Changes in your body have you worried about what the next decade will bring when it comes to fitness, adventures and career?  Finding you’re more resistant to change and trying new things than you ever were before? Theresa Lear Levine is a Mom, author and entrepreneur with ADHD who specializes in empowering professional men and women to cultivate calm, clarity and confidence.  In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause and Theresa Lear Levine have a great conversation on using EFT tapping, hypnosis and other tricks to help you get out of your own way when it comes to juggling your health, career and family. 

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to challenge yourself to move forward in life
  • Tips on teaching yourself faith that everything will work out for you
  • How hypnotherapy and EFT help you cope with hormone shifts, hot flashes and meltdowns
  • The use of EFT in the moment to move through resistance to change

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Podcast Transcript

4:05 – Don’t envy the outcome, envy the process

10:14 – Where you focus your attention is where your life will go

13:45 – Start with the small things and then move onto bigger things

16:30 – Using hypnotherapy and EFT together

22:13 – Health gadgets vs. foundational work

29:38 – Using EFT from a mom’s perspective

37:08 – Hot flashes and menopause

41:04 – Tapping session with Theresa

53:27 – Dr. Krause reflecting on the session

59:40 – Different ways to connect with Theresa

JANNINE: [Intro] Welcome to the Health Fix Podcast, where health junkies get their weekly

fix of tips, tools, and techniques to have limitless energy, sharp minds, and fit

physiques for life.

Hey health junkies, on this episode of the Health Fix Podcast, I’m interviewing

Theresa Lear Levine. She’s a hypnotherapist and EFT emotional freedom

technique therapist and oh my goodness, this gal, she’s changed my life in many

and I’ve brought her back on the podcast.

Now it’s gonna be three times,

and this time we’re gonna tap together for you

and really talk about aging, getting older,

some of the resistance we have to getting older,

and how you can use EFT tapping and hip note therapy

to help you move past those blocks,

whether it be your physical, mental, or athletic performance,

or just hot flashes in general,

or anything that’s coming up for you

as you get older, this stuff really works.

And so, Teresa’s become one of my really great pals.

And gosh, we have a great conversation in this podcast.

Let’s reintroduce you to Theresa Lear Levine.

– Speaking of energetics and energetic medicine

and homeopathy and all the fun things

that I used to think were like batty

as a Midwest girl, just looking for something

that could show me concrete evidence

that it was gonna work, I’m all in these days

and especially after working with you.

So one of the big things I wanted to kind of chat about today is the concept of really opening people up to the idea, maybe more than anything, that we can use our mind to help us with health issues.

Because we think about it a lot of times of mind and helping us with mind issues, but health issues are just as connected to the mind issues I’m betting you’ve seen that.

THERESA: Oh, definitely.

And it’s like, what else are we going to use to help ourselves,

if not our mind?

Like, every decision we make, whatever

we’re going to do to move in whatever direction we’re going

to go, is going to process through what’s

between our two ears.

So it’s to me, like, there’s no better thing to work on.

I don’t know.

But I’ve always been a huge proponent of, like,

self-development, mind-development, all of that kind of stuff.

If I had money to invest in something,

I’m going to invest it in me.

invest it in making this all as good as I can make it. So yeah, I mean, I think it starts with,

like you said, opening up to it a little bit and then seeing what changes, you know,

because nothing changes if nothing changes, you know, the same way that we say you don’t

know what you don’t know until you know it. And it’s so true and it’s so hard to see what could

potentially be on the other side until you dip in a little bit. And you start to notice how you

you show up a little bit differently in a situation

or how you feel a little bit differently

or how you make decisions with more clarity and confidence

or a number of things.

I was just saying the other day about,

I was sharing some different things

that were happening with some clients that I’m working with

and none of the things that were happening,

although they were all positive,

were directly related to what they came to me

to work on in the first place.

But it’s when you start opening that door,

all sorts of good things have the possibility to come in.

JANNINE: It’s interesting how, and I think this is what,

a lot of people get hung up on,

’cause they’ll listen to Joe Dispenza,

they’ll listen to Abraham Hicks,

these folks that you turn me on to.

I mean, someone will listen to it and they’ll be like,

okay, these people are telling me

I need to become a different person.

Oh my God, I need to change my personality.

How do I do this?


THERESA: You do.

JANNINE: But to think about it, at first, when they’re telling you this,

that’s like, oh my God, how am I going to do this?

And the older you are, you’re like, oh my goodness,

how are you going to do this?

But you’re saying some of the techniques,

you can use it to get you there.

THERESA: And I mean, you do it by falling in love with the process.

We live in a world where people want six-pack abs.

So they only look at the outcome.

They just want that.

They just envy that body or that outcome.

What we need to envy is the process of getting the six pack abs.

We need to envy that commitment to showing up on a daily basis.

We need to envy that commitment to eating better or not putting junk in our bodies.

We need to envy the actual exercise that needs to be done and the mental strength it takes

to get from where you are now to that outcome,

instead of envying the outcome,

which doesn’t involve any of the process.

And that’s all work that gets done in the mind.


When I first started this journey of really exploring myself,

I was like, okay, I wanna be this person.

I had this vision of who I wanted to be

and I was just fascinated with that person.

And they’ll tell us in a lot of trainings

find that person, reverse that person in your head.

but the problem is, is that I wasn’t enjoying the process

because I was like, I went to school,

I do the work, right?

And things happen, but this isn’t happening.

I’m doing the things, but it’s not happening.

And really what I was looking at is like,

I think I blocked a lot of my own progress at the beginning

because I was so focused on outcome

and not focused in the moment and the exploration of like,

Oh, look at me doing this.

That’s pretty cool.

I look at this thing happen.

Do you find that that happens a lot with clients

and maybe even yourself in your own practice?

THERESA: Oh, definitely.

I mean, I can attest to myself 100%.

Because I know exactly what I’ve been through

and I know what I continue to go through.

I mean, it’s cyclical, the kind of things

that happen over and over again,

but it’s the way that we kind of like end up

in the cycle differently that changes things.

And I see it in my clients too.

Self-doubt tends to creep in a lot of times when we’re working on big things.

And then like you said, you start to notice what’s not happening instead of the things that are happening.

And that creates resistance and it also creates that lack mindset or that scarcity mindset that, you know, what we focus on, we create.

