Curious about essential oils but unsure how to use them and what to look for in a brand?  On the hunt for a blend that helps with sleep, energy, relaxation, pain relief or that sweeps you away to your happy place destination?  Childhood best friends and founders of CAMPO Beauty, Jessica Frandson and Jill King were looking for essential oil blends that combined the ancient art of aromatherapy with luxury beauty oils to create an easy to use aromatherapy brand for the modern world.  Jessica’s 20 year background in marketing and branding paired with a keen sense of smell and time spend studying under a top perfume maker combined with Jill’s marketing background in the fashion and beauty industry as well as a passion for aromatherapy and essential oils it’s no wonder this duo created such an elegant and user friendly line of essential oils. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Jessica Frandson on the CAMPO Beauty line and the ability to connect to your mind, body and spirit using essential oils. 

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode: 

  • How aromatherapy essential oils are being used for air travel
  • Blends being used for the birthing process
  • How Hoag Hospital in Orange County is using aromatherapy for pre/post surgery and birthing 
  • Inspiring kiddos to integrate essential oils into their life
  • How to best care for your diffuser
  • Tips to refresh your linens and laundry
  • Daily stress calming rituals with essential oils
  • Tricks for scenting your stationary for added flair

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Podcast Transcript

JANNINE: [Intro] Welcome to the Health Fix Podcast, where health junkies get their weekly

fix of tips, tools and techniques to have limitless energy, sharp minds and fit

physiques for life.

Hey health junkies, on this episode of the Health Fix Podcast, I’m interviewing

Jessica Frandson. She is the co-founder of Campo Beauty, along with her

childhood best friend, Jill King. How fun is that?

Now, they have transformed their love of essential oils, the ancient art of aroma therapy and

luxury beauty oils into a modern aroma therapy blend that is Campo Beauty.

And I have to agree, they’re doing some really cool stuff with their oils.

They have them in one airport in California.

They also are integrating their oils into the birthing center and into some pre and

post-surgical studies at Hogue Hospital there in Orange County, so really cool

stuff on the horizon here for Campo Beauty. But in this podcast, we’re going

to be talking about their company as a whole, their sourcing, but also the

beauty of oils and how essential oils can transport us to a truly calming

place. They have scents that are blends for the ocean, for desert, for mountains,

It’s cool stuff, can’t wait for you to meet Jessica Frandson.

So let’s get into the podcast.

Hey health junkies, I have Jessica Frandson on today, and we’re going to be talking about

essential oils, one of my most favorite subjects.

And like most of us, we’ve all kind of dabbled in essential oils here and there, but do we

really know where they’re coming from?

Do we really know the story behind them?

And I think that’s really important as a lot of us are starting to get more sophisticated

As we dive deeper into the things we put into our bodies, what we interact with.

And so Jessica, welcome to the health fix podcast.

JESSICA: Thank you, Dr. Jannine.

I appreciate you having me.

JANNINE: Hey, my pleasure.

I mean, when your husband was like, hey, have you heard about Jessica’s company,

Campo Beauty?

I’m like, no.

And of course, took a deep dive into the website.

I was like, oh, yes, we’ve got to talk about your essential oils.

We’ve got to talk about what you’re up to.

So tell us a little bit about how you got started with essential oils.

what was your first experience? Were you dealing with anything or just playing around?

JESSICA: Yeah, good question. So being married to my husband, we’ve actually just celebrated our 18th

wedding anniversary this weekend. And he has been on a wellness journey, basically his whole life,

because he had an experience with his father and he saw his dad basically be a pincushion.

And so that turned him to a whole, you know, new way of looking at how you can heal the body

naturally. And so I was already about 50% there. I think when I met my husband,

and then he just opened my eyes to just so much. I mean, even when it came down to vaccination,

things that I was kind of ambivalent about, he just, he showed me material that I just was like,

oh my gosh, this makes so much sense. So I think so much of where we’re getting back to

our roots is common sense. And I think we’ve kind of stepped away from it, or maybe things have

been overcomplicated. And so my journey with essential oils has been, it’s kind of a slow journey

at first. It was because I, one of the gifts I’ve been given is that I have an incredible

nose. So for better or worse, like I can smell the most big things at the highest level,

almost like a, like a canine or, you know, to the bad senses, like I can walk into someone’s

home and go, Oh my gosh, there’s mold, like I just smell it all. And so I’ve always been fascinated

with, you know, fresh cut flowers and gardening, like everything else, all the senses have really

been something that have, that have brought me passion and joy. That’s where I really find myself

getting lit up. So I always loved having beautiful perfume. I

always loving have fresh flowers, baking, cooking, all those

things that are kind of sensory and sense of smell. And then at

one point, I actually had an opportunity, I was working for

my family business, and it was a product called Simple Green.

And that is an all purpose non toxic cleaner, and it was

really ahead of its time back in the seventies. But as I got a

little more educated, and as I was, you know, maturing, I

I realized that there was a big wave coming of all natural.

And this was, gosh, maybe 20 years ago, or even more.

It’s just about the time I met my husband, Justin.

And I realized even though Simple Green

was an incredible product, it did have synthetics in it.

