One of the most common questions in my office is when is the best time to take my supplements? It’s confusing out there as to what to do when and I find most people are taking their supplements at the wrong times. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can interfere with the absorption of iron which can worsen conditions such as anemia instead of make them better. In this episode Doc J breaks down optimal times to take the most popular supplements out there from multivitamins to probiotics, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:
• Why multivitamins are better taken with meals
• What minerals interact and block nutrient absorption
• How to take probiotics to maximal effect
• How digestive enzymes turn into inflammation reducers when taken on an empty stomach

(links to the companies are in the resources)
1) Multivitamin – best taken with meals and divided up over breakfast and lunch – make sure both meals have a little bit of good fat for enhanced absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.
Synthetic Multi – Designs for Health – Twice Daily Multi – one with breakfast and one with lunch
Whole Foods – Standard Process Catalyn – 3 to 6 in divided dosages with breakfast and lunch

2) B12 – if you are taking it in higher dosages for energy it’s best on it’s own first thing in the morning with an empty stomach to increase absorption or sub lingual or get shots of B12 injected.
Synthetic – methylB12 lozenges – Jarrow
Whole Foods – Standard Process – Trace Minerals B12

3) L-glutamine – leaky gut/gut fuel – take with B12 empty stomach first thing in the morning
Pure Encapsulations – L-glutamine powder – 3 grams a day
Raw fermented cabbage juice – 1-2 tbsp a day

4) Fish Oil – with dinner and with vitamin D – fat in fish oil helps you to absorb vitamin D
Nordic Naturals Pro Omega – 3 with dinner
Standard Process Cod Liver Oil – 3 with dinner
Synthetic Vitamin D – Pure Encapsulations 5,000 IU or 10,000 IU dosage – 1 with dinner
Whole Foods – Cataplex D – Standard Process – 3 with dinner

5) Iron – mid morning with an orange, kiwi, or bell peppers to help boost absorption with natural vitamin C. Make sure to keep Calcium and Vitamin E away from iron supplements.
Synthetic – Ferrasorb – Thorne – 1 a day
Plant Based – Plant Force Liquid Iron Gaia Herbs – 1 tsp a day
Whole Foods Based – Ferrofood – Standard Process 2-3 tabs a day

6) Minerals – Calcium and Magnesium are the most depleted minerals that I have seen. I recommend taking them at night as magnesium is great for helping to relax the nervous system and calm tense muscles while calcium is great for bones and the immune system. Plus probiotics enhance their absorption so supporting probiotics at the same time is a good idea.
Synthetic – Cal/Mag – Designs for Health – 1:1 or 2:1
Whole Foods – Standard Process – Calcium Lactate – 6 a day
Whole Foods – Standard Process – Magnesium Lactate – 6 a day

7) Probiotics – take before bed with a greens drink or ¼th an Granny Smith apple or 1/4th sautéed plantain for a prebiotic (food for the probiotic) boost.
Synthetic – Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete – 1-2 capsules before bed
Whole Foods – Prosynbiotic – Standard Process – 3 capsules before bed
Raw Organic Sauerkraut – 1-2 tbsp a day

8) Antioxidants – CoQ 10, resveratrol, bioflavonoids (usually with Vitamin C mixtures), quercetin, plant sterols, turmeric, garlic, vitamin C or E – take with breakfast or lunch to increase absorption.
Liposomal Tumeric – Meriva by Thorne – one a day
Whole Foods – MediHerb Tumeric Forte and Vitanox – 2-3 a day
Synthetic Vitamin C – Aller C – Vital Nutrients – 1-2 a day
Whole Foods – Collagen C – Standard Process – 2 a day

9) Anti-inflammatories – bromelain, papain, boswellia, turmeric
Synthetic – Systemic Enzymes – Pure Encapsulations – 3 twice a day – between meals
Whole Foods – Zymex II – Standard Process – between meals
Herbal – Boswellia Complex – MediHerb – joints – with meals
Herbal – Tumeric Forte – MediHerb – muscles, tendons, ligaments – take with meals

10) Stress Support, Adrenal Support, Hormonal Balancing Support, Thyroid Support – take with breakfast and lunch not dinner to not affect sleep

Adrenals / Stress: Don’t take after 2p to interfere with sleep
Synthetic/Herb Blend – Cortivive – Integrative Therapeutics – 2 to 4 caps daily divided dosages with breakfast and lunch
Whole Foods – Adrenal – Pure Encapsulations; Drenamin – Standard Process – 2 to 4 caps daily divided dosages with breakfast and lunch.
Herbal – Adrenal Complex – MediHerb, Adrenal Health – Gaia Herbs – 2 with breakfast and one with lunch

My Favorite Adaptogenic Herb – Holy Basil – Gaia Herbs – take one with breakfast and one with dinner to calm morning stress and help with winding down from a stressful day.

Hormone Balance:
Thyroid Complex – MediHerb – 2 a day with breakfast
Whole Foods – General Female Endocrine – Standard Process – dose pack – one daily – with breakfast
Maca – Gaia Herbs – powder – morning with breakfast
Femmenessence – Macaharmony – morning with breakfast and lunch

Resources From This Episode:
Today’s Guide – above
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Ben Lynch – folic acid processing mutations –
Standard Process Company
MediHerb Company
Pure Encapsulations Supplement Company
Designs for Health Company
Vital Nutrients Company
Gaia Herbs
Integrative Therapeutics Supplement Company
Thorne Supplement Company
Femmenessence – Maca Products

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