And it can be difficult, you know, when you’re having like a really dire issue,

whether it’s a financial issue or a health issue or whatever,

it’s really hard to think that money is on the way

or that I am healthy or whatever it is

that you need to align with the vibration of.

But just those little changes make a big difference.

And it really does.

It comes down to that mental fortitude.

I know, are you familiar with Neville Goddard

and his work at all?

JANNINE: I’m not.

THERESA: Yeah, well that’s another one.

JANNINE: You always turn me on the new people.

Tell me about this guy.

THERESA: But he talks a lot about living in the wish fulfilled

and putting yourself into that vibration

of it already being here.

And the idea that, you know,

we are the creators of time, you know,

we have clocks on the wall and things,

we always think that it’s moving forward,

but really things are kind of all happening at the same time.

And when we can align with the vibration of what we want,

then that’s how we call it into our life.

But he also had this really interesting,

like 30 day challenge, basically of, you know,

putting yourself into that full confidence

of whatever it is that you’re working on

and not allowing self-doubt or like complaining

or whatever to come in for 30 days.

And then if you miss a day or you falter,

you start over again.

And it really aligns you with becoming that version of you

that you need to be to create the outcome that you want.

And it’s hard as heck.

I honestly, I haven’t made it yet.

But in going back to the beginning over and over again,

and I’ve probably like dinged myself

for things that maybe didn’t count or whatever,

but it’s kind of like when people write their nutrition

and some people will say it was the horrible day

if they had like a bite of a cookie.

And other people are like, “Yeah, just had a bite of a cookie.

I’m still like 10 out of 10.”

So we’re all hard on ourselves at different levels.

But yeah, it’s a really interesting challenge to think about,

like just really leaning all in to that person that you want to be

and having no doubt in what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

And then doing the things that are aligned with that

so that you become who you need to become.

And when I do that, I’m always using things like hypnotherapy

and EFT tapping and breath work and visualization

and all sorts of things to try to stay in alignment throughout that process.

And even though I can’t say that I’ve successfully made it to the end of the 30 days at any

point, I’ve made leaps and bounds in who I want to become.

You know, it’s kind of like when you shoot for the moon and you’re still among the stars

kind of thing, you know, it’s like set the bar high and you’re still going to make great


JANNINE: Well, I think that’s the thing, you know, like you said, you were all in progress, right?

So I think if I listened to a lot of Abraham’s Hicks work, she’ll always say like, you’re

not done, you’re never done. You’re always moving forward. And so that for me hits hit

a big light in my head because I had this very black and white brain of I do the things

then I’m done, then I sit back and chill, you know, and then it all just magically,

I don’t know happens. And maybe we get that from school, you know, I, I don’t know, I was very,

you know, one plus one, equals two, and you know, I do the math, I get the things done,

I turn in the work, I get the A, I move on, right? And like box checked. But unfortunately,

I think that a lot of us are kind of in that category of I do all the things, I check the box

and why have I not progressed? Why have I not moved forward? And you’re kind of hitting at it right

there because we’re not– it’s not over. It’s a progression. THERESA: Yeah, it really makes a difference

what you put your attention on. If you’re putting your attention on all the things that aren’t

happening, you’re going to get more of things not happening. You start putting your attention

on all the things that are going right or are going in the direction that you want to happen,

then you get more of that. But sometimes those things feel really small when you want them to be

big giant leaps. And sometimes when things do get in alignment, those big leaps start to happen.

But I think it comes out of faith and things like that too.

And that may be a little bit woo for some people.

But I think when you believe in something that’s bigger than you

and you believe that this universe is here working in our favor,

whether you want to call it the universe or God or whatever,

you want to call it, then you have something bigger to align with

that you know has your best interests at heart.

And that when you put your faith in that and lean into it,

it gives you back what you ask it for.

It’s just some of us are not asking the right questions or doing a very good job of aligning.

JANNINE: Well, and here’s the thing, like you mentioned the word faith and and for some people, you know, all in, for me, it was the thing that got me at the principal’s office every week in Catholic grade school because the the teacher would say,

You just have to have faith.

My arm goes up.

What’s faith?

No one can explain that to you.

Now I realize that back then I would keep questioning,

well, how do you want me to faith in something

that I can’t see?

I can’t touch.

I can’t feel.

It’s not like this desk, you know?

And like literally I’m a kid to the principal’s office regularly.

Like the principal will be like, oh, you’re back again.

I’m like, yeah, can we have a talk?

Like I wanted to have these deep philosophical talks

with these folks, but no one wanted to go there with me.

And I don’t know if it’s just their training or whatever.

But now that I look back on it, I’m like,

I tested these boundaries to be like, if I believe in–

if I believe that this is going to happen,

what would happen next?

So you’re playing with it.

So anyway, going forward into the work that you’re doing

and energy work and starting to think a certain way

and going, I’m going to see if I can think and have faith

and the fact that this day is going to go well.

And you know how I tested it first?


email. I used to tell myself email, like email is going to like swallow me, right? It’s like,

I just get so many emails. I get so frustrated. 

THERESA: Oh, I remember when you were working on this.

JANNINE: Yes. Yeah. I get a bajillion emails in a day. And like, I was telling people to email me and

troubleshoot because I like that. Like, I do like that. 

THERESA: But you hated going into your email inbox.

JANNINE: Right. I would, I would literally shake going to open my email and I would put it off and put it

it off. And then, and I, and I literally created this whole like vortex of drama around my email.

And so anyway, one day I decided I’m going to play with it right now is probably after one of our

conversations, I was like, email’s gonna be easy. Nobody’s gonna email me today. I thought it worked.

So then I was like, you know, kept thinking like playing like that. And so little things of like

telling myself this is going to happen today, or this day is going to go amazing. It’s gonna be

so easy. Everybody’s going to be nice to me. I do that at the airport often. I’ll be like,

I’m going to breeze through TSA. It’s going to, you know, the line for the people that do the

pre-check is not going to be longer than the other line. It’s going to be so easy. It’s going to be

beautiful. And it will. 

THERESA: Yeah. So you start to learn what it feels like to have that

total confidence and total belief versus that little bit of wiggly self-doubt in the back of

your head or whatever. And you start to get an idea of those vibrations. And when you start to

to play with things that are little like that, like just all I’m going to breeze through the TSA line or whatever and you see it happening.

And then you can start playing with like the bigger things because I know, gosh, it was, it was book was it.

