Are you struggling with weight gain and depression?  If so you’ll want to listen to this episode where Dr. Jannine Krause interviews licensed therapist, Dr. Radisha Brown.  Dr. Brown is an entrepreneur, an energetic and informative Speaker, radio host, and author of the book “Girl Get Off the Couch”. Dr. Brown is the host of Therapy Matters, a radio show where stories of triumph are shared along with, tips on how you can overcome your greatest struggles with wholistic living and tackling the source of your depression. Her passion and mission in life is to inspire others to dream, achieve and overcome in spite of where they started. Listen in as Dr. Krause and Dr. Brown discuss the importance of dealing with your mental health issues before you can expect weight loss.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How your depression is preventing your weight loss
• Why you need to get your mind right to lose weight
• Why affirmations and gratitude are key to recovery
• How the traumas you’ve experienced affect your self perception

Resources from the Show:
Dr. Radisha Brown
Black Therapist’s Rock
Trauma Therapist Search

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