Not too long ago I was a complete stress case. I couldn’t imagine taking a vacation from work because I felt I was letting my patients down and what’s worse? I thought that taking a vacation was more work than it was worth. So I worked long hours and weekends too. I ended up having a huge break down and gained 20 pounds – now that was not worth it! So what do you do to reduce stress and have fun at the same time? The picture above, that’s me with my FJ near Kaslo, BC, my favorite place to relax, unwind & have fun. I love this picture because it’s me in my element – gimme some nature with water plus my FJ to get me there and life is instantly better! So where do you go for fun & what do you do? If you have to think about it you better read this post!

One lesson that tends to be learned the hard way is that it’s during the times we feel we’re too busy to take a break or too stressed to have fun that we really need to do those things the most. It’s counter intuitive but so important, to weave fun into our busy schedules. The key to reducing stress is to find more ways to have fun every day. Every day – does that seem impossible? It doesn’t have to be. There are societal expectations and norms, especially in the United States, that glorify the hustle. If work is good, fun must be bad, right? Wrong! Let’s put an end to this belief and other common misconceptions about fun.

6 Myths About Fun, Debunked!

Think there’s no time for hobbies? Can’t do what truly makes you happy? It’s time to forget that mindset and enjoy living life to the fullest!

Myth #1: You Can’t Have Fun Alone

Thank goodness this isn’t true. Some of the best fun can be had alone. After all, you’re in charge! What to watch or listen to, where to eat, what to do with your spare hour this afternoon; if there’s no one to consider besides yourself, it’s totally up to you. Even if it’s just 5 minutes to yourself every day, “me time” is a critical element and the rest of your life will improve when you give yourself a little TLC. For introverts, alone time is vital for reducing stress because it gives them time to recharge after being social.

Myth #2: Fun Has to be Planned

There’s a common saying when describing something simple: “it’s not rocket science.” Well, fun is simple. It’s not a rocket launch – it doesn’t have to be meticulously planned. Some of the best memories are made from spur of the moment shenanigans or surprises. When people rely too much on planning, they leave themselves vulnerable to disappointment if the plans don’t work out. If you’re someone who loves to plan and organize, try to anticipate curve-balls and leave some wiggle room in the itinerary.

Myth #3: Fun Has to Cost Money

This one is the worst myth that almost everyone is guilty of falling for at one time or another! It’s easy to feel down when funds are low, but at the end of the day the best things in life are free. It’s true that money buys food, entertainment and other fun things, but there are tons of free and cheap things you can do to have fun, especially here in the Seattle area.

Myth #4: Your Fun is Lame

Don’t worry about what other people may think of your idea of fun. Give yourself the freedom to unapologetically treat yourself. Reducing stress and having fun are both different concepts for everyone. Some like to exercise, some like to try new foods, some like to play games on their phone, computer or even in-person. No matter how weird your hobby might be, usually there are others that share the same interest.

Myth #5: Work Shouldn’t Be Fun

Work is work – but even if it’s not particularly pleasant, your day is sure to go by faster with some fun mixed in. From getting a yummy coffee or tea in the morning, to taking a lunch break walk, to listening to a favorite song to get in the zone. If you have coworkers, make sure you’re giving yourself opportunities to chat, make someone smile, or make someone laugh. It will improve the day for both of you!

Myth #6: Fun is Childish

It happens all too often; adult responsibilities settle in and having fun is no longer a priority. It’s no wonder why people get depressed. They lose their childlike joy and usually have no outlet for their creativity.

Stress and anxiety are just some of the serious health risks people gamble with if they don’t make regular time for fun. There are mental and physical tolls taken by the human body when it never gets the chance to relax. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses today, and stress can affect your gut, too!

How to Squash the Myths

Breaking down the day, an average adult life consists of 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, and only 8 hours left for lifestyle. Not much can be done in the sleep department, except make sure to get a healthy amount of it. What we can do every day is find a way to reduce stress and have fun. The saying “work hard, play hard” isn’t just reserved for the chosen few. It’s good advice for everyone. Having fun to balance out work plays a big role in reducing stress, which contributes to a happy and healthy body and mind.

Surround Yourself with What Makes you Happy

– Favorite colors
– Photos
– Quotes
– Flowers

Get a Hobby
– Work out
– Bring back a hobby from childhood or teen years
– Look for online groups or local communities
– Find an outlet for your creativity

Try New Things
– New physical activity
– New restaurant
– New museum or park
– Talk to someone new

Have Fun Every Day to Reduce Stress!

So, what is it that makes YOU happy? What is your idea of fun? If it’s hard to come up with something, try writing down a list of things you like. Or, focus on reducing stress and think of your favorite ways to relax. Remember, fun doesn’t always have to be planned, it doesn’t always have to cost money, and it doesn’t even have to involve other people if you don’t want it to! It’s not always easy to make time for fun, and fun is different for everyone.

No matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, trying new things is always a good idea. You probably won’t like everything you try, and that’s ok! But, if you happen to try something new and have fun, it can become a new hobby! For some simple tips on how you can integrate fun into your day make sure to check out my guide to having the best day ever, every day. Click below: Best Day Ever – Free Download





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