Jennifer Wigill, I think, kind of book about, I’m going to have to look it up while we’re talking.

But she told a story about how she manifested a parking spot in like downtown Chicago, like right where she needed it, like every day for like,

over like, I don’t remember the story exactly, I’m

probably misquoting it, but it like, it’s a long period of

time, like over 100 days or so. And at some point, I think

she had the realization as I did too, when I was doing this

in many of my clients, how I was like, why am I not asking for

something bigger? You know, like, if we’re gonna talk about

faith, we’re gonna talk about, you know, the universe or God

or whatever, miracles. And you know, what you ask for, like,

God or the universe doesn’t care if you ask for a big thing or

little thing, it’s going to answer and if you’re in alignment with it. So, you know, we can all

stop playing small and we can all start asking for much bigger things. You don’t need anybody’s

permission for that. 

JANNINE: Absolutely. Absolutely. And yeah, I mean, testing the waters for me was

just a little bit of that. Oh my God, this fake thing is real. It’s crazy. You got it,

depending on where your mindset is at. And I know like a lot of people, you know, might be similar

to me in terms of being like, “babe,” you know, or let’s say religious trauma, you know, I had to

go to, I had to, I was gifted the beautiful ability to go to a very great Catholic grade school where

it was small classes I could learn really well and ask a lot of questions and granted.

Minus the time I spent at the principal’s office I took notes. But the truth is, is that, you know,

I think a lot of people are like this, like you said, you know, we’re just kind of dabbling,

but why are we not asking for more? And that was where I met you. And in the schema things of really

like fully meeting someone to help me in that process, but also in the process of learning

how to ask more. How to overcome the crap that gets in your way. And I’d love to talk a little

little bit about hypnosis and EFT for helping us move through the crap that gets in the

way because that’s really where I dive into it wholeheartedly to move.


We all have ways that we get in our own way.

And some of it’s like daily basis stuff and some of it’s just really much larger blocks.

And I love using hypnotherapy and EFT together because for me, I feel like EFT is my main

modality that I use for nervous system regulation, even though it does have some subconscious

mind benefits also. And then hypnotherapy is the main modality that I use for subconscious

mind work, even though it also has some nervous system regulation qualities. So they both kind

of do similar things, but I feel like one’s more powerful than the other in those areas.

And when it comes to getting out of our own way, if we’re not feeling regulated, you know,

that’s what keeps us from feeling grounded. And when we’re not feeling grounded, then we’re not

having that self trust. We’re not having that connection with our intuition, our gut. And it

makes it a lot harder to make good decisions. It also makes it harder to be rational, logical,

all of those things. And I also feel like it makes it harder to have a different perspective

or reframe on things also. So when you have tools like this, you kind of get to see things in a

in a different way.

I always feel like it’s kind of like rising up

above whatever’s happening and being able to see

the whole picture when you kind of get regulated

around something and it’s like,

gosh, I never thought of it that way.

And in hypnosis, you make all these connections.

And the way that I like to do hypnotherapy,

my client is talking through a lot of it,

revisiting things, regressing, kind of like connecting dots,

but I’m always making sure that it’s the client

that’s doing that, not me being like,

well, here’s how I see it.

this happened to you in year seven and now you, you know,

can’t get on stage and do public speaking.

Like I’m not going to put that together for you.

It’s so much more powerful when it’s first of all that you’ve dropped into

subconscious mind and you’re not doing it with the conscious mind anymore.

And you’re making the connections yourself.

And then we kind of create that transformation of that brand new day that

you want to step into and then we can rewire it into a brain that’s been

primed and, you know, we have a good foundation to plant that in.

You know, it’s a lot the same with doing emotional freedom techniques.

We want to kind of clear out the crud, get all the junk and the baggage out of the way.

And then we can implant positive things that otherwise might feel really fake or misaligned

or like they just kind of want to bounce off of you and you don’t want to accept them.

You know, those, they say it’s kind of like, it’s like too big of a leap to make to like say certain things

about yourself or to believe certain things about your life or whatever.

And that’s when you know there’s like something that you need to do to get out of your own way

so that you can realize that you are worthy and that you’re able and that it’s all in you already.

You know, everything that we need to have the life that we really want and dream about and desire,

it’s already in here. Sometimes it’s just a matter of like pulling the right thread and getting it

to come out and shine in the right way and we get in our own way about that. 

JANNINE: Oh my gosh,

shall we do? Yeah, we do. I mean, I feel like that was, you know, and I think this is something

important for folks to hear is like, the better you get it doing EFT, the better you get it doing

some hypnosis and working on the mindset side of things, the less the things get in your way,

or the more you can catch them when you’re starting to go down that wiring process and you’re like,

oh, I’m doing that again. And then I’m like– 

THERESA: I always like to say, the better it gets, the better

it gets to be. 


THERESA: So, and we always have layers, you know. I still get in my own way.

Now it’s like I can move through it so much faster. You know, I shared a story in my book

that came out last November about, you know, my husband and I had this kind of like,

rifty kind of thing that happened last summer that if that had happened in our relationship

and in our marriage 10 years ago, it would have been, who knows how long it would have taken us

to walk through it or to, you know, make things right and good again.

But with all of the work that I’ve been doing, it was like a week.

And we sped through things and we were back to like an even more connected

and like intimate place in our marriage than we had been a week before.

And those are the kind of leaps and bounds that I love doing this work for.

Because it’s like, why do we we don’t need to take forever to make things feel better

or to enjoy our lives better,

things can happen so quickly

when we align with the outcome that we wanna have.

JANNINE: Makes sense, it makes sense.

And really, as I’m moving into understanding health

and wellness at a whole,

and really truly understanding,

’cause I mean, I’m a naturopath, right?

We were taught like mind, body, soul, all connected,

but honestly, did I really get that when I graduated school?


And like, did I get how acupuncture can move energy

and all that, yes.

And like it’s funny that as time goes on,

you like divert from it when you start to get into

the conventional medicine model of things

you like get brainwashed by that.

And then you’re like,

I totally got away from what I learned in school

and here we are.

But, you know, one of the things that I think

for a lot of people is looking at wellness as a whole.

And people are biohacking,

they’re doing all these things, right?

to be able to feel better.

But I feel like why are the top biohackers

not focusing as much on the mindset stuff?

Like we’ve got the different, you know, like the muse

and the focus calm and the gadgets.

But what about the foundational work?