So I wanted to see if there was something we could do

to also have a really effective cleaner be–,

but be 100% natural.

So I asked my dad if I could come up

with a little supplementary line

to see how that would be received.

And so in that process,

wanted to send things 100% natural with essential oils. And that’s where I got my first education

and in the primary difference between a scent and a fragrance. And for the most part, a scent

should be something from nature that’s created from nature. It’s not a hybrid of anything. And

then something that’s a fragrance would typically be something that’s manufactured, synthetic,

you know, like kiwi ocean or something like that, like that doesn’t exist in real life.

So from there, that was just something that kind of like was a little nugget that was just tucked

away, you know, in my bank. And, you know, again, I would use essential oils just very casually and just

in a very, very simple way, you know, lavenders like the gateway. So I had some lavender and I

probably had some eucalyptus for my shower and I just would enjoy it, you know, here and there.

And then what really prompted me was fast forward. I went to meet my, my best friend,

childhood best friend, and she had moved from Southern California, where we both grew up,

and she was living in Texas.

And so I was getting settled in.

She came in to check on me and she saw my mini apothecary

at my favorite perfume.

And she’s like, oh my gosh, I have that exact same perfume.

And then she goes to check out my apothecary.

So from floor to ceiling,

she had every essential oil under the sun.

And so that night as we were catching up,

we started talking about

and really re-imagining what essential oils could look like.

And we were like, what if Tom Ford and Apple

had an essential oil or baby?

What would that look like?

It would be clean, modern, intuitive,

have knock out healing powers, smell intoxicating,

be really straightforward, meaning free blended,

ready to go, have the carrier oils if you needed it.

And so we really, we wanted the package,

just everything, we’re like,

why does it have to be in a brown tincture bottle

and have woo-hoo riding all over it?

We thought, gosh, I really love something

that aesthetically would like slot right into my lifestyle,

be really jet set ready, meaning it could be portable

to and from work, to and from travel,

in and around your home.

And so as we started conjuring of all these things

that we wanted for our lives, we were busy working moms.

And what we really talked about what we needed was

we needed more energy, we needed to focus,

we needed to relax, and we needed to sleep better.

So those are the four daily rituals

that we founded our company on.

And what we really found that was missing in the market

was having these pre-blends.

Like, so we want to take the guesswork out of it.

So instead of saying, I need lavender,

and I need a Valerian route and all these different elements,

people could go to the market,

and that was the other time.

The other thing that was happening at that moment

was that there was two ways to really experience

and expose yourself to essential oils.

It was either going to a local health food store,

and that would typically be an AR&F experience.

Somebody would be either quite knowledgeable

and really help you on your journey,

or you’d stand there by yourself

and just look at this wall of essential oils,

spend a couple hundred dollars on essential oils

and go home and go, now what I do with it.

So that was kind of one, you know, experience

that we were having or we would hear people have.

And then the other one would be,

I got invited to Aunt Sally’s, it was an MLM party.

There’s a little bit of peer pressure.

You get it caught up in all this, you know,

jazzy excitement, but then again, you go home and you’re like,

oh my gosh, I’m committed to this, you know,

big investment and now what do I do with it?

So we wanted to take some of the stigma away from it,

you know, like the crunchy hippie,

like I’m from Laguna Beach, like I can speak to that,

Like, that’s kind of like a, you know, Californians, you know, live on avocados and wear patchouli.

And, you know, I have to say, up until, you know, I really started on this journey myself,

I was not a fan of patchouli. I thought it was stinky and just very, you know, it had a very

specific scent. But as I got to really understand essential oils, I’m very similar to wine. You

can have a box wine for $5.99 and, you know, you know, fee 50 or you could have a beautiful

cult wine that might be $5,000, $50,000 that is picked from the finest grapes at the peak of

ripeness. So we really wanted to go for that top shelf, beautiful. Everything we did with

Campo, we wanted to have intention and purpose from the packaging. We wanted it to be beautiful

and just really minimal so that it could set on top of the counter, not below the counter.

That way we felt you’d be more apt to incorporate these daily rituals throughout the day, not just

once or twice or, you know, it’s like vitamins. You stow them away, you forget to take them.

So we thought that was a real important piece of it. Even though that might sound a little

superficial, we thought that was a really important part of it. If it felt, if it really slotted into

anybody’s design element, it would just literally blend away or actually enhance the environment.

So that was one. Number two is we really wanted to source our own ingredients. We didn’t want to

just go, “Oh, hey, we’re a couple of housewives that are going to go to a manufacturing company,

give them our ideas and then have the product arrive on our doorstep.

We literally took, I thought this part of the journey would be much quicker, but in hindsight,

I’m really glad that it was because it was almost like a level letter between two best friends

because my best friends in Texas, I’m in California. And the first thing that we set out to put in

one of our blends was for energy. So again, our daily rituals, our energy, focus, relax and sleep.

And I thought, oh my gosh, Neroli, that is the most, I think the most beautiful

central oil out there. It’s very rare. It takes about a thousand pounds of the orange blossom

to actually be pressed and extract the central oils to make a kilo, which is, you know, if people

are here in America, I’m kind of like a quarter mill, about that would be about $8,000. So typically

people don’t even know, they haven’t even experienced an early and the benefits of it, which are just

magical because it’s so expensive and you don’t see that in blends. And that was something at the

time when we started, nobody was doing blends. It was mostly single molds. So that was something that

that we thought was really important is let’s do our research, let’s figure out.

