is that we had the plan for this even before

that or for a similar product, even before that. And we spent about a year and a half

on R&D trying to create a different type of edible product where the star ingredients

was spermidine, which is something that is well known. We ultimately decided not to include

it because our scientific analysis of all of the research is that there is no evidence

that spermidine is actually absorbable in the human gut and that it makes its way into

the bloodstream.

In fact, there was a study that came out in early 2023 that administered spermidine

at relatively high doses of spermidine to humans and then looked at their blood levels

and plasma levels of Spermidine. And there was no difference from those who took the Spermidine

and those who didn’t. And some people say like, maybe it was taken up by a cell immediately,

but like it doesn’t, the pharmacokinetics, that doesn’t really make sense for it to,

you know, not appear at all in the bloodstream. So we’re very skeptical. Now there’s animal

research. And if you inject it, a lot of really exciting properties to it. But in terms of edible

and like the forms that are being sold over the counter now, we’re very skeptical of it. So we

spent a lot of money in time looking to bring this product to market, but because we are, we want

to be intellectually honest about this. And as I said, take only produce things that we want to

take ourselves. We ended up scrapping that and all of the investments in it and then started from

scratch with this new formula that we have now launched. 

JANNINE: Man, there’s a lot. I mean, there’s a

lot that goes into getting a formula just right. And I’m glad you’re sharing it, because I’ve never

had anyone share it to this level on the podcast. And I, you know, while I know it, I don’t think

I’ve ever really shared with folks how much goes into like, does this work? And we’re getting back

out, you know, what we’re putting in. And it’s so important for folks to understand that if a

company’s putting the effort into this, this is a solid company compared to folks that, you know,

I hear from other formulators that I know in the industry who are like, yeah, I got a company

calling me and they just want to do something for a penny on a dollar. And it’s like,

CHRIS: I will say that most of the companies, unfortunately, most of the companies in our space, and there

are exceptions. But most are just looking to market a product very well. So let’s find some

ingredients that are trending that everyone is asking about. They’re indicating they want to buy

they’re trending on Amazon so we know these are hot ingredients. Let’s combine them, let’s package

it well, and let’s sell it and then make these big marketing claims about the product. They’re

not actually doing their own research. They’re not innovating, they’re not creating new knowledge,

and they’re not creating anything that has any scientific proof behind it actually working.

That’s where I think we differ as a company, is that we’re intellectually honest about the

products that we put out there and we’re not, we’re not profit first. We’re kind of,

I think you would say profit seconds. We are effective products first doing what we say

we’re going to do. And then we believe that, you know, profit can follow that by just being,

doing the right thing for people. 

JANNINE: Absolutely. Absolutely. I wholeheartedly agree and definitely

appreciate your guys’ efforts in that department because it is important to us folks who are

are recommending it, you know, to our patients, but also just for society as a whole. Now,

you had mentioned that you guys are going to be showing up in some Erewhon stores. And

of course, my first thing was like, Oh, Kim Kardashian was talking about them and you

know what I mean. And I don’t want anyone to associate you guys with that. But that’s

totally different. Um, but on the, on the really cool side of things is that Erewhon

is very specific from what I understand of what they bring in. So I’m going to let you

kind of give us give us a scoop about you guys being in the Erewhon stores and you know

what what a honor it is to be in those stores. 

CHRIS: Yeah, so I’m going to admit that I wasn’t

aware of Erewhon. I live on the East Coast and haven’t been to LA for a while. But apparently

Erewhon is the hottest thing in the health world on the West Coast specifically the LA market.

got soon to be 11 stores, they’re essentially a high-end supermarket, but they’re more than just

a supermarket. The biggest celebrities and influencers in Los Angeles are the biggest fans of Air1.

I mean, even designer brands like Balenciaga made a Erewhon leather supermarket bag and did a runway

show with them, right? They’re just a completely different type of organism animal than the typical

supermarket and they’re all about health. So organic ingredients, the highest quality ingredients,

when it comes to supplements, they only bring on the top end brands and they are known for

bringing on like the innovators or like the next big thing, so to speak. They’re also known for

their smoothies. So they do these celebrity collaborations on smoothies. So like every month,

the new one comes out. I think this month is Giselle created a smoothie with them with specific

healthy ingredients. And then it ends up trending across the social networks and so on.

And so they’re an interesting company. And so they approached us and at first I was

so somewhat confused why the marketing team was so excited about it. And then when they

they explained it to me and I read some articles that was like, “Oh, okay, this makes sense

to me now.”

And so they invited us to be on their shelves, as well as in what’s called the Collective,

which is a membership program that they offer, where their members get access to special

incentives and so on, and other brands are like Aloe Yoga and Seed, the probiotic brand,

and so on.

