I once saw a picture of a detox guru next to chef Valerie Bertinelli. 

Valerie’s skin and vibrance looked amazing compared to the detox guru, who I can’t even remember her name now. 

I tried to find the picture for this email because it left such an impression. 

Is it possible that being so strict with your diet and constantly striving to do detox after detox stresses the body out more than opting to help the body detox naturally daily?

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I think so!

I was once asked on a podcast, what does it mean to be healthy?

Well that’s a million dollar question that only you have the answer to, not me, nor any guru out there.

Wait what, doc you’re not going to tell me what healthy is?

Sure there are parameters for certain labs that indicate healthy levels of things like blood sugar, hormones and cholesterol. 

But why is it that you can have “healthy” aka “normal” labs, imaging and other tests and still feel sick or have something out of balance?

Is it in your head?

No, it’s not.

It’s in your habits, behaviors, thoughts and responses to stress.

Health starts with a nervous system that feels safe and free. 

Free from parameters of health that people outside of your body came up with. 

It’s not bouncing from video to video online trying to find the next quick fix nor is it buying book after book from xy or z guru. 

No, it’s about looking at how you think about yourself, your health and your body. 

You are your own best and worst enemy when it comes to your health. 

So many people come to me beating up on themselves for being the weight they are and not having optimal health. 

What do you think all that negative talk does to your nervous system?

It drains it further!

Locking you further into your own health prison.

How do you break free? 

You go back to when you first started putting on your shackles!

What started the process to get you where you are today?

  • Was there an event that happened close to when your metabolism, hormones, fatigue or health started to change?
  • Did that event change how you think about things or change your behavior, habits or routines?
  • When was the first time that you started to compare your body to actors, idols or others around you?
  • How old were you when someone made a comment about your body and you took it on as your identity or the truth?
  • When did you determine that there was something wrong or needing fixing with your body?
  • How long has it been that you haven’t trusted yourself with certain foods, alcohol, sugar or other vices?

Sadly, everyone on this planet has been subjected to programming around what healthy looks like, acts like and is supposed to feel like. 

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What if I told you some of the fittest healthiest looking people that I’ve worked with are actually the most imbalanced when it comes to hormones, nutrients and cortisol levels?

I’ve worked with professional football players, to pro mountain bikers, MMA fighters and multiple famous female fitness gurus.

What sets the healthy on the outside and inside apart from those that just look the part?

Those that are free in their mind when it comes to health. 

They don’t get wrapped up in following what others or standards of medical care say about health. 

Value is placed on finding out what’s best for their body and lifestyle. 

This is what I want for each and every one of you.

True medical freedom.

Knowing what you need in each situation that life throws at you. 

Becoming adept at adjusting your response to changing environments and thoughts throughout the day.

To do this you have to become very curious about why you do the things you do….

  • why do you criticize yourself
  • what triggers you to stress eat or seek out certain snack foods
  • what people or situations trigger you to get down on yourself
  • why provokes you to seek out a certain guru for help
  • what vices do you have and when do you need them

Ask yourself the tough questions and stay curious about your quirks.

You have everything inside of you to optimize your health. 

Keep asking yourself questions and see what comes up.

Assess those thoughts and evaluate them for validity.

Remember a lot of what you tell yourself is BS that you’ve learned from society and you gave it meaning.

If you want to be truly free when it comes to your health – let your thoughts come and go and create your own reality instead.

  • How do you want to feel?
  • What does your dream of getting older look like?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What situations and thoughts are holding you back?
  • Change your life’s situations to suit you and let go of thoughts that don’t serve you.
  • Take the thoughts that get you down and ponder what you’d like to say to yourself instead and do it!

Start there and you’ll see that over time you can change your reality no matter how negative it seems right now. 

Change your thoughts and change your life. 

I’m here to help guide you in the process as you have the ability to create your own health system by…

  • protecting the thoughts you have in your mind
  • surrounding yourself with people that lift you up
  • creating a team of care providers that support you

Two weeks ago my podcast with Jeniji Lake talked all about his journey from on the brink of suicide to thriving – click HERE to listen in.

Here’s to your health FREEDOM,

Dr. J

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