Many skin care products, even those labeled natural, can disrupt the delicate balance of oil, hydration and good bugs on your skin’s surface. Antibacterial agents, chemicals and even some herbs can disrupt the skin’s microbiome and nutrient balance. With companies coming out with probiotic based cleansers and moisturizers to restore your skin microbiome how do you know what products to trust? In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause discusses how everyday skin care products can be damaging to the balance and immunity of your skin.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• Why you have good bugs on your skin
• How to maintain your delicate skin microbiome
• Why you need to throw out your store bought bar soap
• Why your skin needs to be acidic to have great skin

Test skin for acne tx and soon to have eczema, psoriasis – – approach to skin therapy leverages the power of beneficial bacteria on the skin to eliminate harmful bacteria and restore skin to a healthier state.

Dr. Jannine Krause’s Recommendations:
– Common soaps, detergents, antimicrobial washes, cleansing pads change pH of skin to more basic vs acidic. – Water is good to keep things natural but better to cleanse with acidic pH cleansers and follow cleansing with mother dirt spray or use a probiotic moisturizer
– Mother dirt has a great body and face wash too!
– Test your skin care and hygiene products with pH strips and see where they are at if you are curious – pH strips can be found on Amazon
– Play in dirt – go garden, do a Tough Mudder run, get dirty hiking, camping and playing in nature


Resources from the Show:
Skin Microbiome Review
Bebe and Bella – full probiotic based skin care line
Mother Dirt – soil based bacteria product line
Dermala – acne tx that includes over night patches, cleansing pads and gut/acne combo treatment kit and soon to have skin microbiome testing

Gallinee – probiotics and lactic acid cleansing bars and more – lactic acid is used as prebiotic – great for entire body. This company has a happy bacteria set that’s great but you have to get someone in the UK to get it for you. They sell limited products in the US online.
Azitra Inc – research using microbiome to treat skin disease
ProDermIQ – want to know what bugs you have or don’t have on your skin that might be causing issues? Prodermiq tests your skin microbiome.

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