I feel like there’s just not as much conversation about that.

Do you or do, or is it maybe I’m just not listening

to the people that don’t talk about it?

THERESA: I mean, I guess there’s people either that do

when there’s people that don’t want,

I don’t know, I could really do a speculate

and wonder are the people that aren’t talking about it?

Are they just using gadgets

and trying to regulate from the outside in?

Or, there’s a function

and there’s ability to make progress in all different ways.

I prefer the whole approach,

that holistic whole approach,

but not everybody does.

Not everybody wants to actually face all their stuff

or get deep in there or whatever,

some people would rather just have something

that vibrates their wrist and like,

and send some pulses through and hopefully

they feel a little bit better or whatever,

you know, or whatever the gadget might be.

And sure, there’s, you make some progress that way.

Like, I don’t ever like to discount anything,

but yeah, I mean, not everybody’s looking at the whole picture.

JANNINE: And, you know, I mean, no disrespect to anybody

who’s not going there.

It’s just more like, I question like in my head, I have lots of questions now that I’ve

started to think about health and wellness and what it truly means.

And is it the possibility that we have that, you know, yes, all these gadgets are nice

and helpful on certain levels and really what I believe is that we need to create our own

pattern of what helps us, right?

We need to find what works and work on it that way.

But I’m wondering, like, just in the deep core of human design, if we really do have

at the highest capability, our power to use the mind to heal the mind to, you know, create

neurochemicals, all the things that that either Joe Dispenza and all these guys are talking

about or even the book  Molecules of Emotion, it’s, you know, it’s starting to think in

In my mind, I’m starting to be like, can we achieve health or ultimate health without

diving a little into this or having some practice?


I mean, I often wonder, like, what if we just strip it all out?

We don’t use any gadgets.

We don’t take any supplements.

We just like strip it all out and like see what’s there after that.

It’s, you know, none of that stuff could be created.

of those gadgets, none of those supplements, none of those extras or whatever could be

created without the mind.

So, you know, a thought kind of in that substance and the universe becomes the thing.

So when we learn how to condition the mind, then we can create really great things through

just our thoughts, you know, and that’s kind of the whole principle behind being able to

do less and be more.

Now, I am the first person to say that I’m a supplement geek and a tech nerd and I love

all of those things.

But I think it’s just more of a fun and convenience thing.

I think at the end of the day, if I really had to make do with something, it would just

be me.

That would just be all I really need is that.

And I can figure out and pioneer a lot of things from that space.

But you know, and I think there’s a lot of bias or pre-determine nations about like

what therapy is or what this kind of work can look like or you know based on what people

have experienced previously.

And I don’t know.

I mean, I feel like I work with a lot of people who are experts in different fields and still

getting their own way, get stuck, have this resistance and you know need help getting

out of their own way.

Just like I do.

And that’s where I love doing this work is to really meet people where they are and take

them through to wherever it is that they want to be.

But I think that resistance is a big part of what you were talking about about people,

whether they use their mind or whether they go to external things.

And I think a lot of that comes down to resistance.

And that’s something that we all get and need ways to work through.

And I feel like nervous system regulation in the subconscious mind are great ways to

get through resistance.

You know, again, whether it’s that kind of daily resistance to things or a bigger thing

where we’re really just trying to keep ourselves safe.

You know, we’re trying to revert to what we’re already familiar with, what we’re already

comfortable with.

But from that space, we can’t get anywhere but where we are.

So we have to find ways, and this is why I love using hypotherapy because we can make

the unfamiliar familiar.

we can make the unfamiliar feel safe

before it’s actually part of our life.

And that really turns to bone resistance.

And then we can use things like EFT tapping

to really talk about that resistance,

all those things you don’t wanna do or all that other stuff

and just kind of like let it out there and vent it

and allow that resistance, that stuck energy

in your body to move so that all of a sudden

you start opening up to whatever the thing is

and thinking, hmm, kind of like the email inbox.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Maybe there’s not gonna be some awful message waiting for me.

Maybe my inbox is just gonna be full of awesome clients

that wanna work with me.

And that’s all those hundreds and hundreds of messages.

And then I’ll love sorting through that,

instead of whatever crazy stuff might’ve been there before.

JANNINE: It’s true.

It’s true the resistance is such a factor.

And in my world of trying to build

and helping people to open their eyes up

to what they can build before their health and wellness.

I do see like tapping as being– and hypnosis too,

but tapping for me has been the great on the fly.

Like I move energy fast.

And one of the things I think a lot of people

don’t understand is like resistance is stuck.

You’re stuck.

You’re like paralyzed.

Even if you’re like anxious and you’re frozen

and you’re not moving, that stuckness

is what we need.

Like some people go for a runs, right?

And they can think it through and work it out then.

But others who maybe aren’t so into fitness

or running and or maybe the run just couldn’t do it that day

or you already ran in something came up.

I mean, you could be–

THERESA: I start every day with exercise

but I still need something to get the energy moving

throughout the day also.

JANNINE: Right, right.

you gotta jump in and be like, even though, you know,

and for me, the way you taught me with the EFT,

it’s really helped me on the fly.

Like when I yet worked up,

or when I’m starting to loop on something,

then I’m like, oh, this is an old pattern.

It’s been so incredible to turn things around

in just a matter of minutes.

And I think a lot of folks think that with EFT,

they have to be in like a Zen space,

they have to get to a space that’s showing me.

I don’t know how many times I’ve done EFT in the bathroom.

You know what, work.

THERESA: I don’t know how many times I’ve done EFT

in front of my kids when I’m about to lose it

and scream at them all.


JANNINE: Let’s talk about that.

Let’s talk about that ’cause I think for a lot of parents,

this is one of their like factors where like,

I can’t get stuff done ’cause my kids keep coming up

and doing things.

How’s my work as a mom?

‘Cause I don’t know.

THERESA: Yeah, and it led me to everything else, honestly.

Like when I first found EFT

decided to get my master practitioner certification. My kids were all gosh, how old were my kids?

They were all under the age of 13. I have four boys. And the youngest one was only like a

couple years old at that point. And I was running a business from home and raising the kids and

finding my patience really like thin a lot of times and showing up as like the snippy, angry,

yellowed you mom more than I would like to because I wanted to like protect my little bit of space

to get something done, you know, for whatever that’s worth so silly honestly in retrospect,

to think, you know, how irritated I could be by all the blessings that were around me but

It happens, you know?