And that’s how we would start is if we were doing an energy blend, we would look at, you

know, let’s say there’s 100 essential oils out there that could produce that element

of helping to promote energy.

Then we would just keep filtering it down either by scent, like how does it smell?

Was it intoxicating?

Did it meet that, you know, did you check that box?

And then what was more universally accepted, you know, maybe photosensitivity, we just try

to look at how we can make everything as universal as possible but as special as possible. So using

top shelf ingredients, we sourced all of our own essential oils from all over the world. So it’s

not like we’re getting it from one source, we’re getting them from, you know, if we want neroli

and sometimes that changes. It might be, you know, coming from Italy at one point and then if

they have a, you know, a hard season with rain or something is going to happen. So that’s kind of

of a continuous journey for us is our sourcing.

But that’s one of my favorite parts of creating Campo

is that we know every ingredient that goes into our product.

Again, every blend that we’ve created, I’ve created.

And then with the help of my business partner,

she lets me be the nose, but then she does the final sign off.

And she’s the one kind of dotting all the eyes

and crossing the t’s.

She gets really in the weeds.

And I get to do all the beautiful kind of big picture

thinking, what are we needing right now, like whether it’s, and I can get into some of our

collections and how they came to be. But, you know, with essential oils, there’s two basic ways

that you can appreciate and enjoy them. You can either inhale them, and so that can either be

through a diffuser, or just literally you could take a bottle and just, you know, crack it open

and just take a nice deep breath. So that’s going up into your olfactory and that it’s connecting to

some of the deepest part of your brain’s connecting memory and emotion. And then the other way you

can enjoy and experience essential oils is through absorption into your skin and it gets into your

bloodstream. So as we were sourcing, like those are all the things that are really important to us

is having the most beautiful, the most top quality and knowing that we could stand behind that.

We even took it a step further and we so we’re 100% natural with everything we do

and then we’re leaping bunny certified which means there’s no cruelty to animals and anything

that we’ve done in the process of creating our essential oils.

JANNINE: Gotcha. Gotcha. Wow. Okay. So I think a lot of them are like, well, geez. Um, you know,

these, your foundations obviously are very attractive because I think you hit on one of the most

important things or maybe one of the most common things I hear from women is like,

yeah, the essential oils are singular and I don’t really know how to blend them. So I have

these oils but I don’t know what to do with them and so I’m often asked like hey doc what do you

do with you know frankincense or neroli for example not that many people are sitting around with

the singular neroli that is definitely not not one I hear but you know I’m often asked like how

can I use these essential oils because yes maybe someone was brought in on an MLM type of deal or

something of that nature too so I think looking at your foundations and and how did you guys create

these? What did you guys do? Did you get together and have essential oil parties? I mean, what a

great way to be able to like make excuses to see your bus friend? 

JESSICA: It was. And so, we call them

ethos. So the first, our daily rituals are energy focused, relax, and sleep. And then from there,

we thought about all the pain points that are most universal. So we have one for your head,

which is called crown. We have one for your chest called breathe to open up and, you know,

you know, start the airflow better.

One is called detox, and then we have one called immune.

So that’s our natural remedies collection.

And then the next collection we created

was our mindfulness collection,

and that’s connecting like the heart, mind, body connection.

So we have a love blend, we have a gratitude blend,

we have a manifest and a sanctuary blend.

And so those all kind of came about

when as our needs were arising,

so we started with our daily rituals,

and then something would come along,

I’m like, oh, you know what?

This is something I would really want in my life.

And then I’d say, “Hey, Jill, what do you think about this?”

Yes, and it would go back and forth.

Or Jill would say, “Hey, Jess, I’m thinking

I really need this, this is missing in my life.”

So that’s every ethos that we’ve created

came out of a need out of our own personal lives

or somebody in our lives.

I was like, “Hey, have you thought about this?

I would really, this would just be amazing for me.”

And again, taking all the guesswork out

and they’re just very straightforward.

When you see the word breathe, they’re like,

“Oh, I’m a little congested.

I need to open up.

I think I need the breathe blend.”

Or, “Hey, I’m feeling a little tired.

I need a boost, energy, perfect.”

So that was things we really wanted to try to make it

as simple and straightforward as possible.

So, and then our last collection,

which is really fun, is called our destination collection.

And that was meant to transport you

to these beautiful destinations

and then transform your mind, body, and spirit.

And we started that based on our California roots.

So when you think about California,

people think about our beautiful beaches.

And then, but that might bring you to California,

but we have incredible mountains full of the woods.

We have deserts that are just so full of energy

and all these sage and just these beautiful,

like really healing properties.

And then we have our beautiful canyons.

So we have ocean, canyon, desert and woods

are our four ethos within our destination collection.

So we feel like we’ve really covered the basis

and we’ve kept it really tight as a collection.

So it’s still very manageable for people to understand

without having to go to all these different single notes.

