Have you noticed that you can’t bend over and stand on one leg to put on your socks or shoes as easily as you used to? Feel like your muscles are super tight? Chronic knee pain or low back pain that you keeps blaming on arthritis? Doc J breaks down how your lack of mobility and tight muscles are might be the cause of your chronic pain, lack of flexibility and contributing to your arthritis.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:
• How you can get your mobility back on your own
• What are the best tools for self mobility enhancement
• Why consistency is key with mobility
• How to stop arthritis in it’s tracks right now
• What re-learning how to walk has to do with restoring your youthful agility

Resources From This Episode:
Gua Sha – Demo of Doc J performing it on a patient – Coming Soon – a self gua sha demo video
Cupping – Demo of Doc J cupping a patient– Coming Soon – a self cupping demo video
Foam Rolling – Great Intro Video – Alex Poole
Learn How to Walk Properly – to restore your youthful mobility – Johnathan FitzGordon –
• Psoas, weak or super tight hamstrings, too tight of a butt

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