90% of the people I talk to want more energy!

For most it’s not the magical B complex or the right herb that will do the trick in the long run.

While supplements may help counter stress induced deficiencies or nervous system overload…

the secret in restoring your energy has to do with lifestyle and thought process.

Before you click delete on this email… scan through as there might be something that resonates…(and there’s a few tips at the end too).

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What hijack’s 99% of society’s energy?

  • stressful thoughts
  • being sedentary
  • poor digestion
  • not enough protein (yes, you’ll see this over and over again)
  • decreased minerals
  • not breathing to release oxygen to tissues effectively
  • blood sugar balance is off
  • dehydration
  • toxins in air, water and food
  • energy vampire friends and family
  • too packed of a schedule
  • not taking breaks during the day
  • forgetting how to have fun

How do you make energy?

Absorbed nutrients from the gut travel to cells and get into the mitochondria. 

What are mitochondria?

The factories in each of your cells that make energy. 

Mitochondria decrease with as as muscle mass decreases with age. 

Less muscle = less mitochondria = less ability to make energy. 

If you’ve been eating less protein and not moving as much as you used to…

…and now you’re more tired …well you have less factories to make energy.

There isn’t a pill to make more mitochondria!

It’s impossible to give your mitochondria more B vitamins and minerals then hope energy will magically increase if you don’t move your body. 

You need circulation to carry nutrients throughout your body. 

What are two big things that impede circulation in the body?

1) Being sedentary.

2) Looping stressful thoughts that cause tension in the muscle and tissues. 

But doc, I was born with poor circulation!

Even more of a reason to enhance it.

What’s the number one thing that’s guaranteed to increase your energy and circulation over time?


More of it!

But doc I work out isn’t that enough?

I’ve tested that theory – working out an hour then sitting on your bum for the rest of the day sucks the life out of you. 

Even if you’ve overtrained, have an autoimmune condition or any other health issue. 

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Movement = circulation. 

I never said anyone had to run a marathon…

…that happens naturally in your brain with your thoughts ….but I digress…

Consider movement like play. 

How could you break up your day a bit to play?

It doesn’t have to be more than 2-5 minutes a few times a day.

Dogs are great excuses for this.

I interviewed an 83 year old gal for my podcast earlier this week and her advice to age well?

Get a dog!

Cats play too, granted when they want to but I’ve found they can be persuaded.

What’s my restore energy play protocol?

  • carve out 2-5 minutes every 2-4 hours for a play session
  • dance, skip, walk outside, hula hoop, bounce a ball
  • shoot for 4 sessions of play a day
  • target the play sessions for times during the day when you know you feel more stressed naturally (by the way this is your body’s hint to take a break)
  • schedule the breaks into your daily routine so they happen
  • do this on top of workouts if you’re already doing them and find yourself sedentary during the day

What if you do have a nutrient deficiency that’s making it hard to make energy?

There’s always testing to confirm.

Solid digestion and good circulation are key to get nutrients you take to the cells.

You can’t supplement your way out of crappy diets, poor digestion and decreased circulation. 

The combination of DNA testing with micronutrient testing is the direction I’ve been heading lately to optimize one’s nutrient status. 

DNA testing interpretation and correlations have improved greatly over the last decade and compliments nutrient testing well. 

The combination of the two helps combine genetic predispositions to certain nutrient deficiencies with what’s actually deficient in realtime. 

You can predict and target your nutrient needs with precision these days. 

No more wasting time guessing.

Yet, all the precision supplements and AI in health cannot help you change your lifestyle. 

If you’re running marathons in your brain with your thought process and your day is so packed with events you will be tired!

Your nervous system needs breaks to be sure a bear isn’t chasing it. 

Want to end your battle with fatigue?

Convince your body that it’s safe and there’s no bear chasing you 24/7.

Take breaks to play, laugh, smile or just be. 

Shake off the day’s stress with a little circulation enhancing movement.

A few moments that interrupt a day of stressful thoughts and continuous bombardment from “all the things” goes a long way to reboot your energy. 

Yes, it takes some practice.

Master this now and you’ll find your energy will improve!

Here’s to boosting your energy,

Dr. J

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