We still do have kind of the hero single notes

of people wanna be a purist and we offer those as well.

But for the most part, we thought that this is

what made Campo special and how we could help people

on their journey with essential oils.

I was like, take a little bite of the apple,

let’s keep it really simple for you.

And as you wanna learn more,

we also wanna be that resource for people.

So on our website, we have a page called Ingredient Field.

And literally from A to Z, you can go into any ingredient

that we have listed on any of our products.

and I’ll have a beautiful, it’s almost like it Vogue did an encyclopedia of essential oils. It’ll have a

beautiful photo, so it kind of draws you in, has a little bit of history, has some quotes, and if

you want to keep trailing down and getting deeper into what is that essential oil, it’s all there

for you, the origin of where we sourced it from, and maybe how it may have been used in the history

of that essential oil. So that’s something that we really want to try to keep improving upon and

and really just be a beautiful source for people

to come in and trusted source.

JANNINE: Yeah, yeah.

So like when you’re trying to come up

with where do I source things from?

Are you traveling to these places?

Is there a central like website?

I imagine catalogs, I don’t know.

You got to give me the scoop of like,

how do you salute these places out?

JESSICA: Yeah, so a lot of it is it’s like an Easter egg hunt.

You start maybe with you get one great source for something

and then they’re like, oh, hey, I know of somebody over here

that’s, I think it would be very akin

to the organic farming community.

You may be in the tomato business,

but you’re like, oh my gosh, if you want the best grapes,

you have to go to my buddy in California,

or that kind of thing.

So it’s really been just a discovery journey for us

with all of our sources.

Sometimes we have traveled, but now it’s that,

part of the thing that happened is right,

we started with our four daily rituals,

And then I think we found it in 2000, 2018.

And so pretty short into our journey, we had COVID.

And we were just locked down.

So a lot of things, it was great that we

had these trusted relationships because we could just–

and that’s where I did a lot where

I think if you look at the history of how we started

expanding the line, I think it was

when I was at home just being a mad scientist.

I’m like, ooh, let’s do this, let’s do this.

That’s in fact how manifest came about that blend as well as gratitude, because even though

that was such a crazy time for us all, I felt like, wow, as a whole, I was with my family.

I lived in a beautiful place that was safe.

I had freedom in terms of my own community and what I was doing.

I could still go down to the beach.

We really lived our lives with a lot of freedom during that time, which a lot of people didn’t.

So I felt so full of gratitude and that’s where that kind of inspired me to create that


And the manifest was like I was manifesting like just literally good for the world like

I just wanted it all to open up and so it’s kind of a twofold thing how those two blends

came about.


Now, I read something that you were kind of mentioning about your carrier oils and choosing

them and being able to interchange them.

Is that what I understood or did I read it wrong?

– Help me understand the sense.

JESSICA: Okay, so that’s a great question.

So one of the other things we wanted to do

when we started the company was take that guesswork

out of the carrier oil.

So again, typically, so with our pure essential oil,

that was something that we again was really important to us.

We have it in a violet glass,

and the violet glass comes from Norway.

And the reason we chose this glass,

and it’s, you know, it’s a premium glass,

is because it helps to harness the natural energetic properties

of the oils, as well as helping to block out

in any of the harmful UV rays.

So that was super important to us.

And when you get an essential oil,

for the most part, you really need to blend it

with a carrier oil because it’s potent.

So that’s where you’ll see people,

you can use anything almond oil, coconut oil, avocado.

I mean, literally anything could be a carrier oil

in terms of if it’s got some kind of base,

you can use your favorite lotion.

But what we wanted to do, and what we did our research was,

we found that jojoba oil,

which is one of the more premium carrier oils,

is the closest to your body’s natural sebum.

So what that means is it’s gonna absorb

more quickly into your bloodstream.

It’s gonna leave a nicer finish, not so greasy.

So it’s just a great agent to help carry that oil

into your bloodstream.

And then you’ll start to get the effects

at a more rapid pace.

The other thing we thought,

well, gosh, while we’re doing this,

and hence, campo beauty is,

we’re gonna have carrier oils.

Let’s have everything be working for us.

Let’s just have extra bonuses all over the place.

So not only do we have jojoba,

which is a beautiful nourishing

and hydrating carrot oil,

we added in vitamin E as our preservative,

which has all these other beautiful beauty benefits.

We have camilla seed in there.

So we just made this,

it’s not just one carrier oil that’s in our carrier oils.

It’s a blend of them.

It’s a meritage of the most beautiful carrot oil

so that you get the benefits of it.

So the next step two was,

we’ve got our pure oil, which is great to just put in your diffuser or put a little bit in your

shower, you know, those little places and I can get into some more DIYs later if we have time.

But we wanted to have things we call it jet set ready, ready to go. You don’t have to mix,

pour, do anything. So that’s why we came up with a roll on. So our roll on is the perfect amount of

100% pure essential oil to the carrier oils. So even though they might be blends of, there might

be five different essential oils in a blend and maybe five different carrier oils, it’s going to,

It’s the perfect balance of everything you need

in that particular ethos.

So if it’s energy or focus or relax any of the roll-ons,

it’s pre-blended ready to go.

