Have you ever noticed, you get more of what you focus on?

Can’t lose weight, think about it all the time and get heavier!

I see this over and over again, I did this to myself and so did my client Kari!

Geeking out on your health can lead you in some fascinating directions. 

And it can have you confused and frustrated at the same time. 

Especially, If you’re focusing on your problems. 

A client of mine, Kari just had a break though when it came to her hormones and metabolism. 

Even though we discussed that I do not focusing on weight loss directly she was still expecting a diet and a menu plan to follow.

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In fact, a few weeks into the program she expressed how upset she was that I was asking her to be curious about her habits and behaviors. 

She hadn’t lost a pound and she was frustrated.

All she wanted was to be told what to eat and exactly how to reset her metabolism and hormones.

She wanted to quit and do another program that gave her a formula to lose weight with the thought that if she lost weight everything else would balance out.

Sound familiar to anyone?

You’re not alone. 

I asked her how many programs she’d followed, lost weight and regained it?

There were many. 

So what makes this next program so magical?

Why did she think repeating the same process was going to work…this time?

Was there a plan in this program to learn about her body and to never regain the weight again?

The plan was a cookie cutter meal plan, standard macros robot situation.

She wasn’t going to learn anything about herself nor how to navigate re-introduction of food when all was done.

Knowledge about your body and your health status gives you control of your health.

Kari was spending hours on the computer after work or once the kids were bed looking for her weight loss hormone balancing miracle. 

Time that could have been spent learning about herself to transform her health. 

Instead she felt like she was losing her mind researching day in and out with one program touting plant based diets, the other carnivore and the next keto. 

With so many “diet” choices, she asks me, which guru does she choose?

So when I said…

The truth is, you are your own best guru. 

And that guru inside you is begging you to step out of the traditional medical model of problem focus and look at your issue as an opportunity for transformation. 

She told me that she didn’t have time to figure herself out. 

The weight needed to be gone yesterday. 

Three months later she consulted with me again. 

The “latest” program was a disaster and she was ready to try something different.  

What are you “rabbit-holing” on right now that might need a perspective shift?

Last week I shared my Hormone Imbalance Progression Theory with you all and I received a lot of emails asking amazing questions, thank you!

My professor brain lit up like a switchboard on a PBS phone-a-thon (do you remember these?)

It’s time for me to teach again and you all get the benefit!

July 20th at 6p PST,  I’m going to do a live masterclass – for FREE – details to come.

And I’m going to be talking about transforming your health.

All of it.

And how not to obsess over what isn’t going well but to think about it differently. 

What isn’t working in your life that needs an intervention?

Focusing on the outcome, what you want life to be like without all the issues and working backward on where you can improve. 

Is a game changer!

I want you to become your own subject of focus.

Not your problems!

How could you get very curious about yourself, your thoughts, behaviors, habits and routines?

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There are clues there.

No two people are the same – some do well with herbs and supplements while others do better with mindset and breath work. 

Now is the time to rebel against what you’ve been wired to think about “fixing” health issues.

In my masterclass I’m going to present aging, hormone resets, mindset shifts and more as a transformation.

And all that stuff you’ve been spending time researching?

Let’s give you a foundation to sleuth out what you need to put your health in check. 

My masterclass – “Transformational Journey: Hormonal Harmony Masterclass” is meant to help you get to the bottom of some of the stuff you’ve been wresting with like…

  • getting to the bottom of emotional eating
  • what to freaking eat to keep your weight in check
  • how to put your hormones in check and reset them along the way
  • maintaining your mental sharpness and wit
  • keeping your cells firing for all day energy
  • staying cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular and kidney disease free
  • how to stay sane in a world that’s fueled by cortisol

And this is just a short list of the things I’ll be going into. 

You’ll leave with a solid plan that you can start right away to begin your own transformation. 

Action based medicine here – no obsessing over problems.

The take-a-way for today?

Whatever the rabbit hole – there’s a solution and it’s likely easier than you think to identify.

Step away from focusing on the problem and look at your habits, behaviors and what’s got you stressed.

Get some labs if you need to collect data on yourself and your experiments.

Need help with this?  This is a great conversation to have with friends who are on the same journey as you and with coaches like myself!

I have a group of ladies that are working together on improving their health, hit reply if you’d like to learn more. 

And don’t forget my masterclass, Thursday July 20th 6p PST – mark your calendars!!

On Wednesday I’m going to share a story of a recent client who spent over 2 years focusing on a problem when the solution was right under his nose, seriously!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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