A fast metabolism, balanced hormones and a fit physique means nothing if your heart is not healthy. 

Zone 2 cardio is the latest buzz phrase in the fitness industry.

It’s the zone that’s been found to keep your heart in tip top shape. 

For most people it’s between 105-120 beats per minute. 

And the goal is to keep your heart in this zone for 30 minutes. 

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You may find your heart rate shoots up over 120 easily with exertion…

…this is a sign it’s time to train in this zone at least 5 days a week!

For others it may be a challenge to keep the pace up to stay in this zone.

Wherever you land it’s worth the trade off to live well for longer! 

Can you benefit from quick sprinting?

Absolutely and I highly recommend it. 

Master zone 2 cardio first then move to adding in sprint training. 

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Speed bursts from 10 seconds to 3 minutes and a heart rate160+ with 1-3 minutes rest in between are great for training your heart to be resilient to stressors.

Achieving heart rates over 160 twice a week with a day or two rest in between is ideal. 

High heart rates can exhaust the body and require recovery time…

…and they can cause cortisol, cholesterol and body fat to increase.

Especially when you’re over 40 and your hormones are shifting.

Consistent zone 2 cardio…

  • improves hormone balance
  • lowers cortisol
  • reduces cholesterol
  • burns body fat
  • improves cardiovascular function

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Forget the research – look around you – who’s living the longest?

People who live an active lifestyle and move at least 30 minutes a day. 

30 minutes of sustained movement in the 105-120 zone does’t have to be boring!

Yard work, brisk walking while listening to a podcast all can get you in the zone.

Speaking of podcasts…

…this week Lalaina “Lala” Duncan, a highly sought after strength and longevity coach, talks with me about zone 2 cardio, how having more muscle mass helped a client beat cancer and what it’s been like for Lala to work with me!

If you haven’t heard it – check it out HERE

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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