And what I love about the roll-ons is

they’re just, they’re really great little multitaskers too

because you can, after you put it on your pulse points,

which actually I should point that out right now too.

The reason you go to your pulse points is there’s more,

you’ve got your blood vessels

and they can get into your bloodstream quicker

than just rolling it on the top of your forearm,

let’s say for example.

So your pulse points are at your temples,

behind the base of your neck and your ears,

the your wrists, and the back of your knees,

the crick of your elbow,

and then your feet wouldn’t necessarily be a pulse point,

but they’re just an awesome place

and it’s your biggest absorption point.

And so with that, I’d like to take the roll on

and I’ll just, you know, do a nice application

of the roll on oil to my hands.

And then I’ll act, you know, run my hands together,

pat the bottoms in my feet

and that really helps activate the oils.

and then really we’ll get into your bloodstream really quick.

So that’s one of my favorite places to apply a central oils.

JANNINE: Ooh, I love the feet.

There’s just, I don’t know, there’s just something.

I know people are like, oh my feet,

but it’s the magnesium oil I started there.

And then from there, it’s just kind of expanded

as to all the different things that you can do.

JESSICA: Yeah, it’s fantastic.

So yeah, that’s, I went over the pulse points.

So yeah, again, the two basic ways.

I mean, some people will promote ingesting a central oils.

We just don’t do that.

Even though this is plant medicine,

we feel like that just takes it to a home of the level.

We know that we can safely advise people to use

our pre-blended essential oils on their pulse points.

We can use our 100% natural,

the pure essential oil in a diffuser.

And it’s just a beautiful passive way

to get the benefits of essential oils

without having to do one more thing.

And, you know, that’s the other great thing is,

I mean, I love candles, I love the ambiance of candles,

but if you’re not burning a really beautiful,

pure candle, you’re just burning synthetics into your home.

So the diffuser is a really great swap for a synthetic candle.

You still get this ambiance of the steam coming out.

There’s– in our diffuser in particular.

There’s two settings of a nightlight.

So you kind of get that glow of a candle.

So that’s something that I think is important for people

to just be educated about, as much as I’m a fan of candles.

It’s like, don’t rip them from me.

But just with that, you have to really consider it

in moderation too, because they’re just not healthy.

JANNINE: Yeah, it’s one of those things that, you know,

it’s really hard for a lot of people to get past that.

And I’ve really worked with a lot of clients, you know,

to get the Glade plugins out, get the, you know,

toxic candles out and really start switching over

to diffusers and essential oils.

Because let’s face it, like, it’s nice

to have a good scented home.

But at the same time, we don’t wanna be like

trashing our bodies. 

JESSICA: right.

JANNINE: Oh, it’s, oh.

So in terms of your, your diffuser,

is this something you guys designed?

Is it something that you found?

And you’re like, I really just like this product.

Tell us a little bit more about your diffuser.

JESSICA: Yeah, so that was something that was really important to us.

So we designed, we have four different designs

and they’re just literally like little pieces of art.

And so this is, we have,

it’s just a really simple basic shape.

And this comes in a white ceramic, a black ceramic.

And then we have a natural wood and a dark wood.

And I have to say, the natural wood’s probably my very favorite one.

It’s just so kind of like at that beachy, Jenny Kane.

It’s just so gorgeous.

I just love it.

And we just wanted them to be able to just really elevate any space or mood so

that it just it kind of blended in and it wasn’t some, you know, big

colorful eyesore or, you know, some big monster, you know, living in the corner

of your kitchen or what have you.

JANNINE: I laugh only because some of the ones I’ve seen look like weird, like alien.

things. You’re like, is that going to take off in the corner there? What’s going on over there?

So these are very like, I mean, folks, they’re very sleek. They’re very, I’d say, modern.

And they look very good for just having your home as a decorative piece, for sure, for sure.

So okay, you guys got those together. And in terms of diffuser blends, do you have different

diffuser blends compared to the regular blends? You just wanted the other.

JESSICA: They’re all they’re all the same. And so when you have a that the 100%, um, essential oil blend,

that can really be used for anything too. So, but you just have to do use a little more work. So

that can go directly into your diffuser. And this is just a little tip no matter what diffuser you

use. Be sure that you always add water first, then the oil, because people get so excited,

they crack the oil first because they want to smell that, they plug that in, and then that will

start to gum up your inner housing of any, of any diffuser. So that’s just one little tip to keep

in mind. So always do water first, then your oil. 

JANNINE: Gotcha. Gotcha. 

JESSICA: With your, with

the pure blend, you can, there’s so many ways you can use it all by itself. I mean,

like I said, I use it daily in the shower. I love it. It just creates like an instant

spa. No matter what blend you’re using, it just feels so good. I use it in my laundry

every day. I use unscented natural laundry soap. So I just put that in there so then

I can make that, you know, whatever it is I’m feeling whether I want to use relax or energy.

of the blends. They’re just beautiful. And then if I run, I’m really bump it up. I’ll put some on

a dryer ball, throw it in the dryer. I use it in a mixed bottle. I’ll use it for linen sprays if

I just want to refresh things. If they’ve been, you know, in the linen closet, I’ll make sprays

from my face. One of the things we wanted to do initially when we launched the brand was we wanted

to have an energy-focused, relaxed, and sleep mist. We thought, “Oh my gosh, I’ll be so awesome.”

