Wish your body reflected all the effort you’re putting in to keep it healthy?  Struggling with a slowed metabolism, hormone imbalances and nothing is working? Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated with your health?  Natalie “Nat” Newhart is a former professional CrossFit athlete and physique body builder turned nutrition and fitness coach who is on a mission to help women regain control with food, rediscover a love for movement and retrain the way they think about themselves. She’s starting the conversation with women to explore their feelings to truly understand what the body needs and wants. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Natalie Newhart on how your thoughts, beliefs and fears are keeping you from feeling good in your body and optimal health. 

What You’ll Learn About in The Show:

  • How stress is keeping you from achieving the body & life you desire
  • How lack of self trust & self love is linked to weight plateaus
  • The power of intuitive training, eating, & resting
  • How stress in your life is a result of not loving yourself enough to take care of yourself
  • How your sense of self value is tied up what you accomplish
  • How control of food or workouts ends up creating mistrust and a need to have a plan

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