Your pet’s health can give you clues into your own health journey.  If your pet has allergies or has chronic issues it’s possible there’s something making them sick in or around your home.  Dr. Chris Bessent has been a doctor of veterinary medicine for over 30 years and she’s on a mission to help educate pet owners on the toxicities in and around the home from pesticides to chemicals found in the food. Dr. Chris is so committed to helping further the natural pet industry that she’s created two dog food companies and a supplement company to help consumers access quality non-toxic goods for their pets. In this episode of The Health Fix Podcast, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Chris Bessent on what pets can teach their owners about their own health. 

What You’ll Learn In This Show: 

  • Pets are the reflection of what you’re being exposed to in your home
  • Why allergies in dogs are common to present with GI and skin issues
  • Grain-free foods are rich in lentils and peas – two things massively contaminated with glyphosate
  • Dogs are showing you that foods rich in lentils and peas cause heart and taurine processing damage
  • Why milk thistle helps prevent liver toxicity in dogs
  • Most teeth cleaning chews are like feeding your pet Oreos!

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