But as we went down that journey, we just realized in order to stay 100% natural and true to what

But you know, one of the pillars of our brand was we had to use like we were trying all

these different natural preservatives and we, again, it was like this love letter between

my girlfriend and I, you know, business partner, I would say, I just got my sample.

How about you?

We try not to teen each other and we go, okay, one, two, three, I’m like, it’s not bad.

She’s like, yeah, it’s not bad.

We’re like, wait, our one of our principles was it had to smell intoxicating.

So even though the essential oil we’re putting in was absolutely intoxicating, when it got

down to the preservatives and the emulsifiers in order to blend the oil and water together,

they just, that’s kind of when you have to look at am I willing to use the best of the

worst synthetic to do the process or do we just keep this as a DIY until such time we

find something that’s beautiful and that’s what we decided to do at the end of the day.

So even though that’s one little step, it’s almost like a meal prep, you can just once

a week, just get a little bottle, spray bottle, put in some distilled water, a few drops of

your favorite essential oils. So whether it’s, you know, crown for headaches, energy to just

spritz in the morning, relax later in the day, I just keep them in my refrigerator and just

use them as I want. And then at the end of the week, I’m start fresh. 

JANNINE: I like that. I like that.

You know, it’s funny how we kind of have the evolution of businesses of where we have all

these ideas and then we you know either will go for ’em at you know let’s put it this way it doesn’t

matter the cost and I like that you guys stuck true to your roots and I think that’s really

something important to have folks here because I do know that a lot of companies will sell out in

in trying to get what they want and unfortunately you know at the risk of something being slightly–

JESSICA: There are certain blends that are just fantastic so the relax is great for kids the sleep blend

the breathe blend those are all fantastic and kind of the universal ones and I’ve used them with my

kids or with my daughter and her group of friends like they’d be in the soccer we’d be taking them

to soccer and we’re like okay who needs their energy blend and they’re like yay you know it’s

like it’s just fun because then they start taking ownership of their own health and you know really

setting their intentions so but getting back to Campo cares that was something that was

really important from day one is that Jill and I wanted to give back in a way that was meaningful

to us and so I had been a part of a group called second harvesters and that’s a group of about 50

women in Orange County and they put on we put on one of any year and we raise about a million

dollars and everything’s underwritten. I think 10% maybe goes back into the coffers just for some

administration things but the amount of money that’s raised and that goes back in the community

is incredible so I was always witness to this and then that would go to second harvest food bank

And so we would get to see, you know, literally farm-to-table, we’d go pick beans in the morning,

they’d get on a truck, there was a whole pantry. And so I got to really see this whole operation

of like farm-to-table and then food. And when you think about Orange County, where I live,

it’s such an affluent community. But when you see that so many people are just right below,

right at the poverty line, right? So it just takes one illness, a divorce, you know,

a tragedy in their family, where you’re just hanging on by a thread. And then these people

look like you and I are too prideful to even ask for help. And so that’s, I’ve come my first entry

into like it being at a local level and seeing how much you can really help people. And so when

Jill and I started Campo, we really did want to give back and we looked at all the different

things we could have given back to. And at the end of the day, Jill really, you know, she loved

the work I’ve been doing at Second Harvest Food Bank. And I said, you know, I think it makes so

so much sense for us because we’re literally taking

from Mother Earth, right?

From all, that’s what Campo means.

Campo means field or countryside in Italian and Spanish.

So we’re scouring the globes, finding the most beautiful

fields and countryside, and that’s where we’re harvesting

our essential oils from, and we bring them back here

to the States where we blend them.

So we’re super proud to be made in America,

and we’re female-founded and operated.

And so kind of giving back and coming full circle and like,

it just makes sense to give back to something

comes from the earth and that’s going to feed people’s souls. So we give back to Feeding America,

which is kind of the big umbrella across the nation. And then Second Harvest Food Bank would

be a local chapter in Orange County and those several of those scattered across the country.

So that’s something that we continue to support and we’ll do so.

JANNINE: Very cool, very cool. Okay, so now we’ve got that connection there as well. I think ya know, at this one,

a lot of folks might be going, “Okay, you’ve given us some nuggets, especially the laundry.

I love the laundry balls and putting the essential oils on those.” And I didn’t really know about

that until one of my girlfriends was like, “Oh gosh, yeah, I do that all the time.” I’m like, “Hmm, okay.”

So there’s probably a bunch more of little nuggets that you have in terms of DIY and how to use your

products in fun ways that folks might not have been thinking about. So I’m going to turn it over

over to you to give us some fun stuff.

JESSICA: These are some fun ones, especially come up with the

holidays, but what I’m gonna do before I get to that is just

a really good daily, this is called our infinity ritual.


JESSICA: What you can do, I designed it at first with the roll-on

in mind, but if you don’t have our roll-on and you’re just

using an essential oil, you can just put a few drops with

your carrier oil in the palm of your hand and then just use

your finger, okay, so I’m just gonna start and pretend

like I have the roll-on.