And that was one of the first things that when I started

like learning it, I was like, oh,

I could actually start showing up differently as a mom.

And then that ripple effect kind of starts to happen.

You know, so that’s what I started using it on personally,

probably the most at first,

my own kind of just like frustration, anger, resistance,

that feeling of like, oh, there’s nothing,

that’s just for me.

You know, everything is shared or interrupted.

I never have time.

I like all those like thoughts, those lack thoughts

that would kind of circle through my head during those years.

And then from there kind of,

is that started to, you know, be better?

And I still use it for that.

Like I can still find myself in that place.

It’s not the same place that it was then,

but it’s like a different version of that place

where I’m like, oh, like, need to chill,

but I can reset so much faster

and get to a much better place.

And then it’s like, oh, if I could use it on this,

then I can, you know, use it in this part of my business.

I can use it to rewire some money mindset stuff.

I can use it to improve my marriage.

Hey, I twisted my ankle.

I can use it to make my ankle feel better.

Like all the things, because there’s literally nothing

that you can’t touch with this,

because anything that you can feel,

anything that you want to feel,

whatever you’re looking to create or manifest

or habits that you’re looking to break,

It’s all on the table with these methods.

So, whenever anything’s not going my way,

I look to these methods of like,

how can I rewire the neural connections in my brain?

How can I reprogram something?

How can I alleviate the, like move the emotions

that are stuck in my body and elevate my vibration

so that I can more easily align with what it is that I want

instead of what it is that I don’t want.

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Lear L E A R Levine L E V I N And don’t forget everything will be in my podcast notes

at under episode 445. Let’s get on with the podcast.

JANNINE: That’s beautiful. I mean, I think like a lot of people never really I know I didn’t before

started looking into is never really thought like I’m, you know, I would get so angry and

so worked up. I wouldn’t think to the point of like, oh, I can clear this energy right now. My

thought would have been like, I can go have acupuncture eventually when I get done with all my patients

and then I put some needles in and then I could clear, but it was like not in the moment like

I could clear this right now and move on and the rest of the day could be better. And I think for

a lot of moms, especially older moms who are going into menopause, perimenopausal states, like now we

We have hormones shifting and the kids.

I can see how this could be like a really big–

THERESA: Those perimenopause mood swings

are like no freaking joke.

Like. (laughs)

– I still haven’t quite found the answer there,

but it definitely helps to have these tools

and some certain supplements and things in my pocket

because I can pinpoint when it’s gonna happen

or as soon as it happens, I’m like,

oh, that’s not normal me.

That’s like, you know, either before or after my cycle me

but like shows up for like 48 hours or so on either end

and like you don’t want to get in her way.

But you know, we need tools to deal with stuff like that

because the only thing that’s constant in this world

is change and especially when you’re a woman in midlife,

that change just keeps coming

and you gotta find ways to cope with it

and deal with it.

JANNINE: Yeah, it’s so funny.

Like it’s like a switch.

And I tell my patients it’s kind of like that,

that switch will just turn on your like,

someone just hijacked me for a minute.

And then you’re like,

how many people do I have to apologize to now?

What have I done?

It’s mostly my husband that gets the brunt of it, poor guy.

I mean, I’ll just be like fine for a minute.

And then I’ll just be like, something snippy

and he looks at me like, okay.

Let me dab, I’m gonna dab on that.

These kind of things, I know so many women

that that’s like their biggest fear, you know,

especially professional women,

women have to speak in front of, you know, lawyers, right?

You know, they’re going into court

and they’re like, stop these op flashes.

You know, and they’re like, I don’t wanna sit there dabbing

my face while I’m defending a client and I’m sweating.

Like this is just not, not cool.

And so I’ve worked with some of those kind of, you know,

showing some of your principles,

but really you and I were talking about it a little bit

and trying to use the EFT,

trying to use a little bit,

maybe even hypnosis to work on hot flashes.

At this point in time,

I know you said like sometimes it works, sometimes it not.

It doesn’t and folks,

this is just stuff you gotta try.

What is it, what has been the most successful

for you to kind of get out of a hot flash loop

and two part question.

And do you feel like hot flashes are a shift

in like an emotion?

I’m super curious on your thought on that.

Or like shift in like energy

that you feel in the body because of the hormones

because of just something happened and there was a trigger for it.

THERESA: So I think that if I’m talking about mine, particularly, it’s interesting

because I do think there’s a shift in energy because I’ll notice a lot of times,

especially if I’m having one at night, it’s right after I’ve woken up and it’s

right after my brain kind of switches from dream mode or that trance state of

sleep into thinking thoughts about like the day to come or just life in general

or whatever. And then it’s like, oh, hot. So I can tell that there’s like a shift in my brain energy and my thoughts.

And then all of a sudden it’s there. I rarely wake up in a dream having a hot flash. It’s like, it’s like almost like that transition from, from sleep into wakefulness.

But I think there’s a lot of resistance sometimes. I think it’s another resistance thing where, you know, it’s this new thing for us and we’re going through this thing.

And we don’t want to have hot flashes.

We don’t want to really like go through

this perimenopause or this menopause thing.

I don’t know a whole lot of women that are like,

bring it on, you know?

And like I can’t–

JANNINE: Except for the period stopping.

THERESA: Well yeah, sure.

But it’s like, I can’t wait for those hot flashes

or you know, for hormonal imbalances or chin hair

or whatever the heck’s gonna pop up.

So acne, lower different sex drive,

whatever the case may be.

like most of those things are not things

that we’re excited about.

Therefore, there’s some resistance

about welcoming that stage of our life.

So I think when we can find things that are awesome

about where we are right now and what’s happening.

And, you know, again, my case as a mom with my kids,

I can be like, I feel really thankful

for everything I’ve gotten to experience with this body

and everything that I have still yet to experience.

And, you know, just thankful for and grateful

for all the things that this body does to me on a daily basis,

and also knowing that this is part of that.

This is part of what this body is intended to do.

And that I have some control over how it’s all gonna turn out,

and I can take control of what I can control,

and I can let go of the rest,

and kind of hand it over to that higher power in faith,

and trust and belief that things are happening

for my highest good.

And that can be really helpful

to release some of that resistance.

And I forget what the other part of your question was.

Do you remember?

JANNINE: It was more just like what were you doing,

you know, how are we doing it?

