Can light and quantum energy fields have an effect on viruses, bacteria, parasites and more?  Is it possible to treat someone’s illness remotely?  These are all questions folks like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Nikola Tesla and Tom Paladino have asked. Tom Paladino has 40 years of research in Scalar Energy Theory and engineering.  Drawing from researching the work of Nikola Tesla and T. Galen Hieronymus, Tom developed scalar energy instruments capable of harnessing and transmitting instructive energy to disassemble infectious microbes in subjects remotely.  On this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Tom Paladino on quantum energy fields and scalar energy pathogen cleansing.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why Qi in acupuncture & Asian Medicine is the same thing as scalar energy
  • How a photograph is used to treat subjects remotely
  • What quantum energy is and how it works
  • How scalar light can effect your metabolism, immunity and more

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