Struggling to reduce inflammation in your body, get your blood pressure in check, reduce cholesterol or can’t get your blood sugar down? Your diet and the way you prepare your food is 80% of your total health. The way you prepare your food and what you snack on is just as important as it’s quality. When food is cooked with dry high heat, especially proteins and fats, glycotoxins aka advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are created. AGEs are linked to accelerated aging, excessive wrinkles, diabetes, heart and kidney disease. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down how your cooking methods and favorite foods could be keeping you from reaching your health goals.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How grilling, roasting, broiling & frying food ages your skin
• Why cooking with lower heat & moisture is healthier for you
• Why you want to use lemon juice or vinegar marinades every time you grill, roast or broil food
• How processed cereals, crackers and chips kill you slowly

Resources from the Show:
Foods High in AGEs
Advanced Glycation End Products in Foods and a Practical Guide to Their Reduction in the Diet
• Lab Tests to Evaluate Inflammation and Effects of Excess AGEs in the body:
o Hemoglobin A1c
o Insulin
o Lipoprotein Fractionation (looks at the sizes of your good and bad cholesterol molecules) with IR Score (Insulin Resistance Score), CRP (C-Reactive Protein) – inflammation in the body
o CRPhs – Cardiovascular Inflammation
o Boston Heart Labs – specialty lab that does all of the above testing to evaluate your cardiovascular disease risk
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