Curious about functional medicine and how it can benefit you?  Wondering about what health restoration programs look like and what types of interventions are involved?  Looking for certainty and safety with a step by step approach of what to do to improve your health?  Dr. Forrest Sauer is a chiropractor on a mission to help improve as many lives as possible by helping guide clients through what it takes to create sustainable healthy habits that fit your lifestyle.  In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Forrest Sauer and Dr. Jannine Krause have a candid conversation on what Dr. Sauer’s up to when it comes to helping clients build healthy lifestyles and create environments to Increase energy, fix thyroid disease, and decrease inflammation.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Using your symptoms, habits and subsequent behaviors as guides to sleuth out what yoru body truly needs
  • What Dr. Sauer and Dr. Krause are doing to support their clients and their own health
  • How seed oils are causing sugar cravings and inflaming your body
  • Why daily sugar cravings are a normal sign of excess stress
  • The importance of regularly evaluating your habits and evaluating them for clues that may be contributing your current health status

Resources From The Show:

Jannine Krause

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