So I would take my roll-on and I’m gonna create the

infinity sign in the palm of my hand.

And I’m gonna do that eight times.

And then I’m gonna rub my hands together eight times

to activate the oils.

Then I’m gonna start with eight deep breaths in and out.

I’m gonna think about my intention,

whether I’m giving gratitude,

things I may want to manifest.

So as you’re taking those deep breaths,

you can literally, as you’re rubbing your hands together,

taking those deep breaths,

you can feel the cheat energy in your hands,

like literally become electric.

And that’s just, you know, close your eyes,

Take those deep breaths.

It literally takes you all of maybe 30 seconds

to do this ritual.

And we recommend that you do it when you wake up,

breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And as needed throughout the day,

you can do it literally at a stop sign.

You can do it at your desk.

You can do it before you walk in the door

to greet your family.

If you need a moment to just calm yourself down,

if you need to refocus.

So we find that that is just been a,

people really want, they wanna know how,

how do I do this?

How do I incorporate this into my life?

That has been one that we get such great feedback on

whenever I share that ritual.

So that’s a really, and you know, it’s infinity,

it’s the eighth sign, you do basically everything eight times.

So it’s kind of a no brainer.

So that’s our infinity ritual.

Couple of my favorite ways to use essentials

that are a little bit, I would say unconventional would be like,

so I love letter writing, I love the note cards,

I love anything, I used to actually own a station or store.

So I love to send stationery.

And especially this time of year,

I think it’s so beautiful when you’re sending out

or holiday cards to have like a little cent to them, I think is just so special and so we did

actually launch we have a we have two cents that are absolutely incredible for holidays.

Woods is one that’s in our destination collection and it literally smells like a fresh cut Christmas

tree. It’s for a balsam scotch pine. There’s about five different pines in this one and it’s just

unbelievable. So if you like the scent of you know walking through the forest after a fresh rain

That’s one that’s just magical.

Then the one that’s limited edition is our Joy blend.

And that is so beautiful.

It’s a sweet orange, just a dash of cinnamon,

frankincense and mer.

So it’s like all the king’s oils and one of the holiday ones,

but just not, it’s not so in your face.

The cinnamon is just like a whisper of it.

And so what I love to do is, so you can take cotton balls

and put the central on your cotton ball,

take whatever stationary that you wanna have scented,

take a plastic ziplock bag and just put the cotton balls in with it and just let them like

hear overnight or as long as you, you know, longer the better. Um, that’s one way to do it. You can

also put the essential oil into a spray bottle and you can spray things, you know, like say the back

of it, but the cotton ball is the best way because then you don’t get any of the oil marks. But

sometimes that’s fun to do writing a letter and it’s kind of like, it’s a little sexy like, oh,

there’s, here’s like almost like spring to perfume. We’re spraying the essential oil on it. So that’s

something you can do. And then also, I’ve sent a gift wrap paper. So when they’re opening their

presents, there’s this beautiful aroma of whatever you want to express. So that’s a fun one. I like

to also take, like I said, you could take a tissue, like a Kleenex, you could take cotton balls,

put your essential oil on it, put it in your lingerie drawer, put it in your workout drawer.

Those are great ways to just keep things smelling fresh. Same thing in your car,

couple drops on a cotton ball, just put it in a glove box anywhere in your car and that’ll give you

really great aromatherapy right there. We also have a travel diffuser. So if you really want to

have like you’re going on road trips or if you’re commuting you know quite a bit that’s always nice

and it’s little this size of like a soda can and it fits in your cup holder and it goes into your

USB port. So that’s really great. What other ones do I like? I like making potpourri because I love

to bake. So I’ll take, I’ll take like zest of an orange peel zest, you know, whatever you have on

hand. So I love zesting things. It could be grapefruit, any of your citruses. And then I love fresh

rose petals or any like if you have flowers that have kind of like flopped out, you can just take

those, put them in a bowl with a few citrus rinds and then add your favorite essential oil and just

toss that together. And then it’s just beautiful and it smells beautiful. And then it’s just like

something that you’ve created and it’s you know it’s got like heart and warmth in it.

JANNINE: Oh nice. I never would have thought of that but it’s a great way to use the the flower bouquets when

you know they’re they’ve kind of timed out or the ones outside that you’ve got a couple left that

look somewhat decent. I like that. I like that. I think you know one of the big things is really

thinking about helping folks find alternative ways to have sense and beauty and comfort in the home

and something that’s going to be non-toxic because, you know, my personal experience,

what brought me to essential oils more than anything is because I cannot, like,

I’m kind of like you. My sniffer can tell all kinds of things, you know,

including gas mold and those things. But for me, it’s like, if someone has a fake sense

in the house, I’m already getting a headache. I’m definitely chemically sensitive and I’m like,

you know, I don’t like this. It doesn’t make me feel good. But as soon as I get a hold of

something like this it kind of brings me back to life and makes me happy that I can smell these

nice things because I used to like them I just didn’t know any better. 

JESSICA: Well the other thing that

we I really like to empower people is to really tap into your breath. I mean essential as a side

like obviously I’m a big fan and this is what I do but I feel like the more people can just tap

into their breath like on a daily basis. I think we all run around either like coming birds or

or we’re holding our breath, we don’t even realize it.

