Studies have shown that stress, brain fog, anxiety and depression can be reduced dramatically when we remove clutter from our home, office and life. In a one click buy and stock up store society it’s easier than ever to have anything you want, in whatever quantities you want at your fingertips in too easily. With messages clogging inboxes, uncategorized documents on the computer and the never ending quest to keep up with jam packed calendar we live in a society of clutter on many levels. In this episode Doc J breaks down how reducing clutter in all aspects of life and creating systems for organization the clutter can significantly reduce your stress levels.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How your personal clutter is clogging your brain
• Why stress fuels disorganization
• How stress, hives and clutter are all connected
• Why organization is key to keeping stress in check

Resources From This Episode:

The Minimalists – Joshua & Ryan’s Podcast – interviews with all the minimalism gurus
Un-fancy – Caroline’s quest to reduce her wardrobe and make it work –
Minimalist Baker – 10 Ingredients or less meals – Husband & Wife team
Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker
Breaking the Twitch – Anthony Ongaro

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