THERESA: Well, I was hoping for that.

when we’re going through perimenopause

is what we’re talking about.

And then there’s ADHD and all those other things.

So, you know, but I think that’s probably the best answer

I can give you.

JANNINE: It’s good, it’s good.

No, I think, you know, really,

memory is a fun one.

That’s why I love mushrooms and not the tripping kind,

which I keep having to tell people

because everyone looks at me like, no, focus mushrooms.

They do help.

And one of the things that I would be thinking about now

is maybe we could tap together and give people

a little bit of sense of something with resistance.

Because I think resistance is a lot of what

brings us into having different symptoms, things

of that nature, especially like,

Hot flash, heart palpitation, chest pain,

all the things that make a lady think like,

oh my God, I’m having the big one.

Like go to the ER, let’s save some people

from going to the ER.

THERESA: Oh, for sure, for sure.

So do you want to tap on like the resistance

to kind of entering this stage in life?

JANNINE: Yeah, or we could do like just,

yeah, just getting older.

Like that way guys can do this too

because I know that there are guys out there

that experience similar things to us.

Like they’ll have the chest pain, they’ll have the anxiety

and they’ll be like, oh my God, I’m having a heart attack.

You know, and I think it is a thing that

as we get older, it happens.

As the hormones are shifting, guys, girls,

it doesn’t matter, whole thing.

THERESA: No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

All right, so I always like to start

tapping around with kind of thinking about the focus is.

So we’re focusing on kind of resistance to this next stage

life, whatever it is that we’re moving into and finding some

acceptance around that. So if you’re thinking about, let’s see,

what’s gathered? Do you have do you have some things that you’re

resistant to about this this part of life? 

JANNINE: Yeah, yeah– 

THERESA: it was

good to gather some things and whoever’s listening, think about

it for yourself. And like, Jannine’s gonna share some things.

And then you maybe you want to write your own down if you’re

doing this along so that you can kind of personalize what we’re

going to tap on for yourself. But what would you say, either

personally for you or that you hear a lot? 

JANNINE: Yeah, resistance for me is my mind and my

concentration and focus. That’s a big one for me being able to keep my creative mind, but also to

be able to remember stuff on patients, because that’s embarrassing when I goof up stuff there.

That one’s huge. The other one for not so much for me, but I feel it sometimes happening.

I don’t have intense hot flashes, but I will have flushes where my cheeks will get red out of nowhere.

And it’s been happening. Actually, I got them right. I got it going right now with all my cheeks.

And then sometimes they’ll get bigger. Like it’ll get bigger. And but I don’t have the whole hot. So

that. And then, and it’s usually when I’m like excited and doing things. So there’s that. And

I don’t know what the resistance is there because I like doing what I’m doing right now, but

Who knows? And then the last one, I think, that’s really probably most important for me is

the resistance to getting older in general, the concept of like, “Oh my God, what’s going to happen?”

You know, just that whole thing. And I want– 

THERESA: Kind of like the unknown?

JANNINE: Yeah, the unknown. Yeah.

THERESA: All right. So what we’re going to do, it’s like follow the leader. I’m going to tap,

And I’m assuming, is this only gonna be audio?

Or are you gonna share a video?

JANNINE: Nope, we’re doing video too.

THERESA: Perfect.

– ‘Cause you’re gonna need to see what I’m doing.

So, just, I don’t even need to explain where I’m gonna go

’cause you’ll just be watching.

Although when I get lower, I’m tapping under the arm

when I tap down here in case you can’t see me.

Everything else I’ll make sure it’s on camera

so that you can see what my hands are doing.

The common question I always get asked

is does it matter which hand?


In fact, there’s some points like our eyebrows

and the side of our eye, under our eye,

where you can easily do two hands

you can do both sides if you want or you can do either or.

So you can’t mess it up is honestly like really what it comes down to.

You know, you can’t mess it up.

So just follow me and think about what it is that you are personally resisting about aging or hormone

changes, perimenopause, menopause, just getting older.

And feel free to personalize some of the things that I’m going to say as we do this to fit you

better if what I’m saying doesn’t align. That’s the best advice I can give you because when we have

energetic blockages of which resistance is one, it favors specificity. What we’re doing when we

tap these different points and talk about it is we’re unblocking the energy when what we’re saying

matches the block that’s at that point. So if what we say doesn’t align, the block stays.

Oh, just make sure that what you’re saying is in alignment.

That’s all. And you can do the same because you’ll be muted. So you can say whatever you want.

JANNINE: I’ll leave it open. I said i was gonna mute it, yeah, I’ll leave it open. Then you guys can hear what I’m saying.

And because I will riff on Theresa sometimes and say what I want to say.

So I think that is the good idea because remember from before I say some throwing


THERESA: I always encourage my clients to change things. I’m, you know,

JANNINE: I’ll leave it open. I says, yeah, I’ll leave it open. Then you guys can hear what I’m saying.

and because I will riff on Theresa sometimes and say what I want to say.

So I think that actually is the good idea because remember from before I would say some throw in.

THERESA: I always encourage my clients to change things.

I am, you know, while I’ve been told that I’m a channel and I’m very intuitive about what I can sense from people.

I get it wrong.

So, you know, I don’t, there’s nothing that means I can get it 100% right.

So I count my clients to kind of guide that and make it right for them.

All right, so now we just needed to rate the intensity of that resistance.

Zero being done and 10 being the most resistance that you could possibly have.

JANNINE: I’m going with the seven today.

I’m going with the seven.

Let’s go with that.

THERESA: I’m going to be resistant to that.

All right.

Even though I had a lot of resistance to aging. 

JANNINE: even though I have a lot of resistance to


THERESA: I want to love accept and forgive myself.

JANNINE: I want to love accept and forgive myself.

THERESA: Even though I can’t find a whole lot to love

about going through perimenopause and menopause,

JANNINE: even though there are not a lot of things to love

about the side effects of perimenopause and menopause.

THERESA: I’m open to the idea that I can find something

to embrace about this part of my life.

JANNINE: I’m open to the idea that I can find something to embrace about this part of my life.

THERESA: And even though I have a lot of resistance to growing older. 

JANNINE: Even though I have a lot of resistance to growing older kind of freaks me out.

THERESA: There’s so much uncertainty. 

JANNINE: There’s so much uncertainty. 

JANNINE: Am I going to become an– 

THERESA: What on earth happens next? 