And your breath is your biggest gift, right?

It’s your life force.

And so by just taking those little moments throughout the day,

even if you’re doing that ritual without anything,

like your brain, literally it’s a trigger.

Once you start doing that,

you can start doing that figure eight thing

without one drop of central

and your body’s gonna go into that state.

It’s gonna literally connect

because your mind is tapping into those deep emotions

and sense and it’s really gonna put you right back

to that special place once you’ve grounded yourself. So that’s something that I would like. It’s free,

it’s your own body. It’s just you. It’s just a simple ritual. You can, like I said, you can do it

in the car. You can do it in line at the grocery store if you’re having a moment, like just whatever,

like you just, you can take power and really calm yourself or reset yourself at any moment in time.

And so that’s been really special. And that kind of flags one of the things that we created that

I’m really proud of is we are partnered with Hoag Hospital in Orange County and they asked

us to come up with, they wanted to incorporate essentials into their birthing rituals.

So we have a mama collection which is beautiful and universal and it’s just a beautiful blend

to help with nausea, to help calm and soothe while you’re pregnant.

But in addition to that, we created a ritual called Relax, Breathe, Receive.

And so when mothers to be are coming in and they’re asked, would they like to incorporate

essentials into their birth plan, they go through that ritual of first it’s relaxing.

You know, when you go into that environment, it’s kind of stressful, you’re like, Oh my

gosh, what’s coming next?

So we get them in a relaxed state, then we get them into their breathing ritual, and

then we get them into the received ritual.

And each step of the way has different essential oils to help either stimulate blood flow so

your circulation starting to open up and like that’s at the last stage of it. And so our relationship

with Hoag I think has been really incredible and I think it really sets us apart from anybody

out there in addition to our incredible sourcing, our top shelf ingredients. We really wanted to

offer something like the very best out there. So now we have they have something called Flywell

at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. So we have a whole aromatherapy bar. So before you get

get on a flight. If you have jet lag in jitters, we have a flight oil in addition to our immune

and detox. They can try any of those oils before they get on a big, you know, to go travel.

So that’s been a really fun experience to touch people on a daily basis, you know, coming to and

from all parts of the world. And then another thing I’m really excited about is we’re getting

ready to do a study with Dr. Elizabeth Raskins. And she’s in the digest, she’s the head of the

digestive health institute for Hoag. And so we’re doing pre and post op surgery essential oils. So

pre surgery, they’re doing lavender to help relax the patients about 20 minutes prior to

surgery. And she said they’re just everyone’s now that it’s happening, everyone’s asking for it.

Post surgery, we’re using sweet orange to help stimulate appetite, we’re using peppermint to

help with nausea, we’re using frankincense for pain. So pretty shortly here, we’re going to have a

beautiful, unbiased study from one of the top doctors, Dr. Raskin is just, she’s like my hero,

I absolutely love this woman, she’s so inspiring. And then we’re also working really closely with

Dr. Allison Brooks, she’s the head of the Women’s Health Institute for Hoag, and they’ve actually

asked me to be on their committee. So these are things that I’m just like, it’s like pinch me,

I can’t believe, you know, this started as like a passion project that we needed something to help,

you know, bring more joy into our lives and now we’re getting to share it with others.

So it’s been just a really incredible journey for me personally.

JANNINE: Wow. Wow. So many big things coming up. I can’t wait to hear how these all play out.

And just a great plug for, you know, the plant medicine, you know, benefits as they are and

really hoping that folks can understand that this isn’t just, yes, it smells nice. Yes, there is

that aspect, but it also has a medicinal benefit for you as well. My goodness, Jessica, thank you

so much for coming on and sharing all of the details of Campo beauty. I’m excited to see where

things go. Give us the scoop on where folks can find you, Instagram, socials, and of course

Give us a scoop. 

JESSICA: Yes. Okay. So all of our social media handles are Campobeauty. So just at Campobeauty.

And if you want to go onto our website and you just register, you’ll get 15% off and then you’ll

be, you’ll get insider tips, you’ll get great. We have really, we don’t send a ton of emails,

but when they do, they’re either a great promotion or it’s really great material or a new product

that might really interest you. So you can always try it and then unsubscribe at least you can get

your discount and give us a try. And it’s literally not to be salesy, but we rarely get returns.

And so if you’re not literally 100%, you know, thrilled with our product, we happily take it back

because, or we typically just say take it and share it with a friend because we know somebody

will benefit from this. 

JANNINE: Yeah, no, good stuff. Love how you guys are doing things and looking

forward to what goes on with your your partnership with Hoag sounds fascinating. I’d love to hear

that plant medicine is being used in hospital situations and especially in the digestive and

in the women’s health and of course even with the labor and delivery department so cool so cool

once again thank you for coming on really appreciate it 

JESSICA: Oh thank you so much

JANNINE: [Outro] (Upbeat music) Hey fellow health junkie thanks for listening to the health fix podcast if you enjoy tuning in

please help support me to get the word out about the podcast subscribe rate and review

and just get that word out thanks again for listening

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

Let’s figure out what’s accelerating your aging process…

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