A common question in my office is “do natural treatments for seasonal allergies work?” The answer is yes, if you are willing to swap out your allergy pill for an herbal combo in addition to cleaning up your diet a bit. With so many allergy pills, herbs and supplements on the market, which ones do you try first? In this episode Doc J breaks down what herbal therapies, diet and lifestyle changes she has seen to be most effective to help manage seasonal allergies in the moment and prevent them in the future.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:
• What foods help prevent allergy symptoms
• Where to get the best herbs to fight allergies
• Why you need to take your shoes off in the house
• Why your pets, rugs and blankets could be making your allergies worse

Resources From This Episode:
• 1) Clean up the diet and slow down on alcohol – limit consumption of the 5 inflammatory foods – wheat (gluten), dairy, soy, corn and sugar – all these increase the body’s ability to react to things you are allergic to aka allergens
• Eliminate or limit alcohol to 1-2 drinks a week
• 2) Eat – berries, cherries, apples, ½ yellow onion, cabbage family veggies, leafy greens – daily. Goal: 2 cups of fruit a day and 6-8 cups of veggies a day. Veggies and fruits have flavonoids and these babies fight allergies.
• 3) Take a natural histamine blocker – nettles and quercetin combos are my favorite – HistaEze – Designs for Health, Histablock Nature’s Sunshine or Aller-C by Vital Nutrients – take 2 twice a day between meals ** See product list below.
• 4) Rinse your nasal passages with a neti pot or NeilMed Saline rinse nightly or if you are not able to consider adding one drop of eucalyptus, tea tree or thyme essential oil (Mountain Rose Herbals) to 1 tsp of coconut, avocado, or olive oil and dip one end of a q-tip in the mix and twirl up your nose or dab onto your chest nightly to help open nasal passages.
• 5) Take a mast cell stabilizer (these cells control the release of histamine, the body’s natural chemical that triggers allergy symptoms) – Fish Oil or Flax Oil – Nordic Naturals ProOmega – 3 capsules with food a day or Flax Oil – Barlean’s 2 tbsp a day
• 6) Don’t bring pollens into your home…or at least keep them out as best as you can.
• HEPA air filter and purifier
• Take shoes and clothes that you have been outside with off as soon as you come in and wear clothes inside that you will not wear outside
• Clean all rugs, throw blankets, comforters, duvets, pillows at least once a week to cut down on pollen and dust mite build up
• Wipe down pets that go outside with damp cloths to reduce pollen exposure via what sticks to your pet’s coat.
HistaEze – Designs for Health – 2 twice a day
Histablock – Nature’s Sunshine – 2 twice a day
Aller-C – Vital Nutrients – 2 twice a day
ProOmega – Fish Oil – Nordic Naturals – 3 a day with food
Flax Oil – Barlean’s – 2 tbsp a day

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How bad your allergies flare up is related to how well you manage stress and inflammation. Want to learn how to stay on top of your allergies as you get older? Click Below Now!

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