So we just sent the shipment out yesterday.

So this is brand new for us,

but I’ll be in LA in about just over a month

and checking out the Erewhon stores

and seeing it firsthand.

So this is, we’ve been approached by many other distributors

before and we’ve turned them away

because we’re, we really like having that close connection

with our customers and we’re not about getting big fast.

And again, it’s not about profit,

it’s about rolling out the company the right way and so on.

But for a company like Erewhon, it seemed like

it was a good collaboration, a good partnership.

So there are our only distributor other than medical doctors

who are also selling our products.

JANNINE: Absolutely, yeah, you know, celebrities aside,

I think I saw the charcoal smoothie

or something with Kim Kardashian.

I think that’s how I came to it.

But, you know, I’ve been to the one in Culver City,

and you know what, it’s a cool store.

And for a naturopath like me, who’s super geeky, right?

I like to be able to know that everything

that I am looking for in terms of quality products

that are solidly represented, that’s in one store.

Now, granted, do I need a, you know,

kind of the concept of whole paycheck?

You need two whole paychecks for this store.

But it’s a big deal, it’s a big deal.

and I’m excited for you guys. And I’m like, hmm, could we get the Novos Core sachés in a smoothie

and have you as the or one of the one of the gals on the rejuvenation olympics board be the

the promo there. I don’t know. 

CHRIS: Yeah, I don’t think I’m big enough for the rejuvenation olympic. I mean,

I don’t think anyone’s going to be like, Oh, Chris is taking this. That’s he’s a trendy guy. Let me

get it too. I don’t think I’ll have any impact whatsoever. But yeah, if we could get if we could

get some influencer or celebrity putting their name behind it. I can be in the background like

you’re jumping in their photograph or something. 

JANNINE: Hey, you know, I kind of look at it that way too.

I can photo bomb any picture, you know. 

CHRIS: Yeah, exactly. I would photo bomb them. I think that

would be my involvement. That’s as far as I’d get. 

JANNINE: Oh, you discredit yourself. I mean, honestly,

you guys have some good stuff and really, you know, my patients are definitely impressed and

And I’m excited about the Novos Vital.

I can’t wait for that to come out

and get a try of it myself and get that out to everybody.

And man, just looking forward to some of the new stuff

you guys are gonna roll out here.

The app, exciting too.

When is the app kind of tentatively?

You know, you said beta, but–

CHRIS: It’s beta, but it’s available to download now.

So we’re not promoting it.

We’re not telling people about it.

But if you happen to hear me talk about it

and you’re so curious, you can download it and use it.

But in terms of us actually pushing it out, they like late March, um, approximately.

And for that, we’re, we’re going to unveil a really cool feature for it.

So I can’t talk about it now, but there’s something cool with it, which will, you know,

justify us holding off.

You’ll understand why when we release that feature.


Is it, is the app called No–, like Novos Labs, like Novos– 

CHRIS:  Novos Life 

JANNINE: Novos Life



Got it.

folks everywhere else they can find you and Instagram, other places because you guys have

a lot of great research on on your website as a whole. Give us the scoop so folks know

all the things and I’ll make sure I put it in our show notes at doctorjkrausend.com.

CHRIS: Sure, so it’s novoslabs.com is our website and then we’re novoslabs on all of the social

networks except tiktok tiktok where novoslab_. Don’t ask a long story behind that one.

And then I personally have a blog of my own that’s slow my age, where I share my thoughts on longevity on why it’s relevant, try to clarify some points about it and also my own personal results from a whole range of tests that I’ve done for my biological age.

And then I’m slow my age on Instagram, X, and TikTok.

TikTok’s brand new, so I only have three followers

as of today.

It’s been less in a week, so don’t think too much about that.

JANNINE: High five on trying it.

I just said no, hard pass on me, but I’m glad you’re trying it.

Well, we’ll make sure we get this out.

And we’ll do some more chats if you’re up for it,

because I just love geeking out with you.

And there’s so much more to it.

What’s, you guys got on the, the docket.

So I’m looking forward to new stuff.

CHRIS: Great, thank you.

Thank you, nice chatting with you.

[Adverstisement] Hey, health junkies.

If you’re wanting to turn back the clock

on your biological age, maybe boost your energy

and just counter the signs of aging,

I highly recommend Novos Labs products.

I’m using them and my patients are raving about them.

Now, if you’re looking for a couple bucks off,

your first order, enter JK5 and get $5 off now.

head over to novos labs n-o-v-o-s labs l-a-b-s.com

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Thanks again for listening.

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Jannine Krause

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