JANNINE: What happens next?

THERESA: Can I get a preview? 

JANNINE: Can I get a preview? Yes, please.

THERESA: I honor these feelings and accept myself anyway.

JANNINE: I honor these feelings and accept myself anyway.

THERESA: And we’re going to start going through the main tapping points.

THERESA: All this resistance to aging.

JANNINE: All this resistance to aging.

THERESA: Part of me just wants to stay young.

JANNINE: Part of me wants to stay young forever.

THERESA: And it bums me out that I can’t.

JANNINE: And it bums me out that I can’t.

THERESA: I see lots of examples of what poor aging looks like.

JANNINE: I see lots of examples of what poor aging looks like.

THERESA: And I do not want that to be me.

JANNINE: That is not gonna be in my jam.

I don’t want that.

THERESA: For some of you, maybe even,

I see lots of examples in my own family

of what I don’t want to become.

JANNINE: Absolutely. I do not want to become my mother, loved her, but I don’t want to become what happened for her.

THERESA: And I’m afraid that I am predetermined to have that happen to me also. 

JANNINE: I’m afraid my genetics were

wired for me to happen. That have that happen. 

THERESA: All this resistance to this part of my life in this


JANNINE: All of this resistance to this part of my life in this body. THERESA: Just feeling like there’s more

that I wanted to do when I was younger. 

JANNINE: Just feeling like there’s a lot of shit I didn’t do when I

was younger. 

THERESA: Maybe having some regrets. 

JANNINE: Lots of regrets. 

THERESA: All this resistance to hot flashes and

chin hairs. 

JANNINE:  All this resistance to hot flashes and yes, chin hairs. Oh. THERESA: Acne and gray hairs,

JANNINE: Acne, gray hairs,

THERESA: Changes in libido,

JANNINE: Changes in my libido, belly fat. 

THERESA: changes in energy,

JANNINE: Changes in energy.

THERESA: Changes in the strength of my bones,

JANNINE: Bone strength,

THERESA: changes in my sleep at night.

JANNINE: Changes in my sleep at night.

THERESA: I don’t like any of it.

JANNINE: I like any of it.

THERESA: Can I get a refund?

JANNINE: Can I get a refund?

THERESA: Can I get a do-over? 

JANNINE: Do-overs. Yes, this please. 

THERESA: So resistant.

Sometimes you might even feel the urge to yawn or take a deep breath, just honor that. That is energy moving.

I opened up the idea that maybe this is just where I’m supposed to be right now.

JANNINE: I’m open to the idea that this is where I am supposed to be right now.

THERESA: I am certainly not the first woman to ever age.

JANNINE: Not the first woman to do this.


THERESA: And I can also see examples of so many people who have aged amazingly well.

JANNINE: There are lots of examples of women who have aged really well.

Yes, yes there are.

THERESA: And even though I may have some beliefs about my own genetics. 

JANNINE: I might have some beliefs

about my own genetics. 

THERESA: The study of epigenetics is showing me so many ways

that I can change the way my genes express. 

JANNINE: The study of epigenetics is

changing the way I see how I can express my genes. Yes, that’s true. THERESA: I may have a

little bit more control than I realize. 

JANNINE: I may have more control than I realize.

THERESA: And aging is certainly better than the alternative.

JANNINE: I like getting older better than being dead, so yes.


Good idea.

That’s good.

I like that, I like that.

THERESA: So I’m open to the idea of doing it as well as I can.

JANNINE: I’m open to the idea of doing as well as I can.

– Good challenge.

– Yeah.

THERESA: There’s things I can do to make it better. 

JANNINE: There’s things I can do to make it better.


THERESA: Changing my mindset. 

JANNINE: Changing my mindset.

THERESA: Reprogramming some of my subconscious beliefs. JANNINE: Reprogramming my subconscious


THERESA: Getting some good exercise. 

JANNINE: Oh yeah, getting the good exercise.


THERESA: Staying hydrated.

JANNINE: Staying hydrated.

THERESA: Researching and acting on ways to make holistic changes.

JANNINE: Researching and acting on ways to make holistic changes.

THERESA: I could be a beacon for others who are aging also.

JANNINE: I could be a beacon for others who are aging.

THERESA: I can be a great example of how this can go really well.

JANNINE: I could be a great example of how this could go well.

THERESA: And I look forward to living a long healthy life. 

JANNINE: I look forward to living a long healthy life.

THERESA: So I want to make it as enjoyable as possible. 

JANNINE: I’m going to make it as enjoyable as possible.

THERESA: Because the only way to move is forward. 

JANNINE: I’m moving forward. That was the only way to go.

THERESA: And things are going to keep changing whether I change with them or not.

JANNINE: Things are going to change whether, yeah, I change with it or not.

I want to, I got some foam all, I’m moving forward.

THERESA: So I’m open to the idea of changing.

JANNINE: I’m open to the idea of changing.

THERESA: Becoming that 10 point O version of myself.

JANNINE: 10 point O.




THERESA: All right, take a nice deep inhale through the nose.

Stretch, shake, whatever feels good.

I always like to ask like,

what were you thinking while we were doing that?

What was coming up for you?

JANNINE: I was like a cheerleader in my head there going like,

yeah, yeah, I got this, I got this.

Yeah, we can have some fun with this.

THERESA: And how does that resistant energy feel now?

Where is it out on that scale of zero to 10?

JANNINE: We’ve moved it down quite a bit.

I’d say I’m probably like at a two or two and a half.

Let’s go with the two and a half.

THERESA: Let’s make move.


THERESA: Move, I mean, we just, there’s a few minutes.

So, you know, this is always like where, and you know,

that’s ’cause we’ve done lots of work together.

We kind of determined what’s left.

Like what makes up that two and a half?

What do we still need to work on?

And, you know, one of the things that we haven’t really

talked about that feeds into all the things

we have talked about is our past.

So a lot of times we can,

what we just did is a great like bandaid

for the present moment things that are happening.

But there’s likely something below that resistance

that stems from programming that you received

from your mom or dad when you were younger,

or everything that you went through when your mom passed,

or whatever else, you know?

And for everybody that’s listening and tapping along,

you have your own things that contributed

the feelings or the resistance that you have.

And that is where we really need to kind of revisit those things.

I love doing inner child work with EFT or hypnosis or regressive hypnosis so that you

could actually like go into a whole hypnosis session looking for why you’re resistant to

aging and letting the subconscious instead of the conscious brain bring to the table those

reasons because consciously we can say, you know, we’re resistant because of those symptoms

or because of what happened to a loved one

or because of what we’ve seen.

But subconsciously, you’re gonna bring totally different ideas

to the table that are gonna connect the dots

for you in a whole other way,

and then you can rewire that.

So there’s all these different ways

to kind of move from whatever version you are now

up up up to that 10.0 version

and always be striving for that next level.

JANNINE: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

THERESA: All appreciating where you are with gratitude.


I always say, you can’t always just be looking for what’s next.

you have to be really grounded and appreciative and grateful for where you are while also reaching

for that next thing. 

JANNINE: That’s huge. That’s huge because yeah, you know, right now I would say my

biggest resistance and you hit on it was the regret, like things I hadn’t done by now, right?

Things that I missed out on, you know, because of mindset stuff, you know, but being grateful

I see it now. I see it and I can work with it now.

And who cares that now I’m in my forties and I’m going to do some of those things that I should have done in my twenties.

And I said “should of”. I “should of done”  myself.

THERESA: We “should of” ourselves from time to time that we can just clean it up and move on.

JANNINE: Moving forward, moving forward.

That was awesome.

And so those of you guys who are listening, you could hear me kind of admitting a little bit.

I decided to add them in at the last because actually I do think it’s important to put in your own personal thing plus for me

I’m I’m a person who likes to laugh and and for me laughing is me. It’s an energetic shift for me

And so making a little light of of the situation and kind of just feeling things that way can help

You know and and sometimes like we’ve talked about I’ve angry eft tapped before when I’m like

You know, and any way that you guys can tailor it to yourself.

And I’m sure Theresa has seen many different versions of people doing things.

THERESA: Absolutely. And I love it.

I mean, I learned so much from my clients and the way that they interpret this and use it

when they’re willing to step into that space and embody whoever they need to be

in that moment to move the energy and be able to guide that.

And yeah, I mean, we got an angry energy, especially, is important to move.

But I think as women, we’ve been taught to kind of push that down, suppress it.

It becomes all sorts of things, not just suppressed anger.

It becomes health issues and a lot of stuff.

And that usually definitely stems from things that happen earlier in our life,

for ways that we were taught to express or not express our feelings.

And that can be huge when we’re talking about our health and the way that things are showing up there.

JANNINE: Wholeheartedly. I almost like, and this is my personal opinion guys, and it’s just from the

experience of what I experienced with my mom and my aunts and a lot of anger within our family

for different things that happened over the years and my mom and aunt both died of breast–

well my mom had breast cancer and then died of multiple meds within her body metastases,

but my my aunt had breast cancer when she was in her 30s, then had it back into her colon.

And it’s very fascinating to me how cancer kind of,

yes, there’s a genetic, but I think when you look

at personalities, holding anger, holding resentment,

holding these things, and this is why I’m so into like,

let’s get this out of here, out of it, gone.

Because I see so many patients in my practice

who are like, oh my God, my mom, I cancer, my aunt,

had cancer, you know, just like my story.

And they’re like, I’m terrified.

I feel like I’m gonna get it.

And it’s like, it almost just happens, you know?

And I watch it and I’m like, oh my God,

You gotta get your energy.

So, if nothing else,

I’m pretty clear of things.

So Theresa, of course, we’ve went down a whole bunch

of pathways and for the sake of folks understanding

how they can work with you,

what kind of things they could do,

especially in this transition and life getting older

and really being able to move through all of the blockages

that we have, what would be the best way for folks

to get started with you?

Would it be, read your book?

‘Cause we didn’t even go there today.

THERESA: We did a whole other episode on that though.

So check out what episode that was.


Well, I’ll link that for you guys in the podcast notes


But tell us how folks can start working.

What would be the best way to just,

if someone’s listening to this and they’re like,

this is interesting.

I think I could try this.

I want to see if it’s for me.

What’s the best way for them to connect to the

look at your private sessions?

What do you think?

THERESA: Oh, I mean, there’s so many ways.

So I mean, the whole free community on a platform called

school where I do free coaching every week.

I have over $10,000 worth of resources.

I’ll make sure you have the link for that.

And my private sessions.

And Janine and I have done two different sessions in there.

And then you have this one that we did today.

And there’s nearly 70 sessions in that right now.

So it’s a very high value resource if you want to do tapping.

And then yeah, my book, Becoming More Me, Tapping

Into Success, Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial

Mom is available on Amazon.

That has a lot of exercises and things

that you can get hands on in it.

And it’s also a lot of my story and my client stories

and things in there too.

And then from there, I have the Becoming More

Me Signature programs.

So I have group coaching.

I have one-on-one coaching.

and things that are really designed to give you expert advice that gets results,

especially for people who feel really stuck in different places.

So I’m always happy to hop on a quick call.

And if you mentioned Janine’s name when you hop on there,

you’ll get extra bonus coaching too.

So that can be really helpful also.

But yeah, I mean, from the free community on up to one-on-one coaching,

there’s all sorts of ways that I can kind of jump in and help you.

And I’m always happy to answer questions.

If you have them, email me to reach that to Reese LeRovien

and let me know what I can do to help you.

I’ll always try to find the right solution

that’s gonna align with what you’re looking to do or achieve.

JANNINE: Good stuff, good stuff.

And I mean, I know that for my personal wealth health,

all of the things you’ve helped me quite a bit

in terms of moving through quite a few blockages.

And like you guys have seen here,

it’s not a you get it all fixed,

you’re an evolving person.

we have things that come up.

And so being able to have the skills to work

on what’s coming up on the fly

can be incredible for your overall health.

And then working with Theresa to really kind of move you

to the next level of what you’re going for

in life as a game changer.

It’s worked for me.

You know, I have no doubt that it’s going to help you as well.

So Theresa, thanks again for chatting with me again today.

I always love chatting with you

and to look forward to more times.

THERESA: Yes, absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate your support and having me back on the show again.

JANNINE: Anytime you know that, you know that we’ll have more good times in the future here. All right.

That’s it for today.

[Outro] (upbeat music) Hey fellow health junkie. Thanks for listening to the Health Fix Podcast. If you enjoy tuning in, please help support me to get the word out about the podcast. Subscribe, rate and review and just get that word out. Thanks again for listening.

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

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