50% of the world’s population has the MTHFR mutation impairing the ability to process foods fortified with synthetic folic acid. 

When this mutation isn’t working 100% you struggle to detox on a cellular level in a process called methylation.

In the US flours, cereals, cereal bars, pastas and even orange juice are fortified with this synthetic vitamin. 

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This was done to combat spina bifida in babies born to Mom’s who were deficient in folic acid. 

Unfortunately, this combined with pesticide use on the grains or legumes of these same foods can cause a host of issues from hormone imbalance to pain and even mental health disorders. 

Next time you have cereal or pasta (even the legume based ones) pay attention to your mood – this can be quite eye opening!

My podcast guest on Saturday – Zen Honeycutt and I wonder how many relationships and mental health conditions could be related to this combination.  (If you haven’t listened into the podcast – click HERE).

Back to genetic mutations like the MTHFR…

MTHFR is a methylation mutation. 

It’s known to decrease your cellular ability to detox hormones, chemicals and to take out the “cell trash” from your cells activities of daily living. 

This gene and it’s variants have a lot to do with how well you detox from the 80,000 chemicals you’re exposed to daily that you can’t control…

…plus the ones in your diet – if you’re eating processed fortified foods. 

Even organic boxed cereals and pastas can be fortified – crazy right?

This is why reading labels is crucial for your health. 

The MTHFR mutation and it’s variants can cause…

  • elevated cholesterol
  • mood swings
  • allergy/histamine responses
  • fatigue
  • susceptibility to chronic fatigue and illness due to decreased ability to detox

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The impact of the MTHFR mutations can show up around puberty and again in peri-menopause as hormone rollercoasters cause the hormones to back up in the system. 

When you’re unable to detox hormones through your cells in the case of the MTHFR gene it’s easy to have symptoms of hormone imbalance. 

If this is happening to you – you may feel…

  • increased estrogens cause breast tenderness, cramping and heavy periods
  • chronic fatigue around ovulation and before the period 
  • mood swings around ovulation, before and during the period
  • increased swelling in the face or entire body before the period

There are varying degrees of severity of this mutation.

The 677T version is more connected to decreased detox of hormones and lowered ability to make energy…

…while the 1298 version impacts the moods more from anxiety, depression and anywhere in between. 

Both of these mutations are also related to autism spectrum conditions.

If you’re one of those people that seems to never had as much energy as the rest of your friends or family – you may have the MTHFR mutation.

The same goes if you find that you are more chemically sensitive or sensitive to supplements, foods and environmental things too. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with…

  • high cholesterol
  • fatty liver
  • a mental health condition
  • chronic fatigue or pain
  • hormone imbalance
  • an autism spectrum condition
  • iron deficiency 
  • hypothyroidism
  • multiple chemical sensitivities
  • mystery illness (technically not a diagnosis but fits here)

The MTHFR mutation or it’s variants may be a factor in your health. 


Now that DNA testing has reached a level of reliability and sensitivity that I can stand behind I’m starting to recommend this testing. 

Knowing how your genes can impact your health can help you target your imbalances more effectively versus guessing which direction to go. 

For the younger population just hitting puberty and having quite a bit of struggles – knowing this information can be vital to sparing them grief as they get older. 

I’ve found knowing if someone has a methylation defect can be incredibly helpful in determining how well someone will tolerate HRT (men or women). 

Tests like the DUTCH test show methylation activity – aka the activity of the MTHFR gene group, but it doesn’t give the mutations present to target the process of methylation effectively. 

I do recommend DNA testing and there are a variety of companies out there. 

My go-to at this time is IntellxxDNA as they have the most comprehensive review of DNA and make it easy for medical practitioners to review and target protocols for their clients. 

Companies like DNA Company are good however they leave you with a bit of question as to which direction to head when it comes with results. 

I like saving time and going right to the most targeted answer so I choose to work with IntellxxDNA at this point. 

IntellxxDNA is designed for medical practitioners vs the general population so the detail of the reports is extensive.

A base test is $1,200 compared to DNA Company’s $499…however, it will save money in the long run due to the research backed targeted protocols provided in their analysis. 

Tomorrow my podcast comes out with me talking all about the impact eliminating pesticides in my food has had on my breast health as well as my family’s health and even my dog’s. 

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