Feeling overwhelmed and dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety? A little bit of Vitamin Sea and D are crucial for resetting the nervous system, boosting the mood and invoking a sense of calm. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles note water as the element and blue as the color that goes with the kidneys, the organ that is depleted with stress. Salt and salt water have incredible properties to heal the body and improve overall health. Join Doc J as she shares her adventures on the island of Grand Cayman and how her annual trip resets her nervous system, boosts her mood and promotes calm that reminds her to seek out water whenever she can to manage stress.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why the colors of the sea are soothing
• How salt water is amazing for your aches and pains
• How sun and salt team up to detoxify you
• Why we need water to reset our nervous system

Resources From This Episode:

Grand Cayman Island
Seafire Resort – A Kimpton Resort
Caribbean Club
Camana Bay
Karoo Restaurant
Northwest Float Center
Uncharted Waters
Soak On The Sound

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