Do you cut calories and increase workout intensity in hopes of losing weight only to find that you can’t get the scale to move or you gain weight?

This is a common phenomenon and it’s due to your body being stuck in fight or flight mode.

So when you push the body harder and starve it you cause your body to switch into an advanced protective state of fight or flight called freeze mode. In freeze mode you become extremely lethargic and your metabolism slows down. The harder you push the body and continue to stress it out, the more you drive yourself into metabolic freeze.

In this episode of The Health Fix, Dr. Jannine Krause discusses how to adjust your workouts to help you manage stress more effectively, reboot your energy or keep you out of metabolic freeze so you can lose weight.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

• Why monitoring heart rate and HRV are key for managing stress
• How to revive yourself from metabolic freeze
• The mechanism of how metabolic freeze hijacks your metabolism
• What you can do right now to adjust your workouts & diet to get out of metabolic freeze

Resources from the Show:

  • Resources on conditioning training – 8 Weeks Out
  • Joel Jamieson’s Bioforce Conditioning Training
  • Manage Stress Naturally – my FREE course that helps you get started with conditioning training
  • How to Manage Stress with Workouts – at the end of each workout take 5 minutes to breathe x 5 minutes doing positional parasympathetic breathing – lay down on the floor with hips bent at a 90 and knees at a 90 and lower legs elevated on a bench.
  • Conditioning Workout Template for Beginners –
  • Sunday – Day Off
  • Monday – Stimulation Day  – 130-140 Heart Rate for 60-75 minutes
  • Tuesday – Development Day – 140-170 Heart Rate for 40-60 minutes
  • Wednesday – Rebound Day – 120-130 Heart Rate for 20-30 minutes – make this a total body workout
  • Thursday – Stimulation Day – 130-140 Heart Rate for 60-75 minutes
  • Friday – Development Day – 140-170 Heart Rate for 40-60 minutes
  • Saturday – Rebound Day – 120 – 130 Heart Rate for 20-30 minutes

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