Your digestive system is designed to go without food. Your sympathetic nervous system is able to deal with it. Fasting promotes energy burn of reserves. Fasting allows gut bacteria to work on their neighborhoods vs focus on digesting food all the time. Bacteria get worn out easily so fasting allows them to store nutrients and proliferate, it’s like a vacation for the gut bugs. Our gut lining turns over every 3-4 days so why not fast a few days a month to let it reset. Doc J breaks down how fasting resets your gut and immune system while preventing disease, helps you manage stress and increases longevity.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

• How fasting turns you into a super fat burner
• Why fasting helps balance your gut bacteria
• How eating in 6-8 hour windows a day can help you live longer
• Why fasting resets your immune system and helps you manage stress better

Resources From This Episode:
NutrEval Sample Report by Genova
ZRT Cortisol Testing
Labrix Cortisol Testing
Intermittent Fasting Review
• Authority Nutrition Intermittent Fasting Benefits –
Intermittent Energy Restriction and Weight Loss
Effect of Fasting on Cell Regeneration
What do your gut bugs say about your diet?
Impact of Gut bacteria on Human Health and Diseases

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor produced with fasting – Stimulates stress response that helps you to cope with stress – John’s Hopkins – annual review of nutrition 2005

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