Are you avoiding sugar but drinking diet soda and making low carb sweet treats with sugar substitutes? Depending on your use of artificial sweeteners you might be doing more harm that good in your quest to avoid sugar or stick with your low carb diet. Research has shown that consumption of artificial sweeteners, including some processed forms of stevia can irritate your gut lining and kill your good gut bacteria. In this episode Doc J discusses what’s in these artificial sweeteners that are irritating your gut, killing your good bacteria and causing leaky gut symptoms.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How artificial sweeteners damage your digestive lining
• How artificial sweeteners can raise your blood sugar
• Why artificial sweeteners are so addicting
• Why artificial sweeteners keep you fat
• The missing links to your gut issues could stem from artificial sweeteners

Resources From This Episode:
•Dr. Osborne’s Artificial Sweeteners Toxic Effects Blog Post
Splenda Alters Gut Microflora
Gut Bug Alteration by Artificial Sweeteners
The Scoop on Stevia
Could your protein powder be making you fat?

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