Do you find you keep making the same mistakes over and over again in your career or with your health? Turns out astrology might have something to do with it. Now before you think this is off the deep end think about a mistake or pattern you keep finding yourself in or something that keeps happening in your life that’s frustrating you. Your personality and character traits have connections to your astrological sign & birth chart. Is it possible that you are struggling to make changes in your life because you’re doing them in a manner that is not in sync with your character astrologically? On this episode of The Health Fix Podcast Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Deb Peretz, a karmic success coach for entrepreneurs with a PhD background in education with extensive experience in how adults think, learn & grow. She uses the science of astrology – and in particular your birth chart to determine how you’ve evolved to become the person you are today. Deb helps clients integrate their business passions into their karmic journey to transform their lives. By the end of this podcast you’ll understand how knowledge of your birth chart from an evolutionary perspective can help you reduce stress and overwhelm in your life.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode: 

  • How your birth chart ties into your path in life
  • Why knowing your karmic astrology can help you prevent career burnout
  • Why understanding your character can help you tailor you routines & habits to propel your productivity
  • How your personality ties into your life decisions

Resources from the Show:

Deb’s Website & Webinar
Deb’s Podcast – Planets & Profit
Deb’s Facebook Group

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