Who wants to be strong, mobile and independent as they get older?  What’s the secret to looking good, having all day energy and minimal aches and pains?  Having a solid fitness routine that suits you! Nathaniel Wilkins and Shebah Carfagna are a couple on a mission to share the word about how being ageless is a mindset and a lifestyle!  With their book, The Ageless Workout and their classes online and in person these two are on fire! In this 2 part series of The Health Fix Podcast I interview Nathaniel and Shebah on the Ageless Workout, their personal fitness stories and how they are helping folks all over the world get and stay fit for life!

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The importance of having a trainer that understands your individual mobility
  • Why age is a number that shouldn’t limit your decision to reach for your health & fitness goals
  • Why a finding a fitness tribe can keep you engaged in your fitness
  • How the benefits of fitness benefit your daily activities and improve your ability to be independent for life

